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  • Title: Beating The Dreaded Drink Book

  • Sub Title: Alcoholism

  • Author: Alastair R Agutter

  • Date Published: 7th April 2014

  • Formats: Printed and Digital

  • Number of Pages: 26

  • Publisher: CreateSpace - An Amazon Group Company

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 149758437X

  • ISBN-13: 978-1497584372

  • ASIN: B00HY22QIQ

  • Book Dimensions: 15.2 x 0.2 x 22.9 cm

  • Distribution: Available World-Wide

Beating The Dreaded Drink Book by Alastair R Agutter

Beating The Dreaded Drink Book

More folk, especially younger generations are realizing the health implications surrounding excessive drinking and the long, or even short term ramifications from such a poison causing heart, liver and kidney disease, or death before the age of 40!

Beating The Dreaded Drink written by Alastair Agutter, is a short book and guide, to help identify excessive drinking habits, leading to alcoholism and how to conquer and kick the habit, as it destroys so many lives and families.

Alcoholism in Western Society has become a number one problem, leading to serious mental health issues, and in many instances loss of careers. There is a better life beyond alcohol, that is a dreadful condition and social ill. Many take up drinking to quell financial problems and depression. But alcohol is a depressant and will only lead to further ruin. Medical professionals warn of the serious health consequences of liver failure and fatal heart disease. Excessive drinking from alcohol normally comes with permanent effects on a persons health and where in latter years with tests for heart disease, the reports and tests can clearly establish the impact of excessive drinking from those earlier years.

Alcohol is a poison and can kill, it also works as a depressant and can quickly take hold leading to a whole of emotional problems including suicide and abuse to family and loved ones. Careers are often lost as a result of excessive drinking and in some instances leading to criminal conviction and road traffic offences that incur custodial sentences.

Governments today, have a moral duty towards the well being of citizens and meeting public finance demands. Today, the British National Health Service is just one example where it cannot cope with the growing increase of alcohol abuse, causing liver and heart disease.

In younger years, it is understandable from the human condition how teenagers and young seek to taste life's temptations, as a result of the human condition for curiosity, but such ventures can come at a very high price and in some instances leading to fatal consequences.

In a more advancing society through knowledge and education, it is no longer kool to be seen "out of ones head" or nursing a can of beer in a street. For today sentiments expressed, are more of sadness and a complete and utter waste of a member in society and viewed as anti social behaviour in public. Such behaviour demonstrated in front of young family members, can have lasting consequences and in many cases respect and direction in life can be lost for the siblings leading to problems in their own lives in later years, from alcoholism and relationships.

It is now really time to kick the habit and this book and guide spells out the symptoms, the causes and how to beat the dreaded drink!

This book and others are available world-wide through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Create Space (Book Distributor Wholesalers) and all Good Book Stores. Thank You!

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7th April 2014
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2015 - 12 - 06

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