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Helping to Protect Minors Across the World Wide Web - Founded by Alastair R Agutter.

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About World Parental Ratings Program and Project

The Parental Ratings and Certificates Software Program was the first of its kind, created and developed in 2006 by Alastair R Agutter.

The Parental Ratings began to be considered as early as 1998 as a Netscape Communications Founding DevEdge Team Member, where then as a programmer for the customization of localized UK Netscape Navigator Suites for both Consumer and Business. The speed of advancement in those days by Netscape as a leading architect for technology is still seen all around the world and continues today with Mozilla Fire Fox as just one example.

The Parental Ratings Program is now being upgraded to the 'World Parental Ratings Service' and developed in HTML 5.0 the new fifth element benchmark core standard framework of the World Wide Web and being programmed and edited still today by one of my customized suites to ensure robust reliability using Netscape 7.02 (CK-RN702-PRO) Professional.

A Vision For Concern

As a senior www developer and parent myself, I realized as early as 1998 the ramifications of automated software being developed. Namely then for search engine submissions and where software could also perpetually generate assimilated web pages for spamming and advertisement revenue generation. The realization of the World Wide Web spiralling beyond the realms of decent social morality became apparent..

A Workable Solution

The rationale was to devise a software service that could be self policed by World Wide Web developers, service providers, industries and users. To effectively operate within a framework where ratings are displayed and where reporting could function in the simplest of forms and in the most efficient way.

This concept of self Policing is in fact being banded around often today and only yesterday I received a message from Shell discussing this concept regarding Climate Change and Co2 emissions and introducing a self Policing Program method of accountability. Also recently fellow Britain Sir Tim Berner's-Lee has been in the United States Courts and else where, fighting for the rights of the World Wide Web to continue and remain open across all borders instead of numerous Governments starting primarily with the United States introducing legislation to meet lobbyist extremists appeasement interests and where again this further shows the need and urgency for self policing to be adopted and driven by all users of the global community.

A Free and Easy Solution

So I would like to invite you all to use the 'World Parental Ratings Service' now free to promote Child protection awareness online and where responsible enterprise, organizations, institutions, web enthusiasts and others can display as a self policing method the 'World Parental Ratings Service' icons, buttons and banners as an indicator of the content suitability in relation to the viewing audience and user to help us protect minors online.

The World Parental Ratings Service is Free to use and has been given to the World Wide Web Community to adopt for self policing and where such icons and button displays demonstrates a rational responsibility by the web masters and web site owners.

Thank You!

Alastair R Agutter
Creator of
The World Parental Ratings

Last Updated: 27th May, 2014


Quotation: "Children are not invited into this world, nor have a say. The least we can do is love and care for them all." ~ Alastair R Agutter

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