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Finally Partnership on AI to Help Fight Abuse and Teach Ethical Behaviour Online

Written by Alastair R Agutter - 11th December 2016

I think 2016 will be a year that will stick in all Folks minds around the World, surrounding the many tragic events, especially the murder and slaughter in Syria of Children, which is completely unacceptable and amounts to genocide and war crimes. But we have to ask ourselves as a Human Race, how have we arrived at such a place in our history?

Well this becomes an interesting thing, as it relates to programming and conditioning of the "Human Condition" and where from irresponsible behaviour in pursuit of money above all else, has been the driving force. Remember those words "money the root of all evil", well such evil begins with ideology, a thought process, the selling of an idea.

In the historical past of the human journey, the idea of slavery became an acceptable norm in the dark history of mankind, or the extermination of the Jewish Race by the "Final Solution" devised and engineered by Himler and Hitler, where an entire Nation lived in denial, this of course being Germany.

In the past 50 years especially, via the television and now today the PC and Smart Phone, Marketing and Media Organizations, namely Broadcasters, have been responsible for the moral and social decline of society that I describe as "The Race to the Bottom" by churning out sensational news, soap opera's and reality television for audience figures, to then demand higher prices when selling advertising for money!!!

To many of the above in their world of media and broadcasting, it has been treated as a game with regular meetings to come up with more outrageous programmes, to gain audiences. Even the BBC, has to take responsibility and blame, as a major contributor towards the moral and social decline of society, by producing soap opera's such as "Eastenders" believe it or not. Here's why?

To retain audience figures over, the years the BBC surrounding the programme "Eastenders" have developed more compelling drama in this small community that is "fiction" and never did exist, but does now across most parts of Britain. You see it goes back to "human conditioning" for if everyday folk see people behaving like the "Scum of the Earth" regarding drugs, violence, abuse the list goes on, then from "conditioning" very sadly from this constant programming, generations start to believe this is how to behave in society and now we have arrived at this day and point.

Folk today think it's smart to take drugs, rip someone off, commit fraud against pensioners, fly tip, gamble etc... the list goes on and this is the society created from "wilful negligence" in Broadcasting. To further substantiate these facts surrounding the BBC and others, you only have to reference the cases of abuse surrounding Savile and Harris, to mention just two vile individuals, where it clearly shows an institution that is morally bankrupt and still so today, with the obscene money paid to staff and actors for programmes of a negative nature regarding society. The television license reflects further such morally bankrupt standards in relation to the huge cost. The BBC is no longer a broadcaster of stature to help shape and educate a society, sadly rather a contributor to social and moral decline in Britain and the wider world that it contaminates with such programmes.

With the emergence of "Social Media" such environments have only accelerated the race to the bottom, where folk write the most trivial of things, with no cohesive, or positive constructive activity, opinions, or views, that will serve as a positive in society.

I have been one of the biggest critics of "Facebook" as a "Publisher" not meeting their moral and business obligations and responsibilities, to remove content that threatens States and has become a platform to broadcasting some of the most wicked and heinous crimes to Children. I in fact closed my Facebook account, accompanied with a statement, as to the reasons why I closed the account. I have waited for one or two things to happen. Either Facebook gets shutdown, or it gets its act together as a publisher and broadcaster.

I believe in free speech, but what comes with that is the burden of responsibility regarding what comes out of a persons mouth, or what is written. Sadly it has taken the manipulation and hacking of a US Election, for finally action to be taken, for the race to the bottom has exceeded all expectations, with even the publishing of "Fake News" now reported by Hillary Clinton, the CIA and GCHQ.

I welcome the new alliance known as "The Partnership of AI" but it must be more than a token effort, for I and other "watchers" will monitor their activities, which has been the case since the beginning of the commercial web as we know it, starting in the mid 1990's. I, Tim Berners-Lee and others who care about the "Big Picture" and shaping a better world, have bought to task others over the years. Tim for injecting and creating a more transparent and open society across Governments and Institutions.  I bringing to task friends at Microsoft in years gone bye over security privacy surrounding Windows XP, and Google (deep mind) a few years back, surrounding privacy and security, with regards to Google Street View and their ethical conduct and behaviour.

I truly hope this collaborative alliance will start to work and remove content that threatens State Security and Civil Society. We can no longer continue seeing Society falling apart across the World, it is the responsibility of Captain's of Industry such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and now Facebook, to exercise positive responsibility above and beyond the pursuit of money!

For at this time now, over one third of the World's animal, plant, bird and marine species have now become extinct, as a result of our human negligence and a time has arrived, where on the human journey, we have reached a fork in the road!

Do we take the road that will lead us to an advanced caring collective transparent society in the world. Or, do we travel down a road of ruin, destruction and extinction, in pursuit of superficial material wealth and fuelled by political incumbents not fit for office across all societies and none greater example at this time than Donald Trump with his spurious words of hate and denial for climate change.

Since 2006, the World Parental Ratings has been in existence, it is now time with this new alliance for such a certificate rating to be adopted across their networks, to protect minors and the most vulnerable in society. It's FREE!

To learn more about the new "Partnership in AL" please visit the following web site address:

Peace, Love and Sincere Best Wishes to All,

Alastair :)      


World Parental Ratings Latest News For Site Updates

For the many caring citizens around the World who follow "The World Parental Ratings and Certificates Free Program" I founded back in 2006 to help towards protecting minors online. I am pleased to confirm after some weeks now in between writing specialist books and other community volunteer work including "The Weather Outlook Project" to create greater awareness surrounding Climate Change, this site has now been updated to HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0 and RWD (Responsive Web Design).

For folks who do not read or speak "Geek" this means in a nutshell that this free program is now "Google Mobile Friendly" and can be accessed successfully by any device be it Tablet, PC, Mobile, Laptop, Netbook, Smart TV etc.

The reason this is possible regarding being mobile friendly and accessible for any device is within the design that I have created, each page section of the program changes dimension to meet the viewing demands and needs of the technology device and user.

All sections across the World Parental Ratings Free Program are now functioning and with many new widget icons and buttons, including promotional banners, to help create greater awareness in the community at large, regarding content suitability to help protect minors online.

Regardless of anyone's politics or discontent with their Governments, Politicians or Enforcement Agencies. Today throughout the World, there is never any justification in evil to which Child Abuse is!

I can think of many reasons even in Western Society today where there has been a continued spiralling of moral decline over the past four decades, as a result of irresponsible Broadcasting and Computer Gaming development, where by participating or watching such services, vulnerable and impressionable people believe this is how they are allowed to behave in society.

Lastly, the biggest culprits for society deterioration and responsibility has come from the Banks, where these vile institutions lead members of society into further debt and abject poverty. Rather than serving communities, by funding enterprise to create employment opportunities and tangible items of worth, that will last and help towards dealing with Climate Change.

For all these reasons above and many more, there is never any justification to harm or hurt one of the "Divine's" Children and innocent miracles of evolution. Every Child born is innocent, it is the ideas of man that create evil!

Man made Religion today across the World is draped in shame, from continued conflict and abuse throughout the ages of history and now still today! The dark veil of ignorance and evil in the Middle East and Africa, again defiles the "Divine's" name from such acts of real evil, exercised by the most cowardly and ignorant empty vessels ever to take breath, behaving like the most primitive beasts of the Earth.

Such ignorance and evil must stop, it serves no place in a modern World and nor does commercial negligence to exploit and create a backdrop for such ignorance to grow and thrive, as a result of producing base level broadcasts of entertainment and gaming programs. Or is it acceptable for politicians, or realms, seeking the evil ignorance of power to ignite and create proxy wars and conflicts, to sustain their own miserable existence.

The Children are the future of this Planet and are responsible as primate custodians for all life on Earth and where all life looks towards the Human Race to be responsible and to maintain such a miracle of beauty for all to exist in peace.

The World Wide Web as a universal language of one being html, is the only beacon of hope today to ensure greater enlightenment for all, so the victims can be released from the shackles of ignorant enslavement of tribalism and man made religion.

You do not have to be a member of a man made club for which all tribes and religions are to seek God. You just have to stop wanting and then the Divine will find and care for you!

Quotation: "It was Women who cometh from Ape and from women the holy vessel of life cometh man, a rib replaced with greater knowledge in her DNA to love and care. It is women that cradles the life of man from birth and in end days of man, it is woman that cares for the love she finds in man." ~ Alastair R Agutter

So please help and start today with a simple act of random kindness, by displaying a Certificate Rating Widget Icon or Button on your web site. Thank You!

Alastair Agutter
Creator of WPR

Posted and Updated: 14th of March, 2016


Britain's Local Councils Child Abuse Shame and Cover Ups

With the continued heinous crimes reaching Courts over Child abuse and cruelty, this further demonstrates a continued decline in values across society. As Governments continue austerity policies, hitting the most poor in society and without any remorse regarding the future landscape and this does not bode well surrounding Child welfare!

The other grave concern surrounding this landscape is the historical failings of local councils and where staff at all levels and positions of responsibility, have failed to report wilful neglect to Police authorities and covered up these events of Child abuse crimes.

Very often Council staff have been complicit in conspiring with Police, to cover up events and one such recent example being Southend Borough Council. Where staff across this Local Government can only be described as morally bankrupt and only focused on their own self interests, in the way of career advancement and a failing of admission to themselves and Government of their incompetence.

In the past Southend Borough Council has been a party to placing Children with broken lives into accommodation not fit for animals and without any professional supervision or care. The web of deceit from this Council behind the smiles of the PR machine is deep and long over many decades. Children were placed into accommodation ran by morally bankrupt rogue landlords knowingly with an out of sight and out of mind policy.

Any local member of parliament making inquiries into events and victims, were brushed off and the glossy smiles and words of the Local Councils PR machine would come into play. Children were placed into accommodation next to known drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-criminals and other adult citizens that were in desperate need of care in the community. But these victims along with the Children were exposed to criminal rogue landlords and a failed community policy of care.

When events became public surrounding this Council, staff officials would contact Essex Police and conspire to dampen down events, in other words cover them up to save face. Yet the broken lives of these Children and other victims in the community, were left to fend for themselves.

At this time the Independent Police Complaints Commission are investigating Essex Police surrounding Child abuse. But these investigations and inquiries need to dig deeper and look at the practices of staff in Southend Council and Social Services guilty of wilful neglect and cover ups of these wicked crimes. The local Newspaper the Evening Echo, appears to write some stories that cover the surface of these events, but never digs deeper. It appears even Southend Council has influence here or connections over the free press to expose these vile and disgusting people in public office, who are nothing other than cowards when they know and see these tragic events are allowed to happen.

Unfortunately there is more bad news and this relates to all Local Councils throughout Britain, who have a cowardly culture of cover ups and where nothing is ever done. Baby P was a moment in my life I will never forget and yet the courts are dealing with more and more cases. As a Computer Scientist, I am always working in numbers and they have to be exact, as like the design of this service created by myself and the numbers simply do not add up surrounding Local Councils and events. Thus far to date I have not seen one Council Official sentenced for wilful neglect, conspiracy to defraud, or man slaughter and all these Lawful Criminal Acts are relevant to Southend Borough Council and others when, and if, Police dig deep enough and uncover decades of benefit fraud by rogue landlords, as well as identity theft in an attempt to cover up these vile crimes and hide the obscene incomes earned from inflated rents, where these operations have been structured as if they only buy and sell properties. These rents run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, evading and avoiding tax. One landlord protected by Southend Borough Council officials has amassed in less than 18 years over 60 properties, with an average value of over £200,000 each and never paid the tax due from incomes in excess of £400,000 a year and the accountants used also complicit in these frauds and this rogue landlord in question, the solicitor used was struck off!

Across Britain every Local Council is guilty of these events and crimes described above, as a result of career driven staff and individuals who are simply incompetent and morally bankrupt. Until every Council is swept clean of these vile officials and with the Unions help who protect them, the protection of our Children in Britain will continue to be a tragic Irish story.

The blame cannot be laid at the Conservatives door solely, for many of the social problems has come from a lack of Social Housing and when in power for 13 years, I am ashamed to say a Labour Socialist Government generation was again a party of career and ambition rather than serving the interests of a Nation loosing its values and identity.

Today with the further austerity cuts, the fight to address this devastating decline of values and resources in Britain is an impossible task, as more folk come to Britain on an average of 200,000 migrants a year. This far out weighs any social housing programme and at this time we appear to not care for our own at all be it Children, Families, Ex-service or Vulnerable Mentally ill Adults. There are over 3 million on housing waiting lists, 133,000 children of broken lives homeless or in homes being abused, over 10,000 ex-service homeless. Tragically with these harsh facts, as always as the Nation descends further into social and moral decline, the losers and victims again will be the Children!

I truly hope one day this shame becomes so great, folk will act at every level across society and say no and start reporting these events and cover ups in Councils and by staff who still have a sense of decency, so the stench becomes so great, it reaches and starts to choke the Westminster establishment.

Nelson Mandela once said, "the soul of a Nation, will be judged by the way it treats it's children" and these words today relate and resonate with Britain especially!

Failed Councils known today and where there is still no serious investigation by Police or the Communities Secretary of State, are now running into double figures Rotherham, Southend, Great Yarmouth, Tower Hamlets, Westminster,  Manchester, Haringey, Enfield the list goes on!

Alastair Agutter
Creator of WPR

Posted and Updated: 18th of February, 2016


Britain's Shame of Child Abuse as Scotland Yard are Now Investigated

In January of this year 2015, I wrote hoping this is a watershed moment regarding Britain's shame, surrounding Child Abuse. In recent days, it has been reported, that Scotland Yard is now under investigation, where senior officers ceased investigations years ago, as they got close to Senior Members of Society in Parliament, Police and other Public Services.

I truly hope, this is a watershed moment, for as I keep reminding everyone, Nelson Mandela once said "the soul of any Nation is its Children" and the events that have been allowed to happen are unforgivable. I cannot even begin to understand the minds of such depravity and the unthinkable crimes committed against the most vulnerable.

Human beings as adults, we all know can be ugly! We see this all around the world with conflict and born from ignorance and self interest. But to commit a crime against a child cannot even be comprehended. I hope the legal system serves the most severest of sentences, for the victims have to endure life sentences of broken lives.

The covenant of a child's relationship with an adult and parent, when asking why, is to say, "I give my life and trust in you for all I am to learn and know" and so how can such wickedness and evil be born from such darkness.

Yesterday, I wrote to the Home Secretary in Britain and the Communities Secretary of State, as more will be uncovered and where every Council in Britain needs investigating. As I said in my communiqué, "you cannot build a strong Nation, if the very foundations are rotten to the core" and they truly are!

If you know of a crime against Children, or a victim of Child Abuse. Please report it!

Alastair Agutter
Creator of WPR

Posted and Updated: 17th of March, 2015


Britain's Possible Watershed Moment of Child Abuse in 2015

Towards the end of last year in Britain, it was agreed to set up an inquiry into Child Abuse surrounding public institutions. However, such an inquiry will not have any credibility unless it becomes statutory to pursue establishment institutions and individuals who have been a party to such heinous crimes surrounding the very soul of a Nation our Children.

I keep hearing politicians saying lessons need to be learnt, but such uttering's are token empty words to further contain the utter shame that blights a Nation. The two appointed chairs were both part of the establishment problem, long serving figures born into a morally bankrupt environment of career driven opportunity and deceit.

The recent abandoning of the current inquiry committee, I hope is a watershed moment in British Society! For there must be no hole in existence that allows these conspirators to hide in surrounding cover ups on an epidemic scale across all public institutions.

The inquiry needs to have leadership with the full knowledge of their responsibility in office, where they are tasked to sentence and convict any figure in society however prominent, for their is no place in society for such individuals be it in National or Local Government, Enforcement Agencies and others.

Yesterday on the 1st of January 2015, Ed Miliband leader of Labour, has said his party will pick up the mantle to see through the Child Abuse scandals that blight Britain. But sadly until Britain has leaders with conviction beyond career interests, no real justice will be done and Britain will continue to further decline as a society.

Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg need to understand until their is courage exercised to investigate every public institution starting with Councils, Britain can never move on and become a strong Nation again! We cannot have a decent civil society and rule of Law if the very establishments are morally bankrupt and corrupt.

The investigation into all councils is highly unlikely for very tragically, many staff and incumbents in councils are political foot soldiers for the established parties be it Labour or Conservative. Labour's claim to investigate child abuse needs to be prepared to accept the countless hundreds if not thousands of unionist staff across establishments have been complicit to these cover ups over decades.

Will we ever see great leadership in Britain again to build a strong Nation and where society can trust public institutions ever again? Only by uncovering these wicked acts of Child Abuse cover ups in Councils can we begin and where such investigations will then lead onto other systemic failings, criminal negligence and fraud. Stretching from Child Abuse, Elderly Neglect, Vulnerable Adults, Corrupt Property Dealings, Rogue Landlords, Conspiracy between Agencies and finally wasted public money (fraud and embezzlement) over countless decades.

Politicians have been uttering all last year about devolution, in other words handing greater power and control to these morally bankrupt and corrupt institutions. Until Local Governments are ran as public institutions with the mindset to serve society as public institutions with correct leadership and integrity. Britain will continue to fall and decline both socially and economically.

It deeply saddens me to think how much of a self interest society has emerged and when we turn a blind eye to these heinous crimes, we are just as guilty as the perpetrators, for allowing this to happen.

Alastair Agutter
Creator of WPR

Posted and Updated: 2nd of January, 2015


The Recent Court Cases Surrounding Harris and Saville

At the beginning of this year (2014), I wrote a new book titled "My England A Broken Nation" exposing true crime across all public institutions and the acts of Child Abuse is just one very tragic part of the story and until we have opened the can on every public institution, especially Councils for continuous cover ups of a whole host of crimes and offences surrounding Child Abuse, Seniors Abuse, Abuse to Vulnerable Adults, Pays Off's, Back Handers and more. We will never have any safe haven or environment for our Children and the Laws need to change and the sentences must be absolute for these children remain broken for all of their lives!

Alastair Agutter
Creator of WPR

Posted and Updated: 7th of July, 2014


World Parental Ratings Latest News Continued

With the continued devastating reports of Child Abuse online today I am asking all responsible citizens, especially web site owners to engage with the new updated 'World Parental Ratings Service' so we can self Police and stamp out these most heinous crimes and offences committed to Children for goodness sake!

Children are not invited into this world, every civilized human being needs to help contribute in protecting Children for the next victim could be your Daughter or Son.

The rapid increase in child abuse is horrific to say the least and such acts are beyond any decent parents comprehension, many are trafficked for sex and money as a commercial venture and such acts driven by a superficial monetary gain is unforgivable. No child should endure such wickedness and evil.

Please, I appeal to you all and especially if you know or suspect such offences being committed to Children please 'report the matter it immediately to the Police Authorities' we cannot live in a society where our children are not safe.

If you are a parent and business owner, help create awareness and proudly display the WPR buttons, banners and widget icons on your web site and web pages to demonstrate you are a responsible and caring citizen and enterprise of the community.

This service is free to be used in the interests of child welfare and to advance human society at large.

Thank You!

Alastair Agutter
Creator of WPR

Posted and Updated: 27th of May, 2014


New Updates To Parental Ratings Service

The Parental Ratings and Certificates program is a free service I have created, developed and given to the Web Community as a public service and duty, to create more awareness to protect minors when on the World Wide Web.

With the continued abuse of minors on and off the Web and with the recent horrific offences to Children by a gang sentenced this week in the United Kingdom, called the Oxfordshire Crime and Sex Gang.

I hope, more web masters will adopt the Parental Ratings program where they can display the validation icons demonstrating and giving an indication to the content users are to view.

The abuse of Children in any form is a heinous crime any individual or groups carrying out such barbaric acts is the lowest form of behaviour and is a violation to the Divine and all faiths or cultures.

I therefore welcome all Web Masters, Institutions, Enterprises and Governments to join us. Where we can all demonstrate our civic responsibility to the global community and where such support can only further enhance the credibility of any web site in the World Wide Web Community.

I hope from MY humble endeavours you will join wpr and grab your codes that are easy to copy and paste to your web pages.

I have designed further new icons, buttons and banners to give greater choice for my web master friends to help get the message across and into the community. But should you have other suggestions and sizes you require and believe will help advance this noble cause.

Please contact WPR on the 'Contact and Support Web Page' for I will gladly produce the desired sizes so they can be made available for you and other users in the web community.

In the event of knowing a crime, or crimes being committed towards minors. Please report the matter immediately. Please refer to our 'Reporting Crime Web Page' for web sites and telephone contact details for enforcement authorities. Your phone call could save a Child's life today. Thank You!

Alastair Agutter
Creator of WPR

Posted: 29th of June, 2013


News Updates Available to Contribute

Last year (2013) sadly due to poor health, I was unable to attend a forum held in Westminster with Politicians and Associations after the invite. But I did manage to spend some quality time on the phone with one of the event organizers.

But with the continued rapid rise of these unforgivable crimes towards Children I will be only too pleased to avail my time free to contribute to any debate to help rid our society of this new and lowest form of human behaviour.

There is much that can be done with technology to track down these degenerates in our society and Governments Internationally should set aside cost implications and make a concerted effort to address these attacks and offences that are growing at an alarming rate.

I want to live in society where no person is in fear of walking with their Children and Grandchildren, lets work together and stamp out these vile offences and lock the perpetrators up permanently. For a Child abused is a life broken and can never recover from such an ordeal!

Thank You

Alastair Agutter

Creator of WPR

Posted: 17th March 2015


Children's Early Education Books

Many of my Readers and Followers know as an Author I have a collection of Children's Early Learning Educational Books, known as the "Children's Weebies Family" to help make early learning lots of fun and to give every child that very important start in life.

In this fast changing technology world every child needs an early break and at a very young age, children are fabulous learners. By making early learning fun, it also brings confidence to a child and helps them also to develop their imagination and where they will want to draw and therefore developing hand co-ordination skills.

The inspiration for these books was my youngest Daughter and by the time she was 4 years, she could read, write, count and was also computer literate, able to confidently open programs and navigate Children's Web Sites such as Disney Junior and BBC Children's CBBC.

So I hope as a new or existing parent you will find these fun books of early learning to be invaluable for your loved ones as they start out on their journey of life. Thank You!

Children's Weebies Early Education Collection of Books here...


Parental Ratings Support and Contact Details

Please find the following link for further support advice, including contact details if you are an enterprise or lawful charity or organization seeking further assistance. Including the availability of the founder and creator for seminars or lectures. Thank You!

Readers support details here...


New Book On Child Care To Help Parents

The Parents Guide To The Art of Negotiation is a book to help parents succeed and have a full healthy and loving relationship with their siblings. Parenting is not easy, in fact it is the hardest and most important job in the World. Every parent at times needs help with many challenges posed and this book can become a valuable rational companion and filled with common sense. Thank You!

Readers can find full book details here...


Quotation: "Children are not invited into this world, nor have a say. The least we can do is love and care for them all." ~ Alastair R Agutter

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