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Helping to Protect Minors Across the World Wide Web - Founded by Alastair R Agutter.

World Parental Ratings Certificate - Universal Suitable for All Ages!

WPR: Reporting Child Abuse

Help Us Protect Minors - Please Report it!


World Parental Ratings Reporting

Alastair Agutter creator and founder of the World Parental Ratings Service is determined to aid the World Wide Web to mature and become a safer community for all web users, especially for the protection of minors. By collective action we can all help towards stamping out these despicable crimes against Children. Thank You!

World Parental Ratings and Certificates Service

Readers can learn more about WPR here...

Please Contact Enforcement Agencies and Authorities

In the event of a known serious offence in relation to Child Abuse please contact the Police at and for serious fraud offences.

Please also be kind enough to report a crime by using a telephone immediately to Action Fraud Telephone: 0300 123 2040.

Or via their web site is: - as our boys and girls in blue need your help!

In addition to contacting the Police above, please report an incident or crime to the 'NSPCC Child Line' in relation to 'Child Cruelty and Abuse' Telephone: 0800 - 1111

Or contact the NSPCC via their web site: 

Or contact Child Line - Victims will be heard: Call free on 0800 1111, have a 1-2-1 chat online or send an email.  Thank You!

Please remember Children are not invited into this World and we all have a collective responsibility. Thank You!

You can also report issues of web sites and services exploiting minors, or carrying sexual abuse images and content.

To the Internet Watch Foundation.

Readers can learn more about WPR here...

Your Help Matters!

Your pro-active support is invaluable as we all have a moral responsibility to help and protect our most vulnerable in society.

Thank You!


Quotation: "Children are not invited into this world, nor have a say. The least we can do is love and care for them all." ~ Alastair R Agutter

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