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Pineapple Blue Media was founded in 1995 by Alastair Agutter (biography), as one of the World's First Digital Electronic Media Enterprises, and continues today working with friends and partners at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many others for the greater good, serving the interests of our citizens, and communities, in a global society for the 21st Century.

Our aim is to continue delivering Creative Light to the World in Design, Innovation, and Consultation through our brands, products, and services. These including; Printed Books, Digital eBooks, Magazines, Journals, Published Papers, Records, Singles, Albums, Radio, Short Films, Web Art, Ring Tones, Graphics, Logos, Icons, Postcards, Illustrations, Billboards and more in a fast changing world of technology and artificial intelligence.

We know today many citizens in society and around the world feel the ground is moving below their feet. This is understandable as we have reached a fork in the road, regarding the human evolutionary story and journey.

Through our acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, leading to enlightenment. We are aware that we need to further advance as a species, learning to become responsible primate custodians here on earth, protecting our environment, and all life we have come to love and know.

Our mission is to continue igniting the flame of creative hope, with our humble endeavours and contributions, so future generations from their pursuits, interests, and pastimes that are a mark of a civilized society, fuels our great young minds interests and passions through learning, to become the creative engineers, scientists, and biologists of tomorrow, for the greater good of all.

Our future for all life on earth is through our collective goodwill, and therefore no longer can we have our global society held to ransom by a handful of individuals fuelling the flames of division. By nature human beings are a kind and generous creative species, and so its the environment that needs to change, and through further technology advances we are hopeful political change will come, and the ideology and mindset no longer driven by economic measurements, but focused on the care and well being of all our citizens, and all life here on earth.

Today through social media and social networking, such an environment has created a society of over 2 billion citizens who are now computer literate, and from such interaction and communication, has continued to remove borders, making new friends, and sharing similar concerns between families regarding all our futures from East to West. To me and all our friends around the world in the technology sector, that seems to be a pretty big "Wow" and a good start!

Alastair Agutter Founder

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair R Agutter

Author and Founder's Biography

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