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About Alastair Agutter

Alastair Agurtter

A Very Special Welcome! 

Firstly, I would truly like to thank you for dropping by, it's good to see you here on your travels, and I especially hope you are keeping well! Now I don't know about you, but as I get closer to my more golden and twilight years as Folk call them, I have seen a great deal of change in my life time. And none more so than these days, with regards to our fast changing world and society through technology.

Now I guess as a humble student of technology and author, your visit to me is probably to do with books and information, so perhaps it's a good time to explain why I actually write books, articles and programs. I may shock you when I say this, but I write books not for the sake of selling them, but to share with you my life's journey of discovery and adventure, regarding experience and knowledge. For ever since I was a small boy, I have always looked towards the heaven's in awe, especially on tranquil evenings and night skies, asking those big questions of who are we, and why!

So every book I have ever written, has been for a real reason and purpose, with regards to sharing my findings and experiences, in the hope that the information found in each of my books, on specific specialist subjects, hobbies, interests, and pastimes, help to serve Folk on their life's journey.

My book listings here are a little different to say the least, for they are not written in a way where they are aimed at selling you the book. But more importantly, explaining why the books have been written in the first place, and how they can help Folk!

Today I have more time for writing specialist reference books and guides, after becoming ill in 2013. Resulting from a hectic 35 year Professional Career in Marketing and Communications, Product Engineering Development and Artificial Intelligence, namely the World Wide Web.

I became involved with the World Wide Web back in 1995, and soon became a founding Netscape DevEdge Member for the customization and development of the Netscape Browser Software Bundle Suites, for both UK Consumer users and Businesses. I still keep my hand in a little, as a Member of the Microsoft Partner Research Panel, and as a Google and Amazon Program and Development Partner, still giving my time and advice free when asked, to help try and shape a better world for all!

I was born in Farnborough, Kent, England in 1958, to parents Horace Agutter, a renowned and gifted engineer, toolmaker and architectural model maker, with past exhibits in the Science Museum of London. My Father was also involved in the development and design of wings (drawing room) for aircraft in World War Two, namely the Spitfire and Hurricane. He continued to work for the Ministry of Defence as a contractor in peace time up into the 1960's during the Cold War. And my Mother Pansy Agutter (maiden name Tims), is from our large Suffolk Farming Family, who met my Father in the Aircraft Factories of Southeast England, when spraying Spitfires in World War Two.

I am a Parent and Father myself to Five remarkable Children and Human Beings (Alexander, Daniel, Robert, Christopher and Ellenna), all grown up now, with the exception of Robert James Agutter, our beloved Son and Brother to Ellenna and the Boys, who we lost through congenital Heart Disease back in the 1980's. But Robert still remains in my thoughts and heart every day. As is the case regarding all my Children, who to me are all miracles of evolution, finding their way through life without influence, or distraction from me. For I have learnt and explain in one of my books "The Parents Guide," that I am very  proud of for common sense. That there are four cycles surrounding the physical human condition we all experience in our lives. 1/. Human Consciousness (born alive), 2/. Free Thought and Free Will (teenagers minds of their own), 3/. Reflection (the sum of human contribution in your life) and lastly 4/. Judgement (that no one can escape, in judgement of yourself).

When we realize as Parents, that our Children stand before us as miracles of evolution. Can we then understand their life's journey, regardless of the path they take, for it can only be one of their own, to eventually reach the same destination that we all finally arrive at. And where over time we realize, that our greatest advocates and supporters of our very existence and endeavours, are our Parents, who we all finally come to know over the ages, as we grow like them through knowledge and wisdom, and by looking in the mirror!

I was fortunate to have a Private (Public) School Education, and then went on and Studied Law in later years to protect my business interests, namely intellectual property, copyrights and product development ownership and patents. But in between those years, and even as a young boy I went bait digging to earn, always working hard, but always with the best sincere intentions, and with mistakes along the way, we all make mistakes, never forget that, especially as a great young mind, for only by mistakes, can we make a creation work. For we are here to learn, to advance and evolve the species, as is the covenant of all life, surrounding Sir Isaac Newton's Natural Law to "evolve and refine" as is the purpose and function of Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching .

I like to think of myself as worldly, like my former skipper (captain) in the forces, as a young man, who came up through the ranks. Life skills based on first hand experience, at the coal face as many describe it, from my Commercial Fishing (first mate and skipper) years as a young man, to setting up and owning businesses in luxury sporting goods and technology, to selling three businesses. And lastly, working with and for some of the largest organizations on the planet, as an adviser, or senior manager.

I have been blessed to know some of the finest and most creative human beings in the World, sadly alas, many now no longer with us. But fortunately their legacies continue and live on also in our hearts in Film, Books, Music, for the Arts and the Sciences are the Quantum Leaps and Beacons of Light for all of humanity, in relation to the human story and journey.

I hope you all enjoy my humble creations as my thoughts and goodwill will be with you in the written words and pages of each book. I am sorry I do not get the opportunity to attend book clubs, or events these days. I tend to be a bit of a recluse due to nerves, and further deterioration of health, for at the end of April this year (2017), I suffered with heart failure. A moment in ones life, where you appreciate the miracles of all life around you, for I can inform you all and let you into a little secret based on first hand experience, death and dying is very grey and cold.

It is always worth remembering the only commodity accepted by the Divine and the Gates of Heaven, are our thoughts, memories, knowledge, and wisdom. Not a cheque book, or material possession, for we own nothing, and all eventually turns to rust, and dust.

On my journey through life, I have come to learn that true happiness and love only comes from knowledge and wisdom. And so this is why I very often say "Books are the Keepers of Knowledge and Wisdom" as they can be a small thoughtful gift, that can change the life of another, or loved one, leading to an individual helping to shape and make a better world for all!

Peace be with you all, sincere best wishes,

Alastair R Agutter

Humble creator and author

Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

Marine Biography Background:

Alastair Agutter is one of a select few world-wide to successfully breed Wild Discus (symphysodon) species King of the Aquarium in captivity and an authority on these tropical fish species and others, as an accomplished Best Selling Author of Specialist Books Internationally.

Alastair began keeping and breeding tropical fish as a hobbyist from the age of just 9 years back in 1967 (over 50 years ago) and has successfully bred many species. He was one of the very first Aquarists in the United Kingdom breeding cichlids from the Great Lakes (Malawi and Tanganyika) in the early and mid-nineteen-seventies.

His enthusiasm as a dedicated Aquarist continues today with a number of projects underway; including the development of new biological filtration systems (Polyatomic-ion Biological Reactors), to help improve the success survival rate for keeping thriving plants with tropical fish species. Other projects include breeding a number of endangered species including original strains of the symphysodon family and other smaller indigenous species native to South America mainly inhabiting the Great River Amazon.

Alastair also continues today designing and making his very own aquariums and equipment for his projects, and also endeavours to write more tropical fish hobbyist reference books as a freelance full-time author, in the interests of further serving the local and wider Community Internationally.

Gardening Biography Background:

From the age of just 6 years, Alastair took up gardening, taught by his Grand Father William Agutter. He still continues today (2017) as a dedicated gardening enthusiast of 53 years experience. Especially with regards to growing organic vegetables and an array of plants, shrubs and trees, to encourage bee sustain ability currently under threat from climate change.

Computer and Science Biography:

Today Alastair R Agutter is a full-time Author, after a 35 year Professional Career in Marketing and Communications, Product Engineering Development and Artificial Intelligence, namely the World Wide Web.

Alastair R Agutter became involved with the World Wide Web back in 1995, and soon became a founding Netscape DevEdge Member for the customization and development of the Netscape Browser Software Bundle Suites, for both UK Consumer users and Businesses. A Member of the Microsoft Partner Research Panel, a Google and Amazon Partner.

Just Some Professional Acknowledgements:

Acknowledged in 1999 by the Hudson Institute for Contributing and Advancing the Computer Sciences Internationally for Humanity. Acknowledged in 2008 by the American Autobiographical Society, for the advancement of Computer Sciences for Humanity. Noted in Phillips Who's Who Directory 2001.

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