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Aggie l'artiste

Aggie l'artiste, musicien, écrivain et auteur

My first love and passion has always been music, and I began playing the guitar when I was 12 years of age in the early 1970's, and known as Aggie when I was around 7 years of age by close friends, and a nickname that stayed with me, and continued in later years with friends and colleagues in the music industry. I was 15 years of age in my first band, performing gigs at clubs, casino's, and venues. I was already writing original music and songs in the 1970's and 1980's totaling some 20 tracks, often described as Country Contemporary Pop, as the record industry did not have a genre at the time for our style of music. I always described our music then as the Californian Dreaming Experience Days, always trying to write positive upbeat songs, as well as emotional ones about life's experiences.

Aggie Writer and MusicianAggie Writer and MusicianAggie Writer and MusicianAggie Writer and Musician

I took a break from music for many years and for a number of reasons, but most importantly starting a family. I hope to make up for lost time now for all my friends, fans, and music lovers, with our Pineapple Blue Independent Records Label. With plans to release all my great newly written original Contemporary Country, Classic Rock, and Brit Pop Music. Also the back catalogue of my original music from the late 1970's and 1980's, totaling over 40 tracks and songs, as Singles and Albums, these including; Sounds Vinyl, The California Dreamin Experience, and a new concept triple album called Evolution, with some new ideas as a world's first.

With regards to gigs and tours, I must be honest since writing more music, I am starting to get the urge to do a few gigs, as the experience cannot be described. Maybe perhaps in a few pubs unplugged, with Jools Holland who lived around the corner from me when living in Blackheath London, and Glastonbury if invited. But I promise, that I will be doing a virtual concert soon, a new tech idea and concept I have had bubbling around in my head for sometime, and this concert will be free. The venue will be with my friends and partners at YouTube and Google:) Please visit our Pineapple Blue Independent Records Music Web Page for more details of records and releases. Thank You!

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