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Tribute to Nelson Mandela by Alastair Agurtter

A Friend Takes Another Journey Nelson Mandela Dies

I wrote this article on the 6th of December 2013 at 11.45 pm when news came that Madiba, Nelson Mandella had died, past away in his physical life form. The following is what I wrote!

"Last night on the 5th of December 2013, I witnessed as many, the physical passing of Nelson Mandela. A friend to all and the World.

An individual who grew in stature through the journey of life, and where he succeeded to become a humble and wise man.

Today, when such events happen, it becomes a brief moment where the human being and spirit pauses to reflect. Such moments can be defining to some on their everyday struggles of life's journey.

Sadly, many continue a path as before. Where they remain caught up in a superficial and commercial World of greed. I often hear folk from all walks of life, say they could never imagine a life of 27 years in prison.

Sadly, many who make such statements, fail to realize from the life style of personal greed and materialism, the sentence they have imposed on themselves, has been one of life.

Whilst you may not be a bird caged in confinement, your very being as a terrestrial entity is. Resulting from a mundane trivial existence, where you can deny yourself all that could be known and understood.

Nelson Mandela has not been lost to humanity and the World. But quiet the contrary, for now he is in many peoples hearts. And from that realization and awareness by some, may spark a better you!"

Now today nearly four years on in 2017. As I look around at our troubled World, it seems the day Nelson Mandela left, after giving so much of himself in service and hope in his life, the wheels have come off of the Civilized World and Humanity.

Today especially as we near the end of 2017, we have a racist in the White House, the Leader of the Free World! Many may disagree, so then sue me. After the events in Charlottesville it was further confirmation of Donald Trump to be a racist, by defending white radicals. Before this event, Donald Trump as a racist, has been busy undoing every policy the Great President Barack Obama had put in place, and through Barack's communication skills, he started to even repair the damage of previous USA administrations around the world, where once again hate was being replaced with friendship for America, by many Nations!

The reason I say "the Great Barack Obama" as a President is for good reason, as he did save the American economy, possibly the World's, saved the automotive industry, and put America on a new industrial journey success and revolution for new clean energy, creating millions of jobs. The annuals of History, will therefore record him favourably, if we all survive this period of human insanity that was foretold in the scriptures.

But as we know now, all the good has been lost by the utterly mindless and ignorant voting in this new President. Trump with all his bravado reminds me of so many in society who are ignorant, stupid and bullies, always taking liberties and abusing people. Yet when one challenges such individuals, they very cowardly play the victim card! This Trump has done all his life as a spoilt brat with money and draft dodger. Anyone having respect for such a vile individual, need to clearly and very seriously look at themselves and mental frame of mind.

I fear as Nelson Mandela currently looks down as a member of Earth's Great Divine Counsel, he shares my deep frustration, sadness and despair, regarding events on Earth!

For the life of me at this time, I really do not know what the hell is going on in the many minds of society. For the prospect of nuclear war is now very real, and no one will escape such devastation. If such an event happens, Trump will not be able to cry into his soup, and then blame it on others! I do not even believe this lunatic has the mental capacity to grasp the real ramifications of such an event, for it will destroy all life on Earth, and send the planet into a deep freeze for many millions of years!

At this time in our World we need a global collective society, not a divided one. And if any of these miserable wretches like Trump and others, including politicians, who have thrived to accumulate wealth from their greed at the cost of others. This time in this new era coming, these miserable souls will not be able to escape, or protect themselves, from what is to come. This in the way of extreme weather conditions, that these individuals and their companies have created, and caused, in the way of climate change, and civil unrest, by their opulence and excessive childlike personal greed!

Finally, the picture above, that I have created into a collage of Nelson Mandela, is a further small tribute to the great man, as he was very rare himself, compassionate, humble, highly intelligent, yet exceptionally strong, just like the endangered Great White Rhino.

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 6th December 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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