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Addressing Cyber Bullying on the Web by Alastair Agutter

Addressing Cyber Bullying on the Web

It still seems only yesterday, where I had many great fond memories dating back to 1995 on the World Wide Web, a period that I described as "early hazy days" and the user population consisted of mainly students, academics and enthusiasts.

Since the commercialization of the web beginning in 1995, through to the present day. The community has increased on an epic scale. Where the whole of the World is connected and almost every home in Western Society especially, or where the web is accessed by mobile device users in their countless numbers now amounting to in excess of over a billion.

Within the mix of inhabitants and venues to visit on the web for education, services and products. Comes every form of diversification regarding people and content. Sadly, what comes with that is good and bad, or even worse still 'evil' by very disturbed people.

Cyber bullying has become a trait where it affects many people from all walks of life, be it celebrities through to School Children. The most significant victim numbers with regards to cyber bullying are found in chat rooms and across social networks. Regrettably, such events and offences are only going to increase, as more people become connected and tensions increase throughout societies, because of all the social and environmental challenges a head.

So why does it happen and what are the causes?

Well, there can be many reasons for cyber bullying and it can relate to a broad spectrum of age groups. One of the greatest causes is jealousy! Celebrities suffer a considerable amount, from disturbed people, or others unhappy with their lot, as they say! Wanting to vent their anger and frustrations on others!

It is a sad reflection of our society, where jealousy can eat away at people. But what is so often forgot is that many deserving celebrities have trodden the boards as they say, for many years, if not decades, before they were discovered. Many celebrities before fame, were desperate and homeless, living from hand to mouth, before they got their big break. But they never gave up and risked all, in pursuit of their passion and ambition.

Sadly, many who are spiteful and cruel, are cowards! Where they resent other peoples successful lives. But what they forget, is nothing is given to anyone on a plate. You have to go out and really graft, to achieve your ambitions and goals in life.

Between Children, cyber bullying again relates to jealousy. Where some children in a very unstable and troubled family environment, can become disturbed and angered, due to their circumstances and then take out their frustrations on others. Not every child can afford to have all the latest gadgets and gizmo's. That is the reality of life and more Children have far less, than many perceive to be the case.

Many others especially adults, who behave in a cyber bullying way, is as a result of themselves being troubled souls and in most cases where they need professional help. Mental illness is still not openly discussed enough today, but many in society suffer from such conditions, or even more serious health problems, including alcoholism, drug dependency and more.

To help yourself and them to avoid cyber bullying, when you do receive an offensive message that may emotionally hurt you for a brief moment, is to ignore it and not respond. You maybe so angered yourself, you feel compelled to respond, but that is what the cyber bully wants. Instead of responding, be gracious enough to realize this person as the cyber bully has problems and in most cases, needs professional help for mental health issues.

The reason why a cyber bully wants you to respond, is so they drag you down to their disturbed and very sad level. For in most cases, cyber bullying is a way to say "Hey I Exist" for their lives are so mundane, or inconsequential through a lack of confidence and insecurity, such actions of cyber bullying is their only form of communication in the world, where they can hide behind a computer screen or mobile device.

Cyber bullying is a frequent discussion today, especially with politicians, but their motives are more sinister. For if they can start legislating, they will be able silence social injustice and other short comings and be allowed to get away with even more than they do today, regarding their own self interests.

Cyber bullying can be a crime on a number of fronts. Anything written and placed on the web is publishing and there are Laws in place, regarding the obscenities act and deformation. There are also Laws, regarding threats to a person and a good lawyer in a court, can prove common assault regarding the content of offensive cyber bullying material. Authorities and legal bodies, can also impose restriction orders and all such offences can be reported to Police authorities and should be!

Sadly, as I say jealousy is behind many such offences of cyber bullying. Throughout all walks of life there can be many jealous of others. Even when you are trying to help others, they can often try to bring you down, as a result of problems they have with themselves.

Just recently, I had some abuse thrown at me by a lecturer in a University in England. Where he assumed I was a Conservative, or Republican on a topic, which is so far from the truth, as I regard myself as a citizen of the world and believe in social justice and human rights. After his abusive remarks. I merely replied "thank you for your gracious comments", the frustration of this person was not related to me, but his own circumstances and belief of injustice surrounding his wages and working conditions.

Sadly, as a result of troubles within these peoples lives. Can often be the catalyst and cause for their actions. So the most gracious and noblest thing to do, is not to become a party, or participant to your cyber bully's troubled world of discontent.

Other signs of behaviour by folk with troubles, is where they try to correct someone on spelling, or some other insignificant thing. This again is a troubled soul and a form of control. It is a type of power, where they can correct you. Again it is a reflection on them, where they hold no prominence in society and hold no positions of trust or responsibility towards others in most cases. Again, it is a mental health condition of insecurity, where they again need professional medical help, to assist them suffering from low achievement, or esteem.

Cyber bullying can also appear in many guises. The recent events with terrorism and extremism, is where from a lack of education, folk become self empowered when they have a gun. For they cannot articulate themselves, or hold their own in society, where they can challenge and carve out a peaceful future for themselves. In simple terms, facing the complexities and realities of life, as Men or Women.

Helping to avoid Cyber Bullying!

Learn risk aversion in your life, always check who follows you, or who you choose to follow if on twitter for example. Take a look at their feeds and the same goes regarding facebook and others. Check out their posts, before you engage.

Use the web as a positive for knowledge, services and products. When it comes to social networking, you need to be in control and be selective, to reduce the risk of abuse. You do not have to have lots of friends, or likes. You should know within yourself if you are a good person or not.

So finally to conclude, regarding cyber bullying by troubled souls. It is wise to not respond to these unfortunate folk who need professional help. By ignoring them in most cases, leads to the cyber bully moving on and leaving you alone in peace and is not seen necessarily as rejection!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 24th February 2015
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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