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Body Mind and Soul Healthy Free Exercise by Alastair Agurtter

Body Mind and Soul Healthy Free Exercise

Whether its a New Years resolution, or a moment of genius, after looking in the mirror, or trying to put those tight jeans on?

The natural reaction and solution to being unhealthy or overweight, is to go online and seek out the nearest Gym for membership. As a pro-active supporter of the community and enterprise, we do not want to deny these businesses of a living, but not everyone can afford, or are prepared to waste good hard earned money unnecessarily.

But for the folk who are not Gym inclined and want a full and healthy life, with both exercise and mental balance for your body and soul, our solution is the very best!

Since the beginning of time, the human race has been hunter gathers, roaming many plains and landscapes in their quest for food. Upon that journey, the human mind is inspired and captivated by the views and scenery that was once set before them and our ancestors before.

The natural and most healthiest form of exercise is walking. It is a natural condition and a genetic historical reality. We have all seen the madness on the television comedy shows, of the head sweat band on, the towel around the neck, a set of jogging bottoms along with a top and down the gym to pump some iron.

For any person who is slightly over weight, or in poor health, pumping iron in a gym is a sure way, where your next port of call is accident and emergency.

Repetitive exercise on weights and gym exercise systems, can come with lasting and long term effects. The body, is engineered genetically, to multitask and not to be confined to a set of repetitive exercises, on a particular device, for it causes wear, tear, and sometimes long, or permanent damage.

So why is Gym work outs and systems so popular today and why so many use such services. Well, in truth it is a commercial solution sold to you from business. That is the reality and facts of life!

If you are overweight and go to a Gym as mentioned above, you could cause lasting damage. Where as walking is good for the body and soul. The human spirit is fuelled by the imagination and stimulated by the main senses such as sight, smell and vision.

To take a walk in the company of a loved ones, friends or members of your family, is by far the best form of exercise. The daily evening walk after work, reinvigorates the soul and allows you to take in the scenery, smells, one of my favourites is cut grass. Even the sea, if you live on the coast, as well as the vision that surrounds you, that makes your walk as an exercise just seamless.

Even a walk for about half an hour, to an hour, or longer if you prefer, every day, or most days. Will see any excess weight just fall off. The other sure guarantee is, that every part of your body is exercising from the motion of walking, including your brain as it takes in and registers events.

You will be amazingly surprised, when you come home from your walk how a cup of tea, or a glass of squash tastes like heaven and you will feel the warmth of your body tingle and glow as it has had the safest and most healthiest form of exercise. After a few weeks and loosing weight, you will be no doubt if with your family jumping and messing around with the Children, as if you were their age and they will also see a new you!

Such exercise is also good for your mental health, where as walking a tread mill is an introduction I am sure to self inflicted misery and eventual mental illness. For it is a fact, a healthy walk that also helps put things into perspective, is a far better mental place to be in, than being on a tread mill for two hours, darting traffic on the way home and being greeted at the door with "I am hungry". Which is a place where most folk are today and where the stress and shouting begins, that amounts to Child abuse and not good for your health.

An evening walk with the family, in the fresh air and all beginning to relax. Even if you do have one, or two problems, you will be surprised from just the walk and by talking together, your mind will be clear to jointly plan your next steps and course of action.

You will also be, if out with your Children in Parent mode. This is good for you and for them. For most couples under stress are very often in Child mode, where, stress and anxiety is created for want of sympathy.

Parent mode, on the other hand, is where you are focused on your siblings safety and protection. Such a frame of mind is great for working your way through problems, be it bills, to do with work, or something else.

As mentioned before, after a few weeks of walking the pounds will in fact fall off and your body will naturally again tune and tone itself. Coupled to healthy exercise is food and following the instincts of your brain and the appetite it craves to pursue. Go with those thoughts, for there is a very important and significant reason.

In most instances, the brain knows exactly what food the body wants, so it can be replenished with the essential minerals and nutrients for a healthy body and soul.

Remember today, that sadly we are all caught up in this nonsense of a material and commercial World driven by money. As a result, there are plenty of folk driven by money and enterprise, who are keen to devise another product, or brand to further furnish their money driven greed and the reality is at the end of the day, we are daft enough as consumers to be taken in.

Shakes, wonder diets and others, are all very novel, but come with long term health implications. The best dietician in the World to endorse these realities is the Army, Navy and Air Force. Their meals are always carefully balanced and you never see an armed serviceman craving for a shake, rather a hearty Sunday roast with full of roast potatoes and vegetables.

If you can apply this to your life only for an hour or so, a day. It will become a worthwhile exercise for your health, your family and as I say for your mental frame of mind.

If you are the sporty type, or have a passion for a pastime. After a few weeks of walking and healthy living, you will no doubt be in the frame of mind with the confidence to pursue your sport, or interest you have a passion for.

If you have a dog, or dogs, it is good for them also to get plenty of exercise and as a result you will be good for each other. Great joy and fun can be had and found from your pets escapades and adventures. Laughing is also great for toning up exercise for your muscles.

Last but not least, the greatest benefit in addition to this great new exercise method and healthy way of living is, it comes free!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 13th October 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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