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Britannia A Timely Reminder on Sky Atlantic by Alastair Agurtter

Britannia A Timely Reminder on Sky Atlantic Television

For the past several nights, I have been watching the new box set series from Sky Atlantic called "Britannia," and perhaps it is a timely reminder to many in these troubled and uncertain times the deep character of the British people. Whilst today still being one of the world's super powers, and a tolerant peace loving people, and nation of Islands, below the surface and deeply embedded in their genes is a steely resolve, and a strength that any guests now living in Britain should take note of, and not take kindness as a weakness. For when their patience runs out, be very aware!

Whilst a great deal of the content is tailored for entertainment purposes, lays within the story legends, mystery, and a long legacy of determined history. I very often remind folk as inventors of 60% of the modern world's creations, such a talent has evolved from the constant abuse of former royal leaders and adversaries, created a resourceful people to overcome in Great Britain.

The series admirably demonstrates the dark side of the British people when their patience runs out, perhaps a reminder to small works builders from other shores who think it is acceptable to dump rubbish in the British Countryside, that is hallowed ground to its people, the Spirit Gods and the Divine, as a blessed Nation. As like our English Roses and Scottish Thistles, there is never a more generous and loving female species in the world, but to test their charity and love, can lead to them being just as ruthless as any man.

At this time in entertainment, we have some fantastic films arriving at the cinemas, and great television series on the screen at home. If anything else, this series is informative and entertaining enough, to realize ones roots and history. Also hopefully creating sufficient interest for folk wanting to learn and know more about their history as a nation, or for visitors settling from other countries. Knowing where one comes from, and their very ancestral being, will always provide confidence deep within to face any challenges presented. Full details of Britannia on Sky Atlantic here >

If you are curious and want to know more about the real power of spiritual enlightenment, events, and mystery, even today in Britain. My book is available titled "The Cherry Tree Garden" with many actual accounts helping to understand the Realm of the Gods, the Spirit World and the Divine Lord. In print and on digital, how to buy and where here >

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Published and Updated: 21st January 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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