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Broken Britain's Continued Decline and Job Losses by Alastair Agurtter

Broken Britain's Continued Decline and Job Losses

I purchased a poppy yesterday, as I continue to think and give thought this past month and more some, these past few days especially of our fallen, as we near remembrance Sunday. To honour our lost loved ones through conflict. Especially, the War to end all Wars, the conflict of 1914 to 1919 of World War One.

No person can imagine, or conceive the ravages of War, unless they have been present and a victim of a conflict themselves. We can all only possibly try and comprehend and give grace and honour to those who have stood and fought for all of us and  for future generations to come. Where in battle, all comrades stood tall in the face of evil in unity and in defence of their home and loved ones.

Today, it has been announced by the United Kingdom Government, that the shipyard owned by BAE Systems is to close at Portsmouth. A Naval dockyard building ships for over 500 years and the birth place of King Henry VIII's Flag Ship, the Mary Rose.

In recent weeks and months, Politicians and the Coalition Government, have been claiming victory of economic recovery. But yet again, we continue to see large historic places of trades and crafts lost where such places close. In recent days and weeks, we have also had announcements of more banking job losses, steel works closing, refinery's under threat and more.

To me such losses to communities are of grave National importance. For within these events are skills and crafts that could be lost to the annuals of history and where from a cold wind leaving communities desolate and broken.

We often hear of the saying "rats leaving a sinking ship", perhaps such words are pertinent but in the corridors of Westminster. Where the rats are scurrying at all costs to grapple onto their own political careers and at the price a Nation. For such betrayal is a slow and painful dying death, where again a Nation's folk are starved of the resources from a lack political noble folk and wisdom, to plan and build a new future for all.

They say maths do not lie and therefore be it the case in front of a television watching the news and hearing of job losses. Or visiting your local supermarket and seeing more self service checkouts, creating more job losses. One can only conclude, such events are to the detriment of the many and only benefiting a few, who cling on to outdated Victorian Monetary Policies and ideals, that reward the very few across stock markets and other financial institutions.

I said only a few months back, that eventually, the Corporate Elite will be the architects of their own downfall. For as poverty trickles up and will eventually affect their lives, this is what we are witnessing now. As Corporate entities further contract due to decline, at the cost of their own World Dominance and Greed.

History, clearly documents the fall and decline of past great empires, as a result of greed and conflict. Where eventually such environments fail and collapse. Our supposed political masters today, appear to be self interested pawns and servants to the Corporate Elite. Naive enough to believe that these events will disappear in a matter of time.

Sadly, the job losses today is further confirmation of a dysfunctional and failed State. Where we also continue to witness corruption and dishonesty across all the pillars of our Society.

We hear of infrastructure and development. But such projects are token words to appease the continued poverty and decline of our Nation's people. No politician, or leader appears to be prioritizing and utilizing treasury resources to fuel new technology and a new future that could create tens of thousands of jobs.

We hear HS2 at 40 billion as a programme over 20 years, where now we could invest in properties and build our way out of economic decline with a housing programme, as we near another Christmas and where over 80,000 Children will be homeless in Britain excluding family members.

Our ancestors died and fought for a better future, beating down the enemy at the door. I truly despair, for like many, I see an enemy within. Creating a slow and painful death to a Nation, based on token political whims.

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 6th November 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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