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Climate Change The Laymen's Guide to Sea Life by Alastair Agurtter

Climate Change The Laymen's Guide to Sea Life

This year in 2012 we have witnessed many events in relation to the environment. But one in particular is of grave concern, in relation to the sea. This is a laymen's quick guide to events now happening, in our sea's and oceans, caused by human negligence of the environment.

I wanted to publish this paper some time ago and is well overdue in all honesty, but regrettably the commercial World we all live in driven by finance and commerce, has taken a significant amount of my time, as we strive to enlighten Government and Banking Institutions for decisive action to prevent social and economic collapse.

In truth, there is a relevance here to the above, regarding our environment and climate change. The common denominator in both, is human negligence. This is not the first time human activity has had a significant impact on our environments, there has been many events before and all resulting with fatal consequences for the civilization at that time in history.

I always try to remind folk, by looking at our past can we determine our future. In day to day family life, over countless generations, the old and the wise, try to relay experiences to young family members, in the hope that the next generation, does not make the same mistakes of the past.

There are many today, in the Corporate Industrial World of Commerce who deny the events taking place and refer back through time to previous events of adverse conditions, to remark and justify these events are just natural phenomena.

The Civilizations gone before, collapsed and demised, were as a result of regional impact on the environment. Mayan Civilization had a significant effect on the region of South America. Floods and water contamination and specie extinction, caused by over population and intensive farming to feed the densely populated area. As a result, the natural weave and tapestry of nature, that determined paths for rivers and waterways to travel, had the natural foundations removed and the consequence was regional flooding and then famine as crops failed.

The Roman empire fell, as a result of similar activities and the cycles of inflation, again as a result of densely populated demands placed upon the environment, again causing famine and civilization collapse.

The impact of human populations in regions should give rise for extreme concern, as it clearly demonstrates the cost to the environment when related to any form of un-natural industrialization in the form of farming, or other. In the United States, the farming communities in Oklahoma were wiped out, as a result of intense farming and cotton production. Leaving plains of dust lands where nothing could grow.

Past Events leading up to this day, have been regional. But today, as we all now concur as we are now in a global society and of over 7 billion people of this Earth. Remember, the collapses of the past with regards to previous civilizations were regional. Now in 2012 we are confronted with a Global Community problem.

The impact of the global community is being shown on a daily basis, with regards to environmental effects, unemployment and civil unrest. These are not allegations of some form of extreme political opinion, these daily events are now on every television broadcast around the World, from television News Channels, or broadcasts across the World Wide Web.

So the climate change and environmental issues we are confronted with today, is on a global scale. As I say, many will deny these events, but these are self interested parties, many with no families, many ignorant and only interested in self, whilst on this Earth for a brief moment in time.

This means, that failure to address climate change, will result in the extinction of the Human Race and all other known species of life to man. The problem is a global one!

7 Billion peoples lives today on this Earth, are being determined by the politics of the day, by a handful of representatives from different States from around the World. As a result of a financial and commercial driven global economy, many politicians are insular for fear of economic consequences to each individual State as a result of financial and Corporate Institutions demands.

In recent years, we have seen the significant emergence of China, India and Brazil. Today, driven in a global community where the environmental damage is significant. The understandable agenda, as a result of the World's driven commercial economy, in some respects has provided a protectionism environment of industrialization.

A significant example to this at this time, is where Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, categorically states and puts industrial development and recovery before the environment.

So how far are we into this cycle of no return. In truth Scientists are concurring amongst themselves, we have gone beyond the point of recovery at this time. The reality is that all the while self interest in politics is the servant to corporate industrialization the Earth and its inhabitants face extinction!

This now leads me on to our Sea's and Oceans. Approximately three quarters plus of the World's mass, is covered by water. From warm parts of oceans and sea's, we are all aware and know of the Gulf stream currents. They are warm water currents drawn up by cold ice caps of land mass, we commonly know as the North Pole. There are a number of Gulf Streams and currents around the World in our Sea's and Oceans running in sequence.

In all, or in most instances, they are essential migratory paths for a whole host of water sea life species known to us. Most of these species we would describe as the final and top part of the food chain. These Gulf Streams, that travel even past Britain bring with them, a whole host of species, we know for the food chain of life. These Gulf Streams, as like migratory birds, is a critical route for food and reproduction of the species in the seas and oceans.

One of the most resilient species for adaptation is obviously human beings, they also have a wide range of existence temperature and environmental condition tolerances. However, birds and many other species, subject to regions and evolution have far less tolerant variants. A good example of this is de-forestation in Brazil in Southern America. As a result of this activity by humans with large swathes of tree's being cut down and burnt for agriculture, or industry. These changes have impacted on the species significantly. In fact one third of all insect life is now extinct.

Now to put this into perspective, regarding our Oceans and Seas. The environmental changes we have witnessed this year as the ice caps melt and therefore no longer a significant conductor, to draw up the warm waters has catastrophic consequences. Remember if one third of insect life species have been wiped out as a result of deforestation in Southern American and we are now confronted with the natural waterways and paths for the Sea's essential food chain, it also means from the bottom up in the evolutionary food chain tables, basic marine life forms are now becoming extinct. For the tolerance variations are not as extreme, as it is for land creatures, or species of flight.

Therefore, as a result, of these rapid changes where this year we have witnessed the gulf stream travelling on a different path and far lower and some instances not past Britain but below. The United Kingdom's people, have had to witness and endure significant flooding. This has also been the case in Europe, from the Netherlands, to Russia, from France, to the Mediterranean countries, of Spain and Portugal.

Anyone who is a budding Aquarist and likes to keep tropical or marine fish, understands fully the impact to that mini eco system if it changes slightly or varies. Like most aquariums today many function on what is known as a biological system. Fish eat, they excrete and bacteria in the biological system breaks down faeces material. The metal trace elements that remain are food and energy for plant and animal fish specie life. So in effect there is a cycle of events that maintain the equilibrium of that mini eco environment.

Now, to put this into a very realistic example of how slight variants affect conditions. If the temperature of an aquarium say for most tropical fish drops from a 71 to 72 degree variation and drops below 70 degree's to say 69. It exposes fish and plant life to a whole host of new potential diseases. Every degree increase in water effects the conditions of that environment. As temperatures vary and conditions it exposes the environment to a whole host of hazards. A good example is bacteria, as temperatures increase degree on degree, population explosion of bacteria can increase by 11 million an hour.

Regarding our Seas and Oceans we are confronted with far more severe and finite requirements the main and primary one being salt content. Sea's have a series of finite salt content variations. Included with this is the PH of the water determining hardness (Alkalinity) to soft water (Acid). There is also the salination, specific hardness and specific gravity of salt content. Therefore the melting caps are not only melting and affecting the Gulf Stream Currents that are critical for specie life and for Oceans or Seas to be alive but the salination content being effected by the melting ice caps into the seas.

As a result these slight changes affecting basic forms of animal life at the beginning of the marine life food chain. So species in plankton form are becoming extinct and therefore the next food chain above such as crustaceans like shrimp and prawns are being denied the food source. As a result the next specie up dependant upon shrimps and prawns like white fish for example, Whiting, Haddock and Cod are then also being denied food. Then finally the natural top of the table predators like Shark, Killer Whales, Seals, Dolphins and Humans are also then impacted as a result.

The rapid changes are giving rise to where our Seas and Oceans are being affected by the melting of the ice caps caused by climate change, this process is now well underway and species are now becoming extinct as I write, or you read this paper.

The Human race has reached a point in its evolutionary cycle where it needs to immediately change direction, so human advancement works in concert with the planet, or the human race will become extinct, as a result of a few individuals in Banking, Finance, Stock Markets and Corporate Industry.

There are ways to address all these issues today, but regrettably the great minds in Academia who can solve all these problems and even far more step back, for like many of us say "If you preach to a fool, you become one yourself". But until society changes, to embrace human advancement through wisdom and knowledge and exiles the nonsense of Corporate Society and the animals that drive such environments on stock markets and motivated solely by money, extinction is a question of when and not if!

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 14th October 2012
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

Black Rule