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Climate Change What Climate Change by Alastair Agurtter

Climate Change What Climate Change

Last year 2012, I wrote a paper called 'Climate Change The Laymen's Guide To Sea Life' detailing current and future impact as our Seas around the World continue to die!

Since then, we have seen further adverse weather and events that are not normal weather cycles, or patterns.

The current cold and extreme weather conditions, to the United Kingdom for this March is not normal by far. Last year at this same time, we were sun bathing, as a result of a heat wave and the Jet and Gulf Streams were on their normal paths.

These are critical streams to our environment in the atmosphere and in our sea's, that are critical to ensure a stable global environment for the successful continuation of life. At this time though, rather travelling up past the British Isles. These streams have been travelling below the United Kingdom, causing dramatic changes to our weather and for our Wild Life especially in the Sea.

Now, many say these cycles of adverse weather are natural phenomena's, that occur every so many thousands of years. These such comments are not only irresponsible, but expressed in most cases by money driven capitalist idiots.

The excessive weather and floods taking place in the United Kingdom as just one example, is not just the case of further excess water to our River Systems. It is far more serious than that. The continued flooding and adverse weather last year caused the River Thames for example, to continually discharge fresh water into the North Sea and as a result, adversely affecting many marine life cycles of reproduction in the estuary.

As salt content variants in water conditions change, causing dramatic variants also in temperatures, can have a devastating affect through the food chain. From the smallest micro organism, up to white fish stocks and predators, namely Spur Dog, Tope and the occasional Tiger Shark, that frequents our waters in the Autumn months around the Thames Estuary, North Sea and English Channel.

As a result of continued industrialization and pollution to the atmosphere and our Sea's, we are heading for another event, known as mass extinction. It is normally created by exhausting resources and where by species from the very smallest are affected, leading onto the next specie in the food chain to the very next and so on.

In recent years, I am sure many folk have heard of Bee populations declining and the cause as a result of pesticides, as farming is trying to defy Mother Nature, by high yield intensive farming and the very creatures that hold an ecosystem together, are being wiped out as a result of chemicals introduced into the environment.

The reality is, that we need to insist our politicians around the World start to become masters again and not servants to the Corporate Industrial World and Financial Institutions. Other wise, if they choose to postpone, posture and delay decisive action now, we face extinction.

The seasonal and weather events that we are currently experiencing and witnessing, will continue to become more extreme, as the human race tries to defy the Laws of Nature. Whilst at this time, it is flooding and severe storms, that will eventually give rise to the next stage, where new viruses will be naturally engineered by the extreme environments and come with fatal consequences.

I have covered the subject just recently, with reference to how nature branches and hot wires conditions across all aspects of nature including human technology development.

As the above is a fact, Mother Nature will branch further with more resilient viruses and infections, including insect forms, such as mosquito to counter our negligence and destruction to the environment if we do not change.

Whilst scientists and medical experts today, discover there could be a genetic connection to cancer. The biggest trigger, to this disease and where it becomes active. Is as a result, of an unhealthy condition most people live today, that is extremely stress related. This again, is another case example of the environment and how nature can hot wire and branch to counter the in balance.

Society today, can live in high tech homes and can have a far healthier lifestyle, than the current one we have come to know. We do not have to live in mud huts, or trees, that can sometimes be depicted by our more Earth loving cousins, regarding the environment.

We are capable of achieving amazing things, but how is it we are still caught up in this madness and insanity that we commonly call a rat race today. Perhaps the truth is self interest commercial industrialization and politics is to answer for hi-jacking these events that threaten all life as we know it!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 26th March 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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