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Flood Victims Business Funding and Home Insurance Reality by Alastair Agutter

Flood Victims Business Funding and Home Insurance Reality

For more than two years now the "News and Media" have again been referencing a "North South Divide" in Britain, a term very often used before and strangely enough in a Conservative Thatcher era. But there is no "North South Divide" between citizens of Britain. What there is emerging, is the creation of a two tier class system and from such an environment, many of societies ills including rising crime, abject poverty, child abuse, elderly neglect, extremism and radicalization is spreading like a morally bankrupt and corrupt cancer throughout the UK.

This landscape has been seen before in history and ironically, with the recent floods especially in Yorkshire and Lancashire, it was a small group of individuals, who began to seek change and address this in 1844 from Rochdale.

These following words are an excerpt courtesy of Wikipedia. "The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers was a group of 28 that was formed in 1844. Around half were weavers in Rochdale, Lancashire, England. As the mechanization of the Industrial Revolution was forcing more and more skilled workers into poverty, these tradesmen decided to band together to open their own store selling food items they could not otherwise afford." Please read full details here!

On the eve of 2016 (31st December 2015) writing this article, tonight there may be some celebration, but not for our folk in the North of England and many parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. The flood events are currently in the News and Media, but as the cold winds of Winter come and begin to blow in January 2016. Like leaves in Autumn News and Media focusing on the plight of flood victims will eventually disappear!

With the "New Year Gong" honours list announcements described in the media as Cameron's crony politics on the eve of 2016, in truth this is just the beginning of visibly seeing mindless stupidity and self interest reward to the end degree. For folk in Britain things are not going to get any better in 2016, as this arrogant Conservative Government shows contempt for every member of society outside of their own social click!

In 2016 there will be no distinction in regions affected by flooding or elsewhere, as a result of Climate Change. If you are an affluent business owner, middle or working class member of society. The words by Cameron and other crony politicians of "Lessons to be Learned" when deciphered into plain English means "Couldn't Give A Stuff" and the crocodile tears by any of these political individuals are what you see, "hollow and meaningless" just like all the promises currently being made by them and others.

The reality is, when the "News and Media" have gone the battle and hardships will begin, just like previous ancestors and kin in Rochdale back in 1844. If you run a small business in these communities affected by flooding, be prepared for the disappointment by your High Street Bank (Santander, Lloyds, TSB, RBS, Barclays, Natwest, HSBC) saying "No" to any borrowing to get stock and get your business back up and running as they will not underwrite it!

As from the 1st of January 2016, High Street Banks have been reined in from profiting from our most poorest in society by the European Union, where there has been many years of abuse, surrounding excessive penalties and charges. The countless millions upon millions of £35.00 plus charges profited by these morally bankrupt and repugnant banks, reducing folk to breaking point and many unable to feed their Children is a crime in itself. So to counteract this profiting as a result of these legal changes, you will see more branches closing and only basic bank accounts available to many that is no good to man or beast.

Behind the slogans of "Simple Personal and Fair" by Santander that should read "Sterile Superficial and Ignorant" and similar bank slogans. These outdated institutions will contribute towards creating a two tier class society. In the 21st century such institutions exercising "wilful neglect" and endangering the State and a threat to National Security is unacceptable and are clearly not fit for purpose any longer. Any views expressed by the Financial Times and George Osborne, to end banker bashing demonstrates whose side they are on, as more criminality is exposed and now even the Financial Conduct Authority has abandoned the investigation into bankers bonuses, clearly demonstrating these vile bankers are influencing decisions of the State. Namely HSBC and others threatening to move head offices. I say go and good rid dens, we need a fair and decent lawful society, not a morally bankrupt one ran by organized crime to which these bankers are!

When I say a threat to National Security I am not talking rubbish. If local businesses close that serve communities, especially local grocers, there will be no food available to many folk in these areas and other essential basics. With the reoccurrence of similar flood events that could lead into days and weeks, such an environment "WILL" break the camels back.

I am still trying to understand this Conservative Government and its leaders. Are they some Nazi third wave of extremists and naive enough to believe they can be protected and are isolated from the State descending into Social and Economic Collapse, with the very serious prospect of Civil War. Or is it just the case that they are all simply mindless idiots and completely incompetent. I leave that thought with you for you to decide!

The recent tragic events of flooding to many parts of Britain is just the pre-cursor of more to come, as a result of Climate Change. This is the reality that many folk still fail to confront or discuss. We all keep hearing the saying "unprecedented events" which is not the case, as these events are now happening on an annual basis and getting worse. Tell that to the victims who have endured such tragedy, that began in earnest back in 1987 (Wikipedia The Great Storm of 1987) that saw 800 year old oaks ripped out of the ground, that prompted me to write then my first concerns and warnings about Climate Change.

Many say from adversity comes opportunity. I think Britain is testament to that as the World's inventors of over 60% of modern day creations. Perhaps such a Nation's peoples creativity, is as a result of how they have been treated and abused, over centuries by political leaders and masters. Where there has been a need to be creative and resourceful to survive!

I think these most recent events, is another time for greatness and opportunity. Where Mother Nature has exercised her hand of power to address such social injustices to a Nation's much loved people of creativity.

So I hope 2016 becomes a further watershed moment, to rat out the most vile in our public institutions who have abused the system and it's people namely; obscene wages and cover ups NHS, MP's expenses, House of Lords, Corrupt Councils, Elderly Abuse in Homes, Child Abuse, Rogue Landlords (£50 bn Black Hole Tax Evasion and Avoidance), Corrupt CPS and Career Driven Enforcement Agency Individuals (Police) thriving on the weak and vulnerable in Society, to accumulate crime points for further advancement etc.

In 2016 it will be a time for opportunity for folk across local communities who are victims of the floods, to continue the community spirit after the clean up until the next time. Where they can put an end to criminal morally bankrupt banks and insurance companies, as these Corporate thugs will not be a friend to any business or resident affected by Climate Change flooding now, or in the future.

Addressing the Political Nonsense First

One thing I have learnt in my 57 years of existence, is that "bullshit baffles brains" and so regarding the political establishment and their weasel politics, they will create arguments for arguments sake and in reality nothing ever gets addressed properly. The reality is Climate Change is not going away, it is only going to get worse. The science and facts are in, if we all stopped Co2 emissions today world-wide, it will take 200 years to get back to some form of climate weather normality.

The answer to these problems is straight forward and very simple and it will cost money! But this is not a problem either, for these mindless idiots in Westminster do not understand economics and Osborne's policies are as a result of listening to freeloaders and parasites in Banking and the civil service, who have never done a proper days work in their lives. I can say this without any hesitation and have every right. For I do know what graft is and when I was just 17 years old, became a skipper on a 50 foot beam trawler and responsible for crews lives onboard.

These events are not "unprecedented" but life threatening, as they will only get worse and we need to act now and stop faffing around. We need to build meaningful infrastructure and it will cost money, but remember our good old politicians gave a hand out of £375 billion plus to the crony bankers that they bundled up as Quantitative Easing and this made little, or in fact no impression on the pound devaluing. In fact we need the pound to devalue, to help our manufacturers export and create more jobs, as this industry sector is now again in recession as a result of Government wilful negligence and further compounding the States risk to adversaries, by killing off "heavy industry" that needs to be brought back to life tomorrow, namely "Steel, Non ferrous metal and Brick" furnaces!

If you look throughout history, we have had and still have the finest Engineers in the World and looking at the geographical landscape of Britain, we need to create capture Reservoirs for all this water. So we never run out of water again (remember hose pipe bans) and from these capture Reservoirs create waterways. Similar to canals again that can transport this water around the Country and every drop similar to a canal lock, build a hydro-electric station to provide energy for our folk in the 21st century. Water is a natural God given energy life resource, we do not need filthy oil or gas and especially not from fracking, where these poisons will find their way into the water table. These canal or water way systems can combine programmes to build new rail and road system networks adjacent to these waterways and from the length and breadth of Britain on unused MOD land, build green houses (solar and raised, stilts) that have gardens to serve as mini eco-systems and not concrete monstrosities that create further flooding in civic centres, Towns and City areas.

Such environments would create new leisure venues for Sailing, Angling, Ornithology and many other pastimes, create greater tourist attractions more employment the opportunities are boundless!

Water can even be transported through Towns and Cities above with creative Aqua ducts, architecturally designed with new shopping venues in arches below and shopping malls that folk would want to visit, similar to venues that are desired areas of shopping in Northern Italy but on a far grander scale.

We have achieved such great feats through our industrial revolution history and human achievement is further evident back in history, where Romans and Egyptians have created engineering wonders of the World. The problem is the politics itself. It is not difficult as a Government to be pro-active, you just have to look at China building a new City each month and new energy plant each week!

From Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, The Pennines, Midlands to the South of England there are many locations to create such a logical interlocking system of Capture Reservoirs, Waterways, roads and transportation networks. Even fibre optics and internet connectivity could be faster as water is a great carrier and conductor.

Addressing The Current Flood Victims Business Finance and Insurance

The reality is in 2016 as mentioned earlier, the News and Media will soon be gone surrounding the devastation and flooding in Britain. Then householder residents and Business owners will have to fend for themselves amongst the chaos and wrangling of local governments, banks and insurance companies.

This is an opportunity for change as it was achieved back in Rochdale in 1844, with the birth of co-operatives by a small group of people. But this time in reality flood victims are in great numbers and the bill to date regarding devastation runs into several billions of pounds.

The banks and insurance companies will lie, cheat, twist and turn, many businesses will not get funding and many house owners will be unable to insure their homes. The sound bites out of Sky News and others, saying communities will be laid waste and desolate is reckless and ignorant.

Time for change in Banking and Insurance is now in 2016, starting with our folk who have been victims of these floods. I genuinely believe the future is in "Crowd Funding" where folk in communities can set up these co-operatives, so they do not need these failed banks and insurance parasites that will hold you to ransom and bleed you dry in the future. With Crowd Funding folk can chip in and set up and create their own funds as a bank, to help the small family business owner in your community with a loan and your own insurance to become a crowd funding project, to pay premiums that is reasonable for home insurance into a community fund and get rid of these capitalist thugs that are bringing more people into poverty.

Our great young minds in the community can soon help and teach Mum and Dad about crowd funding, social networking and how to do this safely and with a the most reliable providers. Then it is only a matter of forming a local society, or club that has been done over countless decades be it in football, aquatics, rugby, women's institute, horticulture etc.

The money amounted in a crowd funding insurance society and bank society, can even be put to good use also, by investing in green property developments and more. Grab the local MP's and tell them who serve you, that you want tax relief on these projects as they are doing the Governments work, for the countless decades of wilful neglect in Westminster by career self interested politicians. If they refuse, kick them out!

A time for change is now in 2016, starting with our beloved folk up North. If you are a legitimate Crowd Funding Operator please re-tweet and post from my Tweet on this article a reply, with your Crowd Funding URL. So folk in the community can research, learn and approach you. Thank You!

Any folk wishing to use any parts of this article are welcome on Social Media and otherwise, to help folk and to draw more attention to what can be done and what needs to change especially in Westminster, before economic collapse or drowning!

I leave you with this famous thought and quote from Anthropologist Margaret Mead.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 31st December 2015
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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