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The Heart of the Matter Britain's Decline by Alastair Agurtter

The Heart of the Matter Britain's Decline

With the recent coverage and announcements from the Government and the Office of National Statistics. You could think that all these new reports, of economic bad news, is a completely new revelation and has come out of the blue.

Sadly, now in the fifth year since 2008, when we witnessed the banking collapse, the tea leaves did spell out the paths to take and what the future held.

In the artificial World of the Stock markets, hedge fund managers, speculators, economists and bankers, they were making comments such as, "we have now hit the bottom" and "the recovery will be quick with great opportunity", remember some of those words.

So was the recovery quick and was there plenty of opportunity, for if it did happen, I missed it, along with another 7 billion other folk on the planet.

The reality is, there are more new emerging economies in manufacture, with far lower wage labour forces, or dynamic automation. So for Western society as a producer, they are already at a significant disadvantage.

There is also a question of demand, as more folk have to cut back due to increased uncertainty and financial hardship, they will have less consumer spending power. Coupled with the increase in essential products such as food and energy, the future does not bode well, just based on these facts.

So what is the real harsh reality in business today, in a Western Society. Whether you are in business, or thinking about setting up a business. There are many factors against you straight away and it relates to greed.

All of the most successful emerging economies, have been supported by their Governments. Japan was a prime example of the past and today China and Brazil. China supports enterprise to such a scale, that they develop and literally build Cities for manufacturing. Where industry can set up in earnest, to supply a global economy.

Where as in the United Kingdom, whether in retail, or manufacturing, you have to obtain premises through private rented landlords and from the outset here, the prices are completely out of tune with a new and emerging real economy. The Commercial Estate Agents, whilst now becoming slightly more flexible, have been a party to the problem, by singing sweet nothings, in the ears of their clients.

The next problem is Local Government, where the mindset of Councils today appear to be on a mission to drive down and make any business a vessel to exploit, with a series of services and charges and then the commercial rates, that is in most cases today, resemble the equivalent of the annual rent paid to the private landlord.

Next is the utilities, where they continue to hike charges, as they have failed to invest for countless years and now the customer, is expected to not only pay for the fuel, but bank roll future power stations and plants.

Next is the banks, they no longer deal with clients face to face, or have the capacity to take a personal interest in the community, or your business to create employment. Today, you are an underwriting exercise on a computer. So to invest properly to make your business a success, you have very little chance of getting adequate funding, only a token amount will be lent and so you will struggle from the outset and be set on a path of doom and failure before you even start. The good old bank will also hit you with every conceivable charge imaginable.

These are problems every business new and existing are confronted with today. Communities are becoming desolate and the bite will continue, as a result of greed and short term thinking. Eventually and why I do not understand, these people do not have the capacity to think beyond their nose. The Commercial Agent will eventually close, the private landlord from being vacant will eventually default on the commercial mortgage. The Council will have to cut jobs, as the community contracts, the bank staff will be cut, as the customer base declines and customers go into debt as local people loose their jobs.

From wanting to do what is right in a community and to create employment opportunity, you are persecuted from greed and self interest from the outset. We have not even covered accountants, or professional legal services.

The problems above are before you make a single item, where you need materials, vehicles, staff and then you have to pay tax, rightly so and then hiked up VAT. To believe you can be competitive in such an environment. When confronted with these stark realities, you could only be convinced, or gain inspiration from J. M. Barrie. Unless you are already Peter Pan.

Britain will continue to decline, Corporate business will continue to be sold and become foreign owned, until in the end it will possibly be economic and social collapse, before we can start again.

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 25th April 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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