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Natural History Museum A Great Day Out by Alastair Agurtter

Natural History Museum A Great Day Out for All the Family

We know at the moment for a great many folk that financial times are far harder than ever before in this time of austerity. So on a recent visit to London, we called and stopped off at the Natural History Museum, to have an adventure and explore! We travelled up to London by train, getting a family travel card, that is the fraction of the price, that you would normally pay.

It was the weekend and the only caution of warning before you make a trip, is to check with the local train operator, to ensure there is no maintenance being carried out, where your journey is broken up and disrupted by changing onto buses and back again onto trains. As this no longer becomes an adventure, especially for our little people in our lives, but a logistical mission to get from A to B and the day is spoilt. On the Saturday we visited the Natural History Museum, we did have some disruption on the London Underground concerning the circle line. But we managed to work our way around this problem and eventually made our journey safely to South Kensington.

The Natural History Museum and others, are only a few hundred yards walking distance once out of the station. When planning your day out with the family, make sure you have comfortable footwear on, as you will be surprised, as to how many miles you will all walk.

The Natural History Museum, provides free admission to you and your family. You will see staff offering programmes, that can be used as a guide and the money helps as a donation to help fund the Museum and a worthwhile purchase, as a memento of your day with your family. There are a whole host of different sections to explore and in fact, you could spend three days in the building and still not discover it all.

Two of the most popular areas of the Natural History Museum, is the Dinosaurs section and also where the Whales and other marine life species are housed.

It brought back great memories for me when my Father took me over 45 years ago and I hope our recent trip, my Daughter's memories when she has Children of her own, can tell the same story of when she went to London and visited the Natural History Museum with her Dad.

Children are fascinating and they tend to focus on particular areas, but after time, begin to explore as always and at the same time, expanding their mind as they go. Reminder for Dad's, do not start to lecture, or carry out an informative explanation on the life and times of a DoDo. Just let them enjoy the day and moments and do the finding and learning for themselves.

They will forever remember the visit and on the journey, home I am sure as a family and parent, you will be quietly surprised as to how much information they did take in.

You can buy refreshments and food in the Museum, please remember you are in London and therefore paying as such for sandwiches and coffee's etc. A piece of cake and a pot of Tea between three, or four will see little change if any out of £25.00.

There are in the Museums in London, family lunch area's, where you can bring your own food and refreshments and eat them safely within the Museum.

The staff are always friendly and helpful, with many security guards and porters around to ensure your visit is a safe and enjoyable one.

At the weekends, I suggest you should allow for at least around 30 minutes for queuing, as the Natural History Museum is a very popular venue for all the family.

Please find the following link to the Natural History Museum web site: http://www.nhm.ac.uk so you can further explore the venue, to help you plan your future journey, for a family adventure of discovery and exploration!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 13th March 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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