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Private Investors and Savers Guide Advice by Alastair Agurtter

Private Investors and Savers Guide Advice

Here is our private and investors savers news, with some sound advice, to help you retain as much of your nest egg as possible, in these uncertain times.

Since the banking collapse in 2008, many savers and private investors, have seen little return on their savings, if any at all. Banks especially, have been unable to offer any substantial interest rates, to give savers a sensible and additional income each year.

Pensioners have especially suffered, as a result of the economic climate, where it has affected their standard of living, as prices still go up for household essentials, in the way of utilities, vehicle fuel and food.

So what is the best solution in these very difficult and uncertain times. The first word of advice that I would give to anyone, is extreme caution!

What concerns me, is contrary to comments from Governments, stating that we are on recovery track and steady growth, is both misleading and dishonest. The political spin is so you believe that there is a recovery for you to start spending. Wrong!

At this time, there is no recovery, or will there be one for the foreseeable future. Why? Because the Banks, who do not have a good business model, and have been propping up their failed business with Quantitative Easing funding, have failed to lend to small and medium businesses to create growth.

This is why nearly 5 years in, regarding the UK. The economic outlook is for continued decline, job losses and business closures. As a result, there will be more mortgage defaults from folk loosing jobs, less income from mortgages for the banks to survive and so a continued perpetual decline, until we reach a point of total collapse.

If you have money and savings at this time in any bank, that offers the Government Savings Guarantee, in the event of a banking collapse and you are making any form of interest on your savings. I would strongly suggest you leave it there.

Bonds at this time, for a savings option, is a non starter, for the most secure Bonds investments is where savers are having to pay interest to have their savings in Bonds.

The danger we have recently seen these past few weeks, is savers moving money from bank savings, to invest in stocks. This is very worrying and has come about as a result of remarks by Governments and politicians of steady growth.

We wrote an article yesterday, warning that the Stock Market Bubble is Set to burst at any time, as the markets are again inflated from private investor money believing things are on the up. But sadly, again we were on the money and overnight the NIKI in Japan, fell by over 7.63% and today, markets in London and across Europe, are all down.

Based on these figures above, over 10% of your savings last night would of been wiped out, if not more in just one day. The stock markets are part of the global and economic problem, as is the case with the banking system, for they are both inherently flawed and need to be re-structured and built for a modern World and New Era.

So it is more of the case of the devil you know and leaving your money in the Banks and Building Societies, if they offer the Government Guarantees, in the event of a further banking collapse, that is very likely. As the banks, can no longer sustain the overheads, in the way of branches and if decline continues, as mentioned above, revenue from mortgage payments will also decline, leaving the banks in a dangerous position. As they will not be able to cover their positions of lending and debt ratios again.

In the event of real serious problems, investment in Gold is always wise, as it is a universal commodity across borders. Buy second hand gold not new, then you are investing more on buying in weight.

Property is not a wise investment either at this time, be it commercial or private. Whilst the Chancellor has introduced a Guarantee Scheme for buyers, it is only serving to create a continue and inflated market value. Property has to de-leverage by more than one third at least, this will have to eventually happen, before we can even begin to see any economic growth again.

Other solutions are not to look at the return on your savings, but countering the problem in your standard of living. For example, if your investment was returning 10% a year, try and look at your day to day and annual expenses and costs and see how you can reduce them by 10%.

It may sound a little mad, but it is sound economics, if you can save 10% in lighting and energy, the bill will be 10% less. The same can be done for your food bills and if you have a car, down size it, for a smaller engine capacity, so you can save on fuel.

Good business at the end of the day amounts to not only what you sell an item for, but in most instances today, what you buy an item for. The front and back end in business today, is an essential factor for success in this new environment.

If you can apply the same way of thinking towards your lifestyle and home economics, it will help to retain as much of your savings as possible and allow you to hold onto some form of life, that can be best described, as normality.

Sadly today, the politicians and many others, do not understand the changes and the environment, there are many pieces to the jigsaw still in a state of flux and will not settle for a considerable time, as this is a significant global shift in the way we all live and survive on this small planet.

But on a final note, remember that any one phoning you up, to invest on the stock market, is a dangerous move. Bankers and Speculators are not friends to any one only themselves!!!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 23rd May 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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