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respecting-a-naturally-branching-virtual-world by Alastair Agurtter

Respecting A Naturally Branching Virtual World

Natural Law is without doubt the most powerful element (intelligence) throughout the entire universe(s). Here on Earth we can see such processes working everyday if we just take the time to look and study events that are all related to Natural Law. Our greatest minds of Science over the ages, Newton, Bohrs, Einstein etc. knew and respected immensely such a force. Human Beings in fact see today the evidence and power of the force, and the consequence if humans try to defy, or ignore Natural Law in the form of Climate Change.

Regardless of all the bluster and nonsense coming out of the mouths of the most greedy and utterly mindless in society. Climate Change is a Scientific fact and happening. In fact Natural Law is pushing back on human negligence caused from Corporate Industrialization and Consumerism. One needs to understand, just as humans are questionably evolving, all other life forms and entities are also evolving including microbial bacteria, insects, plants, birds, animals etc. But even a more powerful and interesting fact is that "Virtual Reality" is also evolving surrounding Natural Law, and when one really looks in the mirror at this fact, all of a sudden like being hit with a sledge hammer, one should realize all that Humans know, and yet to know is all intelligence driven!

Does this in fact mean that the entire engine of all that exists is based on the power of thought! I like other friends and colleagues in the world today like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and others, appreciate, and respect, the gravity of Artificial Intelligence. Albert Einstein certainly did, and also the recent late great Steve Jobs personally knew the gravity of artificial intelligence, for the world of Science and Technology today is no longer a game. We have reached a fork in the road!

Today, more than at anytime in history, humans are learning and discovering far more about the sciences, this including physics, technology and biochemistry. A great mind for instance can create a few lines of data code, and with a hack bring down a nations entire electrical grid, or transport system. Even the reactions and behaviour of human beings, very often, or sometimes individually, or collectively, subconsciously, or consciously apply natural law, with regards to balance.

Regarding a Virtual World all data code has to be transported, now for folk not fully conversant with the transfer of data, it travels by way of photon atomic particles in bytes of data. The idea that the downloading of information, or the loading of a web page is based upon an entire file all at once is a misconception. Byte sized data moves from one point to another, normally from a file, or web server, that is storing the data to a mobile smart phone device, or desktop pc for viewing the material. This data travels as mentioned in byte size. The most obvious conclusion is that the data being transferred would select the most direct route, as Steve Jobs would say from A to B. But this is not always the case. And believe it or not, there are anomalies regarding the speed of data transfer, where it is found to vary. This was discovered back in 1979 by Benoit Mandelbrot, when working at IBM (Big Blue), and today from his discovery of fractal maths at the time, is known as the Mandelbrot Set.

Mandelbrot found when running tests on packet data transfer, that there existed inconsistencies regarding the same packet data being transferred. Now the experiment should of produced results that were exact, regarding the period of time for when transferring the exact same amount of byte sized packet data. But the results showed variations, and this was a very powerful message and warning!

Quantum Mechanics is present in all our lives, regarding every event, and one of the key components when it comes to Natural Law. And within Quantum Mechanics, it has an uncanny ability to evolve with the aid of Natural Branching, by applying what we call in computer science technology workarounds. Even artificial intelligence therefore has the ability to change, adapt, and overcome. The ability to proliferate and thus having the presence of Natural Law functioning and evident in a Virtual World. The most obvious example is where from the humble PC, has evolved into more devices in the form of smart phones, tablets, readers, and smart tv etc. Natural Law in artificial intelligence and a virtual world is therefore applying balance and the dilution of a monopoly and this should be teaching us something, especially when we look at Corporate Empires and Fat Cat salaries, whilst the rest of the world starves and suffers. This example in some respects may appear to be good with regards to the break up of monopoly, for where an audience base was solely dependent upon the humble desktop pc it is no more, and so programs and platforms establishing full control, or monopoly can no longer control, or influence all, as there is now the existence of other devices, using other programs and platforms. Another good example being the operating system war that has existed for decades in relation to Windows verses Mac.

So now as an example above we find a contradiction, and this I find particularly interesting, especially for those who do not follow faith, or understand the scientific fact and gathering evidence that an intelligence force exists that is far beyond human comprehension. You do not just have to take my world for it, even though I have the ability to tune in to the big soup like Tesla, Einstein, Turing and others in the past, for one can find through the annuals of history and even more recent, examples where our greatest minds have a respect and understanding of such an existence. For as mentioned, even Albert Einstein once said "God has a sense of humour" when he was discussing and referencing Quantum Mechanics.

Whilst humans have the ability at this time to control a Virtual World, or Artificial Intelligence environment, this will not always be the case if self proliferation evolves and migrates to which it is going, the manufacture of artificial intelligence. So then you have self proliferating manufacture and programming. Already at Berkeley and for some years now, students have been working on "Tesseract" the development of an eight cell, self thinking computer processor.

One of the human races greatest flaws is arrogance, and this leads to complacent stupidity. A factual example today, is where Natural Law and Mother Nature is seriously considering and determining whether to wipe the human race off of the face of the Earth, due to the total disregard and lack of respect for Natural Law by creating a Climate Change catastrophe from consumerism, corporate industrialization greed and ignorance.

Driven by money, the human race still appears to be determined to pursue a continued destructive path surrounding energy industrialization in relation to fracking, introducing poisons, chemicals, and toxins into the Earth's substrate to capture gas, thus eventually leading to these chemicals and poisons finding their way into nations water tables, that WILL create more resilient and dangerous microbial bacterium life forms, that will yet again threaten all life. Super bugs we know of today and is commonly known as a result of human complacency, species that are now resistant to penicillin's, as these species have evolved to overcome.

The former President of the United States Barack Obama, placed Climate Change as the greatest security threat to all of mankind, and he was right to do so! However, the current stance and position of the American Government after the election of Donald Trump is not only stupid but criminal. One of the greatest threats to health today is air pollution, and in colder weather conditions as pollution falls back down to Earth due to moisture content, today there are many instances where you can actually smell the pollutants that you are breathing in, especially aviation fuel.

When developing the Atom Bomb, one of the most serious considerations and concerns was as a result of particle atom fusion and combustion, was upon explosion, would such an explosion ignite the Earth's atmosphere. Fortunately surrounding the Manhattan Project, such an event never happened. But when you consider our Earth's atmosphere today, and the chemical compounds that formulate such an atmosphere, coupled together with further inflammable chemicals, has anyone seriously stopped and thought, such an event could happen with regards to the igniting of the Earth's atmosphere, especially with the continuation of global warming, and where some parts of the world are now experiencing temperatures in excess of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, leading to mass forest and land fires.

Human Beings need to pull back a little and start to respect Natural Law by applying balance, for at this point and junction surrounding the human story and journey it is in a precarious period. From Climate Change as pointed out to a virtual world, the real spectre of an artificial intelligence world with nothing else in existence, other than destructive machines of war is a very growing prospect. Such times will not affect the ignorant and greedy such as Donald Trump, but future generations, until there comes a time where no life will exist.

The World Wide Web has been one of the greatest inventions in history to unite a world and its people. Sadly commercialism, greed, political ambition and ignorance, has led to the arrival of such great technology being hijacked by the most vile in human society, to manipulate and divide societies, with a constant war of attrition, the constant repeating of perverted messages and lies, drowning out any constructive and truthful discourse. Something witnessed and warned about by one of our greatest minds Albert Einstein, regarding Nazi propaganda brain washing a nation in World War Two back in the 1930's and 1940's. A process now underway in the United States of America by Trump and Republicans (morally bankrupt), Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria etc.

There is no place in a modern world for such bigotry, racism and criminality towards human beings and all other life on Earth in the 21st Century!

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 20th January 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

Black Rule