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Setting Up A Community Sports Club by Alastair Agurtter

Setting Up A Community Sports Club is Rewarding

Community Sports Clubs are an essential benefit to British and International Societies World-Wide. Especially in these very tough economic times and for health reasons, the forming of a Sports Club can be an integral part of any community. But also can be an environment to help teach unity, the supporting of each other, the very foundations for creating a civilized world and society.

It can never be easy at times, as you will no doubt, have some critics, normally from some parents, that would never give, or share their time, but are prepared to stand on the side line and pass comment.

I take my hat off to any person, or group, who give their free time to a community, to help towards making it a better one!

It is especially important and essential, regarding our young folk. Growing up is not easy and it can come with many fears and problems. Many Children today, spend a great deal of their time in groups, socializing and often regarded as outcasts in a community. This is not true and the future of our Nation, we rely on these young folk to grow up and have a stake and purpose in local communities.

Some of the extreme ideologies that confront us and witness today. Are sadly, as a result of a communities failing to enhance and embrace our youth and to help give direction in their lives.

Over the years, I have met many unsung heroes of our communities. Where these remarkable people, have given their time free, towards a sport, or interest. Stemming from football clubs, to the game of stool ball in rural England.

Where leagues are formed and friendly competitive spirit is enjoyed, by participants and supporters. It is critical today, more than at any time in a suburb of London, to a small Country village in the rural community of England, that clubs are formed.

So if you have time and a passion, to want to make a difference to your community, embrace your ideals and values and begin the journey of forming that club!

Over recent years, many of our young folk have been confined to play stations and game boxes in the home, living a Virtual World. This will come at a very serious price, in relation to communications skills and health issues if nothing is done.

By participating in a competitive sport, it can relay the real life aspects in society. Where you can be enjoying moments of success in one instant and others times, face disappointment. These emotions and experiences, are essential to any young persons development and so the local sports club, offers far more than just a venue to compete.

Even with the continued economic cuts. By discussing your project and ideas with a Local, or Village Council, may well produce some positive results. It is also worth remembering especially, if you are setting up a youth club for Football, or other. Some Parents may be in business and will help as sponsors for buying kit and equipment.

In most cases, there is an affiliation fee when joining an Association for your sport, or league. This expenditure can normally be covered by subs and contributions. Always remember as the Manager, or Secretary of a Club, there will come times for discretion. Sometimes members may not have the subs, for no other fault of their own, but for the harsh reality, that folks and parents face hard times financially.

It is on those occasions. you have to use discretion and for your reward of exceptional circumstances. Just that one individual, you may save, who will grow up and remember such kindness and where there may come a point in their lives, where he, or she, forms a club. Understanding in later life, the importance and value of such a club in their community.

If you do decide to run a club, speaking from experience, it can be invaluable. The club will obviously take up your time, especially when events take place and some evenings organizing and phoning is required, prior to a pending match, or event. But there are many pluses and bonuses to forming a club, it can expand your social circle and the appreciation by the local Constabulary will be duly noted.

Many of the senseless acts and problems from petty vandalism, can be reduced considerably, when our young folk are part of a community and not seen as outcasts. It is a given fact, that petty crime and vandalism, does decline, when you have such clubs, associations and activities in a community.

The benefits to the participants is also significant, especially for our Children, as it gives kids a healthy environment to grow, develop and exercise. The United Kingdom and the United States especially today, is confronted with some very serious health issues concerning our young.

Many children are overweight from poor diet and exercise. The contributions that clubs make to a community tackling this Western Society ill is truly significant.

Running a Club can also be good for your own mental frame of mind, especially if you have sadly just recently been made redundant, or laid off. Where your time can be given and offered by you in the community is just as important as any work, if not more for it is addressing many local issues.

So if you are of the mind to form a club, I encourage you to have a go, it can be extremely rewarding and I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to a community and how important your role becomes.

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 23rd May 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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