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Social Media I am the Egg Man, They are the Egg Men by Alastair Agurtter

Social Media, I am the Egg Man, they are the Egg Men, I am the Walrus

In 1967 The Beatles released a cynical political record about the establishment "I am the Walrus" and today we are still at the same point, regarding a senseless society driven by political corruption, corporate greed and ignorance.

The great plague of today however, surrounding these two protagonists, is that now they threaten "free will" and "free speech" pitting the world of Social Media and Real News that are both on the same side believe it or not, against the establishment in 2018, these being corrupt authoritarian leaderships and corporate thug empires.

With regards to the lyrics of this classic political pop sound, regarding Donald Trump the chorus should be "I am the Ape Man, they are the Ape Men" as chants continue to ring out across Trump voters to "make america great again" by members of the dog eat dog culture in america, and other parts of the world.

One thing that Charles Darwin's Book teaches us, for all those who can read, this excluding the utterly stupid and mindless ignorant voters of Donald Trump. That the evolution of the primate species was not as a result of "brut force and ignorance", but from those little things we know as "grey cells" in the brain developing intelligence.

Now there exists a war of attrition, and it includes the truth and technology, as the likes of Trump and other corrupt Dictators with the mentality of Neanderthal, try to drown out freedom of expression and opinion with a mass of noise we know to be outright lies and propaganda. Whereas all of which we express and say through social media discourse, will eventually provide from binary, a mathematical calculus, that will eventually lead to a formula and logical equation of conclusion, we know to be truth and the establishing of the facts, in other words what is morally right from what is wrong!

The great danger surrounding the threat to our Social Media Networks, News and Media, is that we have seen this all before in Germany, with the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler, literally dividing and brain washing a Nation. Now today the same events are happening in America, and already Trump is voicing changes to the Law, regarding the free press and liable laws, to protect he and his rich mates, that we can best describe as nothing more than Corporate Thugs, driven by greed and ignorance.

On top of those threats by Trump and his Republican Legislators, Sir Tim Berners-Lee inventor of the World Wide Web, myself, and many others have been fighting and pushing back on Governments wanting to legislate the World Wide Web and Internet for some years. But now with the Senate and House controlled by Republicans, there is a real possibility such changes to the Law in the USA will start to be slid in other policies and acts, and introduced under another deceitful guise. Even the British Government ran by Conservatives, are trying to legislate the Freedom of Information Act, among other Laws on Statute.

These actions and acts will take society down a very slippery and dangerous road. It will mean the likes of Grenfell Tower, and Child Abuse Investigations, Elderly Neglect, Wilful Negligence of Local Government Authorities, would all be covered up and hidden from the general public regarding such wicked social injustices, and even the News and Media would be unable to cover and investigate with confidence any breaking story that is in the public interest.

The days of freedom is truly under threat from corrupt leaders, dictators and regimes. The most detested leader in the world today is now an elected President in the United States of America. Such narrowed vision of "America First" is not a sustainable proposition, for his current actions is now isolating America with the rest of the World. Never did I think in my day, I would consider the prospect of seeing America becoming a Rogue Nation. Even economically the ideals and values of this very ignorant individual is not coherent in the interests of America, or its citizens, for wealth is only achieved with the supply and trading of goods, and in a global economy today, the USA needs to export products and services that they produce.

The world of Social Media and Social Networks is a technology pre-cursor to better political governance around the world. Whether politicians are getting it, or corporate empires, I cannot say. But I know after my criticism of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg certainly gets it, and now realizing the great burden of responsibly he has with his organization to shape a better world for all and the coming together, hence recent changes to algorithms. For the reality is at the end of the day, there is a populations of over 7 billion citizens on this Earth, plus other life forms. Through technology our only hope for survival as a species, along with other miracles of evolution is to reach for the skies using technology. So we need a coming together, so our greatest minds can try to unravel the challenges of space travel and energy.

The establishment in the form of corrupt regimes, and corporate empires, owned by the social elite is not the answer, or the future. They will want to get into bed with corrupt governments, and politicians, with an agenda of self preservation. This is the route Trump is going down, where I am almost convinced, Trump and his other corrupt Republican cronies want a war, to destroy emerging economies and nations that are prepared to unite and embrace a modern world. But the agenda of the establishment seems to be, to bomb the hell out of these nations and send them back to the dark ages, along with reducing the population of the world.

This may sound extreme or way out, but just think about their options. This is exactly what Hitler wanted to do with his so called Aryan race, the extermination of all other citizens, cultures, and societies. Social Media and Social Networks are the future, but the establishment does not like it, or want it, for then they lose control of backward doctrines referred to as capitalism in its extremist form, driven by corporate empires, banking institutions and market trading entities, all of which are in bed with the political elite.

The breaking down of this archaic mentality could lead to a better world for all. There is evidence in history that political intellect can work, as was the case found in Greece in the time of Socrates, where women were equal, and society all had an input to social and economic continuity in the interests of social justice.

Some 10 plus years ago I wrote an article on the businesses, where I described them as having to be "new era enterprises" this being the future, where companies sat at the heart of communities and were environmentally friendly, even education in concert, teaching live time projects due to technology advances evolving faster than the curriculum's. Even the introduction of crèches with flexible working hours, including the banking of time. Businesses producing products and services that were long term sustainable items, using green organic materials. Today many of those ideas are being adopted and welcomed, but take time to work through before such concepts become efficient. Social Media Networks are no different and very much in an evolutionary stage, and this will produce a degree of chaos, even regarding the concept and purpose.

Only now businesses and users are becoming to understand the synergy of Social Media, the pluses and the pitfalls, as explained in my book "Social Media The Sum of Everything Equals Zero", a title I might add very few folk get, as this relates to evolution and quantum mechanics, the calculations of such phenomena resulting in zero, for such physics and science is infinite. But in the book I try to help explain the purpose and how it can benefit both enterprise and user, but with the application of balance and the duty of Social Media Networks to be open and accountable, self policing, to avoid legislation, that would only serve to the detriment, placing borders across the World Wide Web, due to different legislative acts, and ideas from one state to the very next.

The advancements of any technology requires balance, but the uniting of the world can be achieved when we realize from social media we all have more in common. There is no place in our modern day society for killers and murderers in power. It is time to cast these vile leaders and individuals out!

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 20th January 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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