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Sulphur Dioxide Industrial Pollution Causing Rapid Ageing and Severe Joint Pain Disorders by Alastair Agurtter

Sulphur Dioxide Industrial Pollution Causing Rapid Ageing and Severe Joint Pain Disorders

Last night, I was sharing my thoughts with a few friends after a meeting and all of us complaining more than normal about back and joint pain disorders this year. On a personal note, currently suffering myself and now with frequent visits to the Hospital to try and address my back.

So for folk who have, or are suffering from joint and back pain disorders, I can share my sadness with you all, for such pain, is dull and miserable and very often, some of our folk breakdown and loose the will to live.

In my discussion with friends, I discussed the weather elements, for when colder air exists it is heavier than warm and therefore air pressure from the moisture of the atmosphere can impact joints in micron measurements and cause further stress and pain from heavy air conditions.

In recent weeks, I have noticed significant industrial air pollution in the form of sulphur dioxide and this I also discussed with friends last night, as I believe there is far more to this based on scientific fact.

The amount of people suffering from joint and back problems in the United Kingdom is rife and on an epidemic scale and even some supermarkets and drug stores, have been running out of pain killers at times for Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

The National Health Service is at breaking point and the politicians are focusing at this time on obesity being the main cause of such ailments and conditions. Based on MP's track records regarding lobbying and other perks to further benefit them and line their own miserable pockets, it would not be in their interest to rock the boat as they say, regarding their industrial buddies and bankers!

But the reality is, last night around 11.20 pm, the whole sky in my region was covered with red and amber cloud formations. Now many would have you believe this is light pollution and in many cases it can be, but not when there isn't a light to be seen and very often these past few weeks, I have been warning Folk of Sulphur Dioxide in the atmosphere. As it has a pungent smell and is dangerous to folk with breathing problems.

Sulphur Dioxide is picked up and collected from industrial pollution be it from China, Eastern and Western Europe it does not matter. The fact however is, that sulphur dioxide is a corrosive and commonly known as acid rain. Now in view of the fact that on average the human body is made up of 55% water, such a chemical can therefore naturally penetrate the body through the pours of your skin and eventually have an impact on more resilient organs and parts of the body namely cartilage and body bone structure.

Sulphur Dioxide will have an impact causing rapid ageing and deterioration to joints, as the corrosive continues to penetrate and so we all need to seriously ask ourselves and say such industrial pollution is not the way forward and with the recent horrendous floods caused from Climate Change, I think many folk will agree it is time that elected politicians started serving the people rather than their own interests.

Now I am sure someone would definitely come up with a plausible excuse, or argument to say this is not the case, but I am afraid dear friends the evidence and times scales of such increased deterioration is too coincidental.

This morning, I awoke early as I normally do for work, but this morning even earlier around 4.50 am and the smell in the house and in the garden was almost unbearable from the sulphur dioxide pollution and it was so dense, I could actually taste it in addition to the pungent revolting smell.

The Human Race has reached a watershed moment, where we need to address this madness of pollution to the planet and now where it is having a severe impact on our health and also other victims of such industrial greed, our poor wild life.

So if anyone is mad enough to allow fracking in their regions to take place, it will not only be air pollution causing rapid ageing and decline, but also pollution to our water table systems and in our Earth, as they seek out cheap fossil fuels that are not the solution to the health of a planet, or its inhabitants!

Sulphur Dioxide Poising Symptoms:

Breathing difficulties, Severe Aches and Pains, Dehydration, Exhaustion, Stomach Pains and Bowl Direr Conditions from toxicity to the body. Wearing of bones and cartilage from the acid corrosive chemicals.

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 31st July 2014
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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