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The Cause of Extremist Radicalization in Western Society by Alastair Agurtter

The Cause of Extremist Radicalization Across Western Society

Yesterday the 24th of September 2014, the President Barack Obama made a forceful and truthful speech in the United Nations to all World Leaders and Nations, regarding the challenges the World faces in our time. All areas discussed are all related and interconnected. These being Extremist Radicalization, Climate Change, Corporate Industrialization, Corrupt Politics and Governments.

I found the President's speech echoing the many articles and concerns I have expressed in past years and especially, where he said "the youth and communities need hope to build and not destroy" for these were the warnings I expressed in a letter that I wrote before the last general election to all United Kingdom political leaders (former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg). Where I expressed if politics does not change, to serve the interest of it's people to build communities and create employment opportunity to allow folk and families to aspire and meet their dreams, they will see the eventual decline and social breakdown of society!

Sadly, politics in the United Kingdom has not changed, or is it serving the interests of it's people. But instead still continues to serve only a few namely Bankers, Corporate Entities and the Society Classes of ignorance. From the House of Lords, to the House of Commons in the United Kingdom, we have self interested career politics. The Lords still feed the instructions and interests of the Corporate thugs of today, that threaten the World from Climate Change and the House of Commons, is compiled of a group of politicians more driven by self interest for personal financial gain, status and personal gratification. If you seriously look at every political party in Britain today, none are fit for purpose in a modern, transparent and accountable society, that can best be described as a 'Civil Society' for all in the 21st Century.

Across every Local Government in Britain commonly known as Councils, all have a history of cover ups and deception. These local councils are so morally bankrupt, every day the educated people of Britain hear of scandals regarding Child Abuse, Elderly Neglect and Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Rogue Landlords and Property Developer cover ups and amidst all of these despicable events is criminal deception, fraud and conspiracy by Council Staff and Locally Elected Officials.

In addition to these establishments, the Home Secretary Teresa May, pointed out after an inquiry, that 46% of all criminal convictions in Britain are questionable and so this relates to corruption, conspiracy and cover ups in the Police and Crown Prosecution Services the length and breadth of Britain. The recent events in Rotherham regarding 1,400 Children used for sex and trafficked has been a covered up by Police, Social Services and the Council, where the incumbents in office and held posts have been perverting the course of justice and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, between Local Government and Public Enforcement Agencies (Police and CPS).

When you are presented with such a landscape as a great young, or as an impressionable young mind, the environment is the perfect political and social catalyst for breakdown in society. So for the educated, or opinionated youth, they see before their eyes corruption and hypocrisy. They see these establishments, that are there to create a lawful framework for a fair and modern civil society politically and morally bankrupt. These such institutions are there to uphold civil society and the enforcement agencies are their to serve as public servants, to ensure and enforce the mandate created, crafted and formed for the State and thus the State being the People. To serve the People, the State!

When I saw the UK Government again lining the pockets of the Bankers and not getting the money into communities to rebuild a Nation after the financial crash and yes with a solution, how to get the money into the community in the form of loans by using the HM Government Inland and Revenue Gateway. So the lending was to lawful businesses that paid their Tax and contributed to Society and were NOT the Corporate thugs that avoid paying their way. I wrote another letter to the Secretary of State, Local Council and the Police in Essex, warning that by the Autumn you will see the beginning of social unrest as a result of social injustice and as I predicted, our Youth rioted and my timeline for such an event was out only by two weeks!

The sentencing instructed by the Government to the Legal Justice System, bordered on the same form of sentencing seen 300 years earlier, where a person for stealing a loathe of bread was sentenced and exiled to Australia. The red line drawn in the sand by the youth, was addressed by an unfair and naive out of touch corrupt establishment.

In such an environment where the youth of tomorrow saw a landscape of no hope, social injustice, corrupt governance local and nationally, coupled with corrupt enforcement agencies. Will leave any educated, or ambitious mind despairing. As I have often said in this modern day and age, the great minds in academia are never consulted, only the corporate thugs who are also the route cause of climate change and social breakdown in society. As they are driven by money and greed at all costs and that is why you see still even today, none of these large Corporate Monsters serving the community only themselves. One of such being Tesco's and their strap line is 'every Little helps' but across these supermarkets in communities, we see today more self service tills not for efficiency, but to create more profit by employing less folk and in a flawed capitalist society, folk need jobs to live, eat and try and aspire to a better life for their children.

When the youth see no hope and see social injustice and corruption in the corridors and pillars of local government, desperate folk with no hope, or future become vulnerable and then seek to belong somewhere, or cling onto something to give them hope. Many as a result, can be easily led down a road that society today describes as extremism and radicalization. When you have nothing, you have nothing to loose!

So often in the annuals of history, many turn to the 'Divine' in times of crisis and again today we see tragically the youth of the World seeking some light, or beacon of hope! But tragically, from desperation many find only darkness and the enslavement from naive ignorance, where falsehoods pedal lies and in a cause in the name of the 'Divine' and such acts defile the 'Divine Creation' of the Universe and beyond. Isaac Newton described the events on Earth and in the Universe as 'Natural Law' and natural law for events to unfold are powered by energy and energy coherently organized is what Scientists today call 'Dark Energy', but there is nothing dark or sinister about dark energy, perhaps Scientists call it dark energy because they cannot see, or understand it and is beyond human comprehension.

The evening before, I watched a film that I find fuels the mind and soul, a humble film created and directed by Robert Redford, called 'A River Runs Through it' and in the story there is a Presbyterianism preacher who has two sons and whilst at the waters edge of the Big Black Foot River in Montana, he picks up a pebble from the River and informs his Sons, "since the beginning of time water has flowed across these stones and within them are the words of God."

In another part of the film the preacher, in a sermon said 'the poor with Christ' are Kings and Queens of the Earth' and where he references a Divine entity known to all and where a story is told some 2,000 years later of a previous time.

The story is an event still known today and has survived the test of time and from one single and powerful gift, that being one of 'Knowledge' a word that is powerful but still very underestimated, for knowledge can mean enlightenment from learning and learning can mean hope and the will to seek a better life. To seek more and aspire can free ones human spirit from the enslavement of ignorance, a darkness that can reap all forms of the most primitive within. There is a saying and it is a fact, "when you find the Divine, you can also see the darkest depths of a mans soul" and such words and facts are not a dark fear, but another enlightenment moment for being able to comprehend.

I often hear many simple naive souls ask if there were a God, such wicked things would not happen. This is not true for a humans journey of physical life at this time on Earth is a nursery of learning, to understand through human physical consciousness the difference between right and wrong!

The acts of British and other Government Political establishments are descendants from earlier forms of governance and these being man made religion and tribal groups, that controlled regions and areas. As human society continues it's journey of evolution and learning today we see tribes and man made religions more replaced with political governance. Be it a tribe, a man made religion or political government, none of them have any credence, or true mandate to govern unless they are serving the interests of all whom they claim to serve.

Today in a material capitalist World, the very naive and vain through ignorance have thrived from such an environment at the cost of others. Even the most sacred frameworks we know as security in the form of armies and military, to protect a Nation and it's Citizens. The capitalist individuals, or corporate thugs fail to demonstrate any morality by contribution to the goodwill of the State that harbours them and where the people of Nations are their customers. But instead they appoint accountants and financial advisers, to avoid paying their contribution. Such social injustice cannot be addressed through violence and where the youth of the World cling onto a dark cause that will see their demise. The vain and ignorant who gorge on such greed, at the cost of many millions of people around the World and also the culprits regarding the health of the Earth from industrial pollution, do have an achilles heel and weakness, that is born from their primitive behaviour and ignorance and it is called 'Vanity' and 'Greed' where such superficial ignorance when exposed, can be their own undoing.

Gandhi shamed the South African Government, from peaceful protest and where the marchers were beaten by their Corporate oppressors. Eventually, such behaviour shamed the World as a result of inaction and was the undoing of their ignorant masters. Also the civil rights marches in the United States and where today, we are blessed with a wise African American President, grappling to hold together World peace and the avoidance of World War.

Violent acts only adds fuel to the ignorant capitalists, where it allows them to console themselves by depicting and describing the poor in society as a mass of ignorant thugs and activists.

The ignorant Capitalist thug of today only survives and exists from financial acquisition and greed. You the humble soul buying their products fuels their continued greed and ignorance and all the time the people of the World buy the Capitalist superficial products and as a result we will never see the new era enterprises that I described on my 'Linkedin Account' that I wrote some time ago that is so critical.

As a global community today, connected through the World Wide Web, you can peacefully expose and shame the Corporate thugs that threaten our World and all living creatures, by collectively boycotting their products, services and establishments. Soon such establishments will then be replaced by more accountable entities that employ, create opportunity and where all in such establishments, are stake holders in communities, to make a better world for all.

The clerics and scribes of the past, since the beginning of time reveal through enlightenment eventually the World will all again speak as one and that time has come, as the language we write and communicate in is HTML the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web as we all know, is a collection of Computers and Servers all interconnecting transferring data. The Universe has a far more sophisticated data membrane and where all is connected and it is visible and does exist and where certain humble souls can connect who are tasked to augment and give enlightenment.

Those who deny music are heretics and will be judged. For harmonics is an integral part of the 'Divine Creation Membrane of the Universe' and where it is so sophisticated, can overlay just as a musician can in a recording studio, making an 8, 16 or 32 track recording with multiple facets and harmonies.

Today many are now beginning to set up social networking groups regarding energy companies, that I suggested some time ago as these co-ordinated efforts can be applied to Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Insurance Companies, Banks and many more. Such acts to boycott will not create instability amongst communities, only the global stock markets of these Corporate thugs and Bankers, who are the route cause of all the many ills in society and the world over that equates to social injustice from 'Vanity and Greed.'

The Politicians who are weak and the servants of these Capitalist thugs, would have you believe the stock markets are a free world success for inter trading, but they are a flawed dated model for greed and exploitation and they are certainly not a beacon for personal wealth and greed from Capitalism. For every stock market and bank around the world have been the beneficiaries of the largest socialist bail out of all time in the form of Quantitative Credit Easing and where the money has not reached the communities to create and build, as the President points out to avoid extremism, but into the Bankers and Corporate thugs own pockets again!

The Prime Minister of Britain yesterday David Cameron at the United Nations, expounding the virtues of right, must look within his self and own house regarding Parliament to see the catalyst of extremism born from corrupt governance spanning many decades and where all political parties, especially Labour with Unions have been complicit in creating such an environment from irresponsible governance and policies created by the mindless and stupid, especially regarding a politically correct society, that has silenced the wishes and values of a Nation's people regarding social justice, a sense of right and decency living together from a framework of Governance that has integrity and values.

The political elite and the establishment are all not without blame, even news and media magnets through to broadcasters, must shoulder the responsibility of their negligence by producing programmes of a base level in the form of soap opera's and where the naive and vulnerable, believe such story lines of fantasy, is a way to behave in society.

Man and women like all species on Earth are there to evolve and refine creating life. The failing to change and better ones self through enlightenment (knowledge) is the hoarding of talents and breech of the covenant regarding Divine Creation (God's will).

Man is to aspire and woman is to woo to create a union of fulfilment and ambition to evolve and so the attraction and seduction is to create energies that further enlighten and give life. The equality and mutual respect of woman as the vessels of life is again being violated by the beast within the ignorant and unworthy. No woman should be draped in darkness, they should be seen to cast greater light and ambition on all societies.

Society has reached a point where it needs to shed the ignorance, to gain further enlightenment and as the President says "no corrupt government or dictatorship can evolve or stand the test of time."

For long term sustain ability, society demands accountability and integrity within the framework of a Government and to create an environment for its people to live and thrive in peace. The recent Scottish referendum has been an alarm call for the British Westminster establishment and as architects of modern enlightenment, the Scots could be the new political movement required to form a new architecture, that could become a beacon for the rest of the World. For at this time no party or leader is fit to govern in an existing flawed and dated system that only serves a select few!

Climate Change threatens the World and clean energy can be achieved and enhanced by using the power of the Sun and Sea, to fuel a World free from pollution and where then through further education, can the human story continue to understand the bio-diversity of life on Earth, that will provide the educational secrets and answers to explore beyond, once the primate specie understands as custodians of Earth, they are first to create a society to preserve all of life here on Earth.

Failure to respect the wishes of the people of the World from such simple ambitions, coupled with sincerity and accountability will result in greater disease, disasters, conflict and anarchy!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 25th September 2015
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

Black Rule