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The Cost of Privatization Energy Bills by Alastair Agurtter

The Cost of Privatization Energy Bills Scandal

Nearly three decades of Utility Company Privatization and this is now the long term price of such short term policy making and now the folk of Britain will suffer the consequences and again pay. The continued rise and exploitation of energy by the companies with increased prices has many spin-offs, even the eventual increase in travel and none more so than electrical railway networks, leading to prices rising.

There are some things that have to be left alone and cannot be placed in the hands of private enterprise. State Assets is one of them, regarding Electricity, Railways, Water, Gas and Telecommunications. All such services in a State of War cannot be exposed to private operators.

Sadly, when some of us opposed the move for privatization of utilities in the mid to late 1980's with Government short term thinking, many were silenced and even threatened. Again, at the time the Government Coffers in the Treasury were empty and just like today, with the recent sell off of the Royal Mail, history seems to be repeating itself and no lessons have been learnt from the past.

I know we have a mass of services these days online, in the form of comparison web sites. But I am still very confused myself and no doubt when I pose this scenario with your good self, perhaps you will also find the current situation very perplexing.

The reason why I am confused, is that I do not seem to recall the re-nationalization of any of our utilities in the past few years. Please correct me if I am wrong. I still believe that all utilities are privatized and owned by shareholders on the stock markets. With many of these energy companies today privately owned.

So please forgive me, but why in the hell is the current Coalition Government Organizing the construction and funding of Power Stations, at the taxpayers expense. Are these utilities private still, or have they been re-nationalized.

The reality and fact is for nearly three decades, the utility companies and shareholders, have been taking the people of Britain for a ride. They have been profiting from these utilities and some of the methods are very questionable, for I have never met one homeowner, where estimated bills have been in their favour.

Now after nearly 3 decades of not re-investing into their businesses, they now expect the British Tax Payer to pick up the tab and pay for all these critical infrastructure projects. Are we completely surrounded by idiots running the Country these past decades, or have they seen opportunity themselves to make hay regarding such events. These questions have to be seriously asked!

For I have never known anything like it, regarding private enterprise. If they have spent all the Company money and paid out shareholders and not re-invested, most hard nose business owners, like Sir Alan Sugar would say "Tough" go and get a bank loan!

As Victor Meldrew would say, "I don't believe it, do they think we are all raving mad", well we must be for putting up with this nonsense. Make the utility companies stand on their own two feet and find funding themselves to build power stations and if they fail to meet demand, fine them as a Government for not providing an essential State service. If these greedy people buy into this profiteering as shareholders, at the cost and misery of a Nation's folk, they must suffer the consequences.

I am sure it is not only my blood boiling, for we knew this scandal was going to rear its ugly head, for we warned the Business Secretary and others in Government that the "Next Big Scandal After the Banks will be the Utility Companies" and here we are today.

Just like a recent staff member at a local Council said over Council Tax, "oh no these prices will never come down" and that is a fact of reality, regarding these opportunists that have left our Country in ruins from Energy, Water to Railways. Where prices will continue to grow and as a result already, many folk cannot pay bills, heat themselves or afford to eat. It is an absolute moral outrage, as Arch Bishop of Canterbury Justin Welby rightly said.

Its no good freezing prices as suggested by Labour, that's another cynical attempt to get votes. Or is it viable for more energy companies to compete, as they too will be on the gravy train and colluding amongst themselves.

We need a Leader and people in politics today, who have got the peoples interests at heart and the Country. Someone who has some real fight in them, to bring these disgusting enterprises to book and at the same time sort Westminster and Local Governments out.

Just recently, I was in Morrison's Supermarket picking up some sugar for tea, when at the checkout we got a power cut. Cashiers and everyone around me were saying, "we have more of this to come" with power cuts and even street lights being switched off. Its a pretty poor show to say the least and whilst the sort of the Earth British Folk get it! Clearly Politicians in Ivory Towers do not!

Its a complete mess and disgrace, just like the banking scandals and where nothing constructive, or long term have been done. They just expect us to all forget it.

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 21st October 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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