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Human Condition Cycle Two Teenage Years by Alastair Agurtter

The Human Condition Cycle Two Teenage Years

In my recent book The Cherry Tree Garden, written to help folk find their true path in life, leading to knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment, so as to discover true happiness and contentment. I explained the Four Cycles of the Human Condition that all Human Beings experience in their life time. Cycle Two I have featured here from the book to try and help all Teenagers experiencing this perfect storm in their lives.

Human Condition Two – Teenagers Free Will:

One of the most challenging times in one’s life can be when becoming a teenager, or surrounding a sibling reaching teenage years.

This period in the human physical life cycle is where teenagers start to begin to discover ”Free Will” the ability to start thinking for themselves. This is a normal and natural process found in many mammal and animal species. Dolphins for example tend to stay and learn from the parents in a pod averaging 2 to 4 years. Then after that period they tend to join a gang, or group, to start learning the way of the world and using their own judgement among their peers.

Big cats is another example, where siblings stay with the parents normally up to a year, two years normally at the very most, before they leave the family pride (group). By understanding ancestry with regards to other species, one can see before their very own eyes, these similar traits and characteristics.

As teenagers do begin to think for themselves, they will start to have many questions that they will want answered. But very rarely will they confide in a Parent on these matters in western society especially, as teenagers fight and grapple inside themselves, where can be found and discovered very deep natural instincts within themselves, verses a so called modern day society created.

This period for teenagers in such a new physical cycle of life can best be described as a perfect storm, as they begin to discover their sexuality, are changing from a child to an adult, and on top of those dynamics, now able to think for themselves, and expected to make sense of all the contradictions that are around them.

Sometimes as a Parent you will find it difficult to communicate with a teenage sibling. This is because you as a human adult are wired into a process created by society that is questionable to them namely “money and materialism,” for as they discover from “Free Will” the ability to think for themselves, they will not necessarily agree with such an outlook. For their ability to think for themselves, go through a process known as “Sequencing” and this is carried out by all animal species. Sequencing is a natural instinctive process of learning that has existed since the beginning of time.

As a child begins to discover the world around them, they will digest and learn firstly in a very close confined area around and near the parent. As days, weeks, and months pass, this behaviour and confined areas they deem to be safe, will become larger and greater in size.

Every parent remembers their sibling’s first trip to the local shops on their own. Then further ventures of a similar such activity extending to a visit to a local Town, or Community with friends. Then lastly, leading to City trips and overseas Holidays in most instances, where such adventures leave parents at their wits end!

When a teenager discovers “Free Will” they are brought back to the true path and able to think for themselves. By having such thoughts they are no longer interested in the price of eggs, or being told by Mum to straighten their School Tie. Their “Big Thoughts” are turned towards what is real again, about the saving of the planet, the overwhelming chemical emotions of a first love. The capacity to care and want to grab the whole world by the scruff of the neck and give it a big shake, so everyone wakes up and smells the Coffee regarding a dying planet and climate change! As a parent when a sibling reaches this stage your job is done!

As I said recently to a Mother who questioned her life and achievements, wondering if she were in God’s good graces and favour. I was able to advise her that she was, for doing the most important job in the world, to create life. So then the next generation of the species continues, in the hope from the evolutionary gene pool, they become far brighter and more intelligent human entities than the ones that have gone before!

One must remember we are all connected, and one’s children are never one’s own, for they stand before us as miracles of evolution from this Earth of 4.5 billion years!

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 24th January 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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