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Think Differently When Applying For A New Job or Career by Alastair Agurtter

Think Differently When Applying For A New Job or Career

Students and Folk need to think differently when applying to a potential employer regarding a career or job opportunity. I have compiled this free guide to help you all hone in more on the objective. I hope this may help, or at least gets you thinking beyond the status quo.

It deeply troubles me of the many becoming unemployed, and our younger folk not having the opportunity to realize their full potential to help contribute and take a collective role and responsibility in the human journey of evolution. By your participation to contribute, you can help shape the future of the human race to ensure this miracle of evolution remains in existence, planet earth.

Over the years I have seen many CV's and covering letters come across my desk. 99.9% of the covering letters, state very basically. My name is jack or gill, this is my CV and I want a job.

So then as the potential employer I immediately discard the letter to one side and go promptly to the CV. The CV tells me your qualifications, your interests, your work experience and in some cases, one or two other interests that invariably relate to charity or community achievements that are all very commendable.

That's it, this is the approach of countless millions sending out CV's on a daily basis, including many training and employment centre's. Churning out the same material. As a result of these establishments failings and the education direction you have been given to prepare to approach potential employers is wholly inadequate.

Reality today is this, we are now in a global society of commerce and enterprise. That equates to a population estimated to be in excess of 7 billion and rising, whilst at the same time technology is used to streamline production and services. As a result, the future of employment creation at this time does not bode well.

Today, just taking the United Kingdom on average, there are 150 applications for every vacancy. So immediately your chances of sitting in front of a potential employer is 150-1. I hope this guide helps you to stand out from the odds that are so heavily placed against you.

The current approach of a covering letter thus far and explained above basically says, I want a job, I want something for me! I do not blame anyone who sends out this material, I blame the institutions and the education system. Always remember and be under no illusion, education is a form of programme to deliver you to a required standard and basic knowledge of a certain field. Immediately you come to grips with these last comments it will help you confront the modern day task you have in hand.

Employment opportunity now and in the future will only become harder and as a result, as like technology, you have to be at the top of your game. The 99.9% of covering letters, I and many other employers receive is the first point of contact. The letter has to stand out from the rest and you have to approach the task in a finite manner and think beyond the status quo.

So what should your approach be to attaining employment? Well thus far you have said this is me and I want a job! The days of sending blanket circulation of CV's are over. We all know junk mail is a hindrance and therefore the same approach applying for a job or career opportunity in most instances does not serve your interests and probably only infuriates further the potential employer. For remember, if you have sent a CV from a template and believe you are tailoring it with your details. The bottom line is they all look the same and in most cases they do.

The first paragraph to any potential employer is the most critical. Why? Well, in most instances, it is the only part of the letter a potential employer reads and immediately realizes it is the same content as the previous 150 he, or she has just breezed through.

Employment is the most critical task after family obligations. It is also coupled to family, especially as parents if you want to deliver and offer more for your siblings. But when preparing a CV, sending them out, in most instances it becomes a chore, rather than realizing these few pieces of paper could be relevant to shaping the rest of your life and delivering the house, the car and many other material items you aspire to own.

You have to take an entirely different approach. Do not approach seeking work as a chore. Think out of the box and start to up your game as the World becomes more competitive. Approach seeking a job or career as a business, in many respects there is no difference. You believe you have something to offer and the other party is seeking the best in someone to help enhance or develop an enterprise.

So you need to clear your mind. To get into the correct state of mind, think of something that you are really passionate about, then think how enthusiastically you would want to relay that message in a letter to gain interest. Remember, the first paragraph is the the most critical.

You also need to think and reflect of what you have been taught by the status quo and where I will now blow any defence for them out of the water.

Every letter you have sent out to date is all about you! I want a job and this is what I have done!

Human beings have only existed by reproduction, to reach this point you have to form a relationship. Successful relationships for reproduction evolves and comes from a relationship.

The approach to your employment seeking has been about me, what I want! If you conducted any relationship in this manner it would last only a matter of hours or days.

The biggest mistake everyone makes is talk about themselves. But this is an introduction to possibly forming a long term relationship with a career or job opportunity. So you have to ask yourself as like any relationship that becomes successful. What do I want, but no one has asked what the employer wants!

The first thing you have to come to terms with is you need to approach your job hunting, as if you are running a business, this could be the biggest selling job in your life to get employment.

Therefore you have to take every single job application as an individual contract, for every job is different and so every approach has to be different. You then have to ask yourself and very truthfully, what can you offer your potential employer. Remember you are selling yourself, you are not doing them a favour by sending in a standard CV. The potential employer is the Golden Goose to all your dreams possibly? So get your mind pro-active and start thinking beyond the normal conventions of the past, for they are as explained above a complete waste of time.

So truthfully ask yourself when you have seen a career opportunity, what can I offer them? The first thing you have to ask yourself is that you know nothing about the company, the people, its policies, its ambitions and what it actually does!

So before you craft a letter to your potential employer you need to do some research and find out as much as you can about them. Then in the first paragraph you have to relay that enthusiasm and what you can offer them.

Example1 :

The Me, Me Approach to GE....

Dear Sirs/Madam,

Please find attached my curriculum vitae, I am currently seeking work and have just left the University of Cambridge with an Engineering Degree, I hope I may be considered for a position with your company and look forward to hearing from you in the hope of an interview.

Example 2 :

The Them and Us Approach to GE....

Dear Mr Jenkins,

From my research of General Electric, I understand you are the Project Director for new green energy. I would like the opportunity to join your team and work with you, to develop new clean energies that I am passionate about. I have just finished at Cambridge and available now for an interview.

I hope from the two examples I have written, it starts to help you take a far more radical approach than you have been taught today. The examples should be self explanatory. The first example is about me, what I want and in truth I have just sent this letter and cv out to as many businesses as I can.

The second example, demonstrates that this applicant knows about the Company, the Projects and who his or her potential boss is and what the company is endeavouring to achieve. It also positively states you are with qualifications and available for work in just one paragraph.

In many instances CV's are secondary if you are sending a letter. For the letter is the first thing the potential employer reads as you are responsible for sending it to them.

Also in a letter do not do over kill. Human beings are inquisitive, that's why they always strive as a specie to create, develop and advance?

A letter does not have to be war and peace. A sales persons job is to capture interests and the second golden rule is to say nothing and listen. If I received 150 letters and CV's and from that 150. One letter as set out as an example above, I would then see if the CV stacks up and only in relation to the qualification and a little information about the person. I would then have that applicant in for an interview.

If you hear nothing, next is the follow up the rule of every sales persons. "Hello is that General Electric, could you please tell me if Mr Jenkins has a PA, could you please transfer me through to her". Then when you get through politely say "Hello my name is jack or gill, I sent through a CV on the 8th of October to Mr Jenkins, this is just a courtesy call to ensure he received it safely". Now in most cases a PA will chase the boss, for this is a close relationship. In the conversation that follows between PA and boss, a relationship there will be interaction and in most cases mutually agree the applicant is enthusiastic.

Most companies and bosses want enthusiasm. For the education thus far to date as mentioned above provides a basic understanding of the subject. 99.9% of the time any new employee will have to be trained.

If you are enthusiastic you will get a job and you will succeed as folk will go out of their way to help. What you give out you can be rewarded and receive.

If your approach is I want a job and not prepared to work for less than xyz, you will never get out of the starting gate of any race for employment.

So to recap! Treat your approach as if you are running your own business, the business of getting work, tailor your cv to the potential client, your future employer. Research, find out about the company, see what it stands for, does it sit with your values. Remember more than anything else you are entering into a potential employment relationship and be enthusiastic.

Relationships have to give and take, overtime they merge and become efficient and effective!

I hope this helps as I am truly concerned for our folk especially the younger members of our society, So Good Luck!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 13th October 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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