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  • Title: Gardening For Beginners Pocket Book Edition

  • Sub Title: Discovering Your Green Fingers

  • Author: Alastair R Agutter

  • Date Published: 18th October 2015

  • Formats: Printed and Digital

  • Number of Pages: 124

  • Publisher: CreateSpace - An Amazon Group Company

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1518680739

  • ISBN-13: 978-1518680731

  • ASIN: N/A

  • Book Dimensions: 15.24 x 22.86 cm

  • Distribution: World-Wide

  • Copyright © 2015

Gardening For Beginners Pocket Book Edition by Alastair R Agutter

Gardening For Beginners Pocket Book Edition

Gardening for Beginners Book Pocket Book Edition (small American A5, 124 pages) for friends, family and loved ones of any age seeking to take up the free and healthy pastime of Horticulture and especially a great gift to someone retiring.

We all need balance in our lives and there can be no better pastime than gardening, to literally be in contact with your roots to coin a phrase, the wild life, developing those green fingers and getting free healthy exercise, to fuel the body and mind.

Gardening For Beginners, is a book for developing those green fingers with many great gardening tips and ideas including being environmentally friendly for Wild Life and recycling advice to make any garden a memorable utopia for your loved ones and friends.

It does not matter what size of garden you have, any venue can be transformed and brought to life. I am often asked the secret to great gardening. Summing it up in a few words is "love and care" where the end result is your very own eden.

In our very fast and frenzied world we can very often loose sight of the very important things in life beginning with the well-being of loved ones and ourselves. Such positive human conditions are essential and can only come from connecting back to nature and where she will inspire you each day from her abundance of coloured magnificence.

My journey for Gardening began at the very early tender age of around 5 to 6 years and where I was taught by my kind and loving GrandFather William Agutter. I found the learning of plant names and fingers in direct contact with the soil all so very natural and comforting. A passion and magic that continues with me today, where I am at my most content after a few hours, or a days gardening and from the exercise I know such endeavours have fuelled the body and mind.

This book I have written is to encourage everyone to take up gardening and folk of any age. The human mind needs to be fuelled with interest, curiosity and excitement to ensure a long and healthy life. Gardening can offer you all such needs with healthy exercise and learning of the world around us and how it all ticks.

The book covers the correct soil conditions, right plants in the right places (sun, shaded), hanging baskets, pruning roses, taking cuttings, recycling old containers, growing vegetables, landscaping, garden flower beds and much more.

All the techniques and methods in this book are environmentally and wild life friendly and where you will find from your efforts new additions to your family home in the way of butterflies, birds and many more of God's little creatures.

The book also covers tips and ideas on saving money in the way of keeping seeds, buying the right tools, plants, equipment, the right composts and even how to organically grow vegetables in containers complimenting your garden paradise.

The book comes in full colour along with a plethora of plant identity colour plates and available in the traditional printed book format, or for the more technically minded user, the book is available in digital formats for Tablet, PC and Mobile Phone device users.



A Big Welcome to Gardening for Beginners

Chapter One – Garden Tools

Chapter Two – Garden Equipment 

Chapter Three – Garden Soils

Chapter Four – Garden Soil Preparation

Chapter Five – Container Recycling

Chapter Six – Hanging Baskets

Chapter Seven – Garden Pots and Tubs 

Chapter Eight – Plant Conditions
Chapter Nine – Growing Strawberries
Chapter Ten – Healthy Roses
Chapter Eleven – Growing Organic Vegetables
Chapter Twelve – Garden Plants in Sunny Areas
Chapter Thirteen – Garden Plants in Shaded Areas

Chapter Fourteen – Propagating Plant Cuttings

Chapter Fifteen – Growing and Pruning Fruit Trees
Chapter Sixteen - Gardening Good Life and Ideas


This book and others are available world-wide through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Create Space (Book Distributor Wholesalers) and all Good Book Stores. Thank You!

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18th October 2015
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2015 - 12 - 01

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