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Children's Weebies Family Alphabet ABC Book

Written by Alastair R Agutter - Published 26th May 2014

A very big welcome to "Children's Weebies Family Alphabet ABC Book" from my "Children's Early Education" books category section. The book is available in traditional print and in digital ebook format for all readers Internationally online, through all book stores and public libraries.

Specialist Books by Alastair R AgutterChildren's Weebies Family Alphabet ABC Book by Alastair R AgutterSpecialist Books by Alastair R Agutter

Full Description of Book

Children's Weebies Family Alphabet ABC Book 6, starts to teach Pre-School and Junior Children how to learn the Alphabet and recognize different items. A book suitable for ages between 3 to 8 years. The book also encourages Children to draw developing hand coordination skills.

The Weebies Family Collection of books have been specially created and designed for early learning Pre-School for Children. So as to provide today that very critical early start in life through communication.

Each book has been designed in full colour and where the illustrations created by the author are developed using fractal maths and here is why! A Child's view point in early development can relate to shapes and colours at Pre-School age. Each drawing is therefore created in fractal maths only using circles, triangles and squares. As this is a creative stage that can be comprehended at an early age and this is why Children's drawings are very exact to them where pictures they create appear to be rectangular, circular etc.

The drawings are deliberately designed, so Children can connect and become inspired by the colours and shapes, where they can become confident to draw themselves, therefore developing hand co-ordination skills.

These books are very educational and all have a pertinent meaning and so they are not just books coupled together. They are deliberately written and designed to quickly hot wire Children at an early age, to learn about the World around them. For example, being taught different types of fish, animals, foods and so much more.

The Weebies books also teach early Child development with a sense of right and wrong, developing at an early age a moral compass to care for others. Learning to look after our wild life and preserve our planet. To love and care for each other, so as to develop strong communication ties and bonds.

Children are remarkable Human Beings and have the ability from birth to learn with great enthusiasm. The small word why, so often asked is a question in pursuit for knowledge by your Child in this new found world. The 21st century with all the challenges ahead for the Human Race, needs the spirit and hope of knowledge to be found in every Child.

The Children of today, are the custodians of Earth tomorrow. Each book is educational, for a Child beginning this journey!

Author's Biography

Alastair R Agutter born in Farnborough 1958 is a proud Father of five Children, and an Amazon Best Selling Author of Specialist Books and Publications covering; Human Interests, Wild Life, the Sciences and Child Development.

Author’s Best Selling Specialist Books include; The Discus Book (still a best seller after 25 years), The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition, My First Aquarium Collector’s Edition, Children’s Weebies Early Reading, Children’s Weebies Bird Watching, Gardening For Beginners and The Discus Book 2nd Edition.

More Specialist Books and Publications, including some new releases are; The Tropical Fish Keeping Journals, Getting Inside Google’s Head, The Parents Guide, The Reality of Climate Change, The Theory of Particle Matter Frequencies, The School Boy’s Art of Football, Children’s Weebies Alphabet A to Z, Children’s Weebies Goes Gardening, Children’s Weebies Halloween Night, Gardening For Beginners Pocket Book Edition, The Five Minute Guide to HTML 5.0, The News Almanac 2013, Children’s Weebies Early Counting, Social Media The Sum of Everything Equals Zero, Der Diskus Buch, Creating The New Internet Super Highway, Children’s Weebies What’s That Series in 12 languages for early child development, learning to read and write.

Today Alastair is a full-time Author, after a 35 year Professional Career in Marketing and Communications, Product Engineering Development and Artificial Intelligence, namely the World Wide Web.

Current international community volunteer work of Alastair includes; Parental Ratings Program (to protect minors online), The Weather Outlook Project (climate change awareness), HTML 5.0 Open Standard (fast and efficient structured compliant standards of web design) and the Aquarists Ark Project (in the event of a natural marine disaster).

Alastair is always very grateful to his wonderful ‘Readers’ world-wide and wishes to send a very special humbling message of thanks.

Peace, Love and Goodwill to All,

Thank You!

Book Specifications

  • Title: Children's Weebies Family Alphabet Book 6

  • Sub Title: English Language

  • Author: Alastair R Agutter

  • Date Published: 26th May 2014

  • Formats: Printed and Digital

  • Number of Pages: 40

  • Publisher: CreateSpace - An Amazon Group Company

  • Language: English British

  • ISBN-10: 1499687192

  • ISBN-13: 978-1499687194


  • Book Dimensions: 15.2 x 0.2 x 22.9 cm

  • Distribution: Available World-Wide

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