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The Cherry Tree Garden Book

by Alastair R Agutter

The Cherry Tree Garden Book by Alastair Agutter

Author's Diary: About the Book

In almost every case when a book is written you see a description about the book, but never a reason as to why a book was written by the author. This book The Cherry Tree Garden was one I wrote with great reluctance in truth, as I realized the gravity surrounding such a subject of Spiritualism, Shamanism, Aboriginal Dream World, Native American Indian Star People, Divine Realms, Phenomena and the Mysteries of the Unknown. It was in fact a period of some four years delaying the writing of the book, as I did have great apprehension and fear regarding the consequences of getting it wrong!

There are many of us throughout this world who believe and worship some form of man-made religion. And in truth, without causing any offence, this is not the purpose of the book, to diminish any persons beliefs, for I believe if man-made religion makes a better human being for having such ideas and thoughts, well then that is a good thing. But one must always remember first and foremost, religion is man-made and engineered. This can easily be established and confirmed, simply by asking yourself "what faith do all other life entities believe in or follow, here on earth and throughout the Cosmos."

If you do study the "Holy Scriptures" written by the "Holy Sand Scribes of Time" across all these man-made religions, writings, teachings, and books. The true answers can be found with regards to "The Divine's Existence, Realm, and The Kingdom of Heaven." However, the teachings in the books have been shaped from the ideologies of man for those times in human evolution after tribalism, and before the emergence of political governance, the next stage of the human story and journey. The teachings very often shaped to benefit the few for greed, vanity, and power, and not the truth!

Man-made religion as we know, can fuel tensions and animate communities around the world, and when such events of conflict are happening, we never consider our majestic Wild Life who also suffer, and have never asked them "what is their religion," a comment deliberately written to put man-made religion in a box once and for all!

Our Divine Lord and the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to no man-made religion, or any dictator, such a force is beyond human comprehension, and is far more powerful and bigger than anyone can imagine, it is in fact absolute!

The Divine Kingdom encapsulates everything we believe to know and do not know, evolving all the time, and can manifest into anything, any entity, any size, and any event. Even in the teachings of the Holy Sand Scribes of Time Books and Writings, can be found such written words explaining this phenomena, often described as "Spiritual Hosts" and the "Manifestation" of God etc. It has always been said and written, to "seek and yea shall find" to discover and find the truth!

To experience and see the beauty and marvel that is "The Kingdom of Heaven" can only come to be from discovering ones true self, and the real values and appreciation of life through love. For the Kingdom of Heaven can be discovered in all of us, for the very simple reason that all is connected. We need to begin by understanding our very being, the holy and sacred covenants and virtues of life, starting with Motherhood, the creator and giver of life for every boy that grows and becomes a man. Remember, every man is born from a woman!

As I said at the beginning of these Author Diary Notes, I was a reluctant writer of this book! Not regarding the subject matter, the explanations, experiences, and the evidence I have revealed to you! But for fear of disappointing our maker and not doing justice to the book, regarding the subject matter presentation. Thank you for reading!

Peace, Love, and Sincere Best Wishes,


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Title: The Cherry Tree Garden Book

Sub-Title: A Spirit Rising

Author: Alastair R Agutter

Date Published: 12th November 2017

Publishers: Alastair Agutter Digital Publications, Create Space (The Amazon Group)

Number of Pages: 172

ISBN-10: 978-1979720002

ISBN-13: 978-1979720007

Distributors: Amazon Group Company

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