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The Complete Angler and Master Rod Maker Book

Written by Alastair R Agutter - Published 1st October 2017

A very big welcome to "The Complete Angler and Master Rod Maker Book" from my "Sports and Outdoors" books category section. The book is available in traditional print and in digital ebook format for all readers Internationally online, through all book stores and public libraries.

Specialist Books by Alastair R AgutterThe Complete Angler and Master Rod Maker Book by Alastair R AgutterSpecialist Books by Alastair R Agutter

Full Description of Book

Izaak Walton's Complete Angler described the adventures of two anglers and has dourned book shelves for over 400 years. After being commissioned in 1983 to make the Izaak Walton Foundation Collection of Fly Fishing Rods as a Master Rod Maker and Craftsman noted at the time in Tony Pawson's (World Champion 1982) Book "Competitive Fly Fishing" as the best in the industry Internationally. It appealed to me to write a more modern day classical book for anglers to enjoy whilst at the water's edge, covering the noble and time honoured pastime of angling and rod making.

The Complete Angler and Master Rodmaker takes you on a journey of venues through Britain for Coarse, Fly and Sea Angling, spanning 50 years as a fisherman. Also discussing the rods I made and the tackle, in addition to notable places celebrating the Coastlines and Countryside of Britain.

This publication will not just be a book of reference, but crafted as a diary and encompassing all the seasons of where to fish, making tackle, finding bait and more. In the hope to create the nostalgic atmosphere similar to earlier writings dating back over history and discussing with you as the companion book owner, the ventures and the very many old and new techniques over time, where I caught "many a fine fellow" on memorable days in blighty and ate well.

I will also introduce you to the many characters on my journey through life angling and many well known, who all had a passion for the art of piscatorial pastimes at the water's edge, or colleagues of notoriety who shared my profession in secluded workshops, crafting ones wares for appreciative followers of the angle.

Izaak Walton himself, was a consummate angler in between the profession and teachings of the Church and where their can be found in many anglers, a deep connection of enlightenment from fishing. Where for the many who pursue such a noble pastime, are often great philosophers, for they are at their most peaceful and given time to think and ponder with their maker.

I often say angling is where you can unite yourself again with nature and re-juvenate the soul. There is no finer thing, than to be surrounded by the picturesque canvas of nature and to witness from sight, such beauty and from God's gift of hearing, become inspired from the vibrant life of nature's fellow creatures.

Some days, I could walk tens of miles and just be taken aback from nature's beauty and feel the warm glow of a summers day upon my forehead in the heart of the English Countryside and with fly rod in my hand, seeking that rise, or movement of a trout, on a still millpond surface, where I could view Mother Nature in all her magnificence. Or dangle from a pier, walking pillions in search of Mullet, or Bass, on summer days and hearing above the tourists walking along, oblivious of the world below them that was dark and still, apart from the perpetual tidal flow of a flooding or ebbing tide.

I hope you enjoy this new companion, as much as I have enjoyed writing such a work, that has been a complete joy and honour to have published in the traditional printed form. Whilst some may decide to purchase through a digital format, the printed version should be a humble investment, for those memorable days at the water's edge, when there is nothing biting, yet from such stories found within this book, I hope will nostalgically rekindle and inspire ones noble pastime, when seeking peace and tranquility.!

Author's Biography

Alastair R Agutter born in Farnborough 1958 is a proud Father of five Children, and an Amazon Best Selling Author of Specialist Books and Publications covering; Human Interests, Wild Life, the Sciences and Child Development.

Author's Best Selling Specialist Books include; The Discus Book (still a best seller after 25 years), The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition, My First Aquarium Collector’s Edition, Children’s Weebies Early Reading, Children’s Weebies Bird Watching, Gardening For Beginners and The Discus Book 2nd Edition.

More Specialist Books and Publications, including some new releases are; The Tropical Fish Keeping Journals, Getting Inside Google’s Head, The Parents Guide, The Reality of Climate Change, The Theory of Particle Matter Frequencies, The School Boys Art of Football, Children’s Weebies Alphabet A to Z, Children’s Weebies Goes Gardening, Children’s Weebies Halloween Night, Gardening For Beginners Pocket Book Edition, The Five Minute Guide to HTML 5.0, The News Almanac 2013, Children’s Weebies Early Counting, Social Media The Sum of Everything Equals Zero, Der Diskus Buch, Creating The New Internet Super Highway, Children’s Weebies What’s That Series in 12 languages for early child development, learning to read and write.

Today Alastair is a full-time Author, after a 35 year Professional Career in Marketing and Communications, Product Engineering Development and Artificial Intelligence, namely the World Wide Web.

Current international community volunteer work of Alastair includes; Parental Ratings Program (to protect minors online), The Weather Outlook Project (climate change awareness), HTML 5.0 Open Standard (fast and efficient structured compliant standards of web design) and the Aquarists Ark Project (in the event of a natural marine disaster).

Alastair is always very grateful to his wonderful ‘Readers’ world-wide and wishes to send a very special humbling message of thanks.

Peace, Love and Goodwill to All,

Thank You!

Book Specifications

  • Title: The Complete Angler and Master Rod Maker

  • Sub Title: Contemplation at the Waters Edge

  • Author: Alastair R Agutter

  • Date Published: 1st October 2017

  • Formats: Printed and Digital

  • Number of Pages: TBA

  • Publisher: CreateSpace - An Amazon Group Company

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1512126640

  • ISBN-13: 978-1512126648


  • Book Dimensions: 15.2 x 22.9 cm

  • Distribution: Available World-Wide

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