The Discus Book Second Edition

by Alastair R Agutter

The Discus Book Second Edition by Alastair Agutter

Summary Description:

The Discus Book Second Edition is the most informative book written to date on the subject species symphysodon known as "The Discus Fish King of the Aquarium" and one of the most intelligent species of Marine Life. Trying to breed these Wild Species in captivity was achieved by the Author over 28 years ago when he wrote his first book detailing his findings to share with the tropical fish hobbyist community. But the story for many Aquarists began far earlier dating back to 1851 the 'Great Exhibition' in London when tropical fish keeping was born and recognized. For it was the case for nearly 150 years this majestic species eluded the most experienced of Aquarists when it came to keeping and breeding these beautiful species in captivity. In the 1970's and 1980's, there were only a handful of dedicated aquarists who persevered, Alastair Agutter was one of them along with friends and acquaintances such as Dr Eduard Schmidt-Focke, Jack Wattley, Mac Galbreath, Carol Friswold and some others. This book if followed, will produce results in breeding Discus, and keeping them successfully. Just like Marmite, you will love the book for it's truthful detailed information, or find it hard going if you are looking for quick answers and solutions.

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Sub Title: Some of the Old Ways are Still the Best

Author: Alastair R Agutter

Date Published: 1st May 2014

Publishers: Alastair Agutter Digital Publications, Create Space (The Amazon Group)

Number of Pages: 172 

ISBN: 978-1499326154

Author's Biography

Alastair R Agutter was born in Farnborough, Kent, England in 1958. He is a Best Selling Author of more than 60 specialist books, and over 120 in different formats (print, digital and audio). He is a Philosopher, Logistician, Theoretical Physicist, Writer, Musician, Publisher, Naturalist, Environmentalist, Marine Biologist, Ichthyologist, Production Engineer, Computer Scientist, Creative Digital Artist and Proud Father of Five Children.

Alastair Agutter Profile ImageHis first specialist book was published in 1989, writing on the South American Marine species the symphysodon that he managed to breed successfully in captivity after a great deal of heartache. In the book introduction over 28 years ago, he wrote about climate change concerns and with warnings. From the age of just 6 years, Alastair took up Gardening, being taught by his Grand Father, William Agutter. At 9 years of age, and as a young boy, Alastair also took up the hobby and past time of Tropical Fish Keeping, and became a very successful Aquarist, breeding countless species of cichlids and other tropical fish over the past 50 plus years. And still today, Alastair remains one of a select few in the world to breed Wild Discus (symphysodon) in captivity, and highly regarded as an authority on the subject of the symphysodon species, and other marine life, as an accomplished author.

As mentioned earlier, Alastair Agutter is one of a select few world-wide to successfully breed Wild Discus (symphysodon) species King of the Aquarium in captivity and an authority on these tropical fish species and others, as an accomplished Best Selling Author of Specialist Books Internationally. He has been a consummate lobbyist for the protection of the environment, seeing first hand the devastation caused by the sinking of the Torrey Canyon in 1967 off of the Cornish Coast, writing a book titled "The Reality of Climate Change" and several other written articles and papers published on the subject, surrounding Marine Life Protection, and the Environment, with reference to Climate Change.

Alastair R Agutter is a full-time Designer, Best Selling Author, Publisher, Musician and Writer, after a 35 year Professional Career in Marketing and Communications, Product Engineering Development and Artificial Intelligence, namely the World Wide Web. Alastair R Agutter became involved with the World Wide Web back in 1995, and soon became a founding Netscape DevEdge Member for the customization and development of the Netscape Browser Software Bundle Suites, for both UK Consumer users and Businesses. A Member of the Microsoft Partner Research Panel, a Google and Amazon Partner. In 1995 Alastair Agutter Founded Pineapple Blue Media one of the world's 1st Digital Electronic Media Design Houses in Great Britain for developing and creating web sites and rich media content, including Live Online Radio, one of the world's first on demand web radio stations. For more information, please go to the Author's full Biography web page. Thank You!

Alastair Agutter was Acknowledged in 1999 by the Hudson Institute for Contributing and Advancing the Computer Sciences Internationally for Humanity. Acknowledged in 2008 by the American Autobiographical Society, for the advancement of Computer Sciences for Humanity. And Noted in Phillips Who's Who Directory 2001.

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