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Black Rule

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Dear Reader Patrons and Booksellers

Firstly, many thanks for passing by, and secondly, thank you for your patronage as reader's, and your establishment's service, as book sellers and retailers. For without either of you, it would not be possible to share my work with you and the community!

Book Clubs and Book Fairs

Dear Friends and Organizers, are always welcome to make contact with me of their events taking place, and if I can avail my time for book signings, or talks, subject to health at the time, I will be honoured and very pleased to take part. Whilst I may not travel so much these days. I have a number of books and projects that I am currently working on, that requires of me to travel for photographs, illustrations, sketches and lastly inspiration. So please do not hesitate to get in touch, and I will see what we can do and mutually arrange. Thank You!

Readers and Patrons

Dear Readers and Patrons, if there is a particular book you are having difficulty in locating in your Region, and Country. Please do not hesitate to contact me, as I will gladly get in touch with my distributors and wholesalers advising them of demand, and to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the related publication becomes available for you from either your local book store, or via international shipping. Thank You!

Public and Private Libraries

If you are a public, or private library, and experiencing any difficulty in obtaining any of my books requested by your members, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me so I can take the matter up with my distributors and wholesalers. Thank You!

High Street Book Stores and Online Retailers

Book Stores and Retailers, if you are selling my books, and would like a link to your Book Store and the Books on sale. Please contact me below with details of your web site and the web site address link. I will then make arrangements to get your listings published on each of my books you are selling. Thank You!

Booksellers and Press Media Kit

For booksellers, retailers, and book distributors, including the press seeking media material on my books. Aids to also help in the promoting, or for editorial purposes. Please find book cover images along with the author's biographies available here in the Media Kit. Thank You!

Social Media and Links

For the author's social media official web sites and platforms, including useful links and projects. Please go to the links page here.

Once again, my very special thanks to all patrons acquiring any of my specialist printed books, digital ebooks, journals, and magazines, through Newsagents, Traditional Book Stores and Online Retailers.

Please find below my full contact details:-

Alastair R Agutter

London, England, UK


+44(0)753 581 5945


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Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

Black Rule