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Creative Web Design Project by Alastair Agutter

Creative Web Design Project

Hello, a very "BIG" welcome to my "Creative Web Design Project" for news and information on advancing the technology for the greater good of humanity. Leading to better design and more resilient solutions, for a faster and more efficient delivery to multiple users and device types for the 21st century.

Sea of Change in Pursuit of the Perfect Web Site

We all know today how technology and the world around us is rapidly changing, especially the World Wide Web in the 21st Century regarding design and advancements. A journey I began now more than 21 years ago, as a Senior Web Developer and Programmer and always in search of developing the perfect web site.

Today speaking personally, it seems a long time ago now, and a distant memory, developing customized Netscape Browser Suites, including News Media Portals in the mid 90's. However, even with the limitations of communications technology surrounding connectivity then, relating to hardware speeds and storage for computers. I can still truthfully say, they were very good times, and I still remember fondly those great days, where a new world was emerging that we often describe today as Cyber Space!

In those early days, we were writing the story of the World Wide Web in development terms, and therefore like a ship in the night, working all hours navigating into the very unknown of uncharted waters. It was also common place to work four days without sleep, living on coffee to get adrenaline rushes to keep you going, from developing something new and finding when tested, it finally worked!

Since those early days of the 90's, a great deal has changed, surrounding the World Wide Web, as it was a period consisting of mainly Students, Enthusiasts, and Academia. The content found across the web then, was informative and inspiring, but then in a matter of a year, the commercial world arrived, and the problems began. The creations of certain advertising became a scourge to the environment, and programs were developed known as washers, to remove advertisements from content.

From the commercial involvement aspect of the web, came the opportunists in advertising and marketing. Sadly today, some things have not changed, and in fact in many respects, the web has greatly deteriorated with larger pop up ads, and intuitive advertising, wanting to know everything about the web user, such data gathering makes any snoopers charter seem harmless.

It may seem a bold statement when I say this, but the "web has now peaked" and will stagnate regarding numbers accessing the web and for many reasons, just like a jigsaw with a great number of pieces, but all the pieces are related and have individual impact, and when collated, and grouped together, just like a jigsaw creates an overall picture.

For the past 18 to 20 years, I have often passed through and taken a look at the Yahoo and AOL portals for news and media, but no longer. Even these grand old ladies of the web, have become desperate in their scheming and desperation for revenue, by trying to hedge you into a regional State location web site, where there is only access to the USA, or UK, for example. It gets worse, these portals today are also driving you insane with huge pop up and large banner ads, that can very often freeze even the most advanced PCs, Tablets and Smart Phone Mobile devices.

When these venues including CNN relate to such desperate tactics, that were the scourge of the past, it tells you there is a significant spiralling of decline, concerning the players on the web, and the World Wide Web itself. For the Silver Surfer (seniors), or our young users, exploring the web for the very first time, can find such experiences are an immediate deterrent, and very likely the discouragement and eventual loss of these new users and web surfers!

What I find staggering from these organizations taking such desperate measures, bombarding folk with countless advertisements on every single web page, is that their bounce rates are forever increasing, and the web site and web pages are becoming forever more slower, and last but not least, using up far more bandwidth and costing the smart phone device users who pay for data downloads a packet financially!

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would believe there is some scheme, or sinister plan behind such activity. But the truth is, there is no plot, only desperate acts, by desperate people, in charge of services in an environment that they do not fully understand!

Great web design today if you are a serious player, should be about speed and efficiency, the key golden rules in Natural Law surrounding the World of Quantum Mechanics is to "Evolve and Refine" in everything we know here on Earth and throughout the Cosmos! Such key golden rules should continue to be applied to everything we do and create, but with measured consideration and balance. For it is evident, the more advanced a species or life form becomes surrounding Natural Law and Quantum Mechanics, the process to "Evolve and Refine" is more gradual and measured, something society needs to embrace. Instead of running around like headless chickens, leading to mental illness as a result of the unhealthy lifestyle created by society, that is not conducive for the future of the human species or the Planet.

This year in 2015, I will be releasing a new book "Creating The New Internet Super Highway" takes us to another new dimension. The Internet as we know it was created in a physical world of computing and where the World Wide Web emerged from ARPANET by Sir Tim Berners-Lee whilst at CERN. This new book shows how a New Internet Super Highway has been created in a "Virtual World" utilizing technology programming, to create a faster and more efficient environment and therefore complying to the rules of Natural Law by adopting Quantum Mechanics to "evolve and refine" a new World Wide Web environment.

Great web design is never easy and the claims today of having a successful web site from the click of a few buttons, using a web design software program is both misleading and bogus. Perhaps it is another reflection on society, believing everything is quick and simple we more aptly describe as a "superficial society" and as result, when the cold wind of reality blows this causes many to react in a negative way suffering from depression and low self esteem.

In 2013, I wrote a book called "Getting Inside Google's Head" with key fundamental information required to develop a web site that has the critical elements under the hood (bonnet), to ensure a web site creation and web pages, are both search engine and browser engine software friendly. In other words, having the necessary information in place for data mining, so search engines can grab a web site's data to place in search results and browser rendering engine friendly, to make sure your site does not time out, as a result of poor design and numerous data requests from a file server. So the information can be coupled together to present the web site and web pages to the viewing web user. Whilst the book has sold many copies, it is a publication for every web site owner to easily follow and digest, for failing to have these basics in place on your web pages will only produce one result and that being one of failure!

Today across the web Social Media has hijacked the conversation regarding success. There are many questionable experts out there claiming countless success and sound bites that are always designed to be positive! Such advice and claims again serves to the detriment of society, for its like fitting a faulty fuel pump onto a car and saying everything is going to be OK!

Whilst web design is becoming predominant in a virtual world, the rules of Natural Law still apply as pointed out above and so there is nothing negative about stating something "will not work or could be damaging" if such information and knowledge is factual!

By remembering the rules of Natural Law in the form of Quantum Mechanics in relation to "Evolve and Refine" the World Wide Web today in respect of great web design is the most challenging. For where in earlier years we worked in rigid desktop display settings for example 1024 x 768 pixels screen size resolution. Today we are presented with multiple devices and multiple screen sizes!

For the web developer today this requires smarter thinking, especially when ensuring to "Evolve and Refine" and where every web site's web page needs to be technically authored correctly, so they are "Google Mobile Friendly" also "Html 5.0" and "CSS 3.0" valid and meet the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) complaint standards. Finally "fast and efficient" (Optimized), to meet the web user visitors demand today and in the future.

So where do you start in this fast changing world to ensure as a web designer, developer or site owner you are on top and a head of the game with the aim to creating a great web site!

Firstly, always try and remember that a blank web page is perfect, it is only when we technically author and design does it change!

Remember to always aim for perfection in relation to the rules of Natural Law and Quantum Mechanics to "Evolve and Refine" this is a golden rule we see everyday surrounding invention and none more so than in Aircraft advancements, from those early flight days of the Wright Brothers and details of which are available in the Aircraft section of the Science Museum in London as a point of reference, to today's Aircraft including stealth.

Moving a head in your design endeavours, the web site as frequently mentioned has to be fast and efficient, but it also has to accommodate multiple device user types and so your designs have to change and alter dimensionally so they can be readable across different devices and also function on these technology hardware instruments such as Desktop PC's, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets, Smart Phones and Smart TV's.

As a professional web developer or designer of creative content, you can never really shout the odds, if your very own web site or creations are littered with technical authoring errors. For the potential client or business web site owner cannot afford to have a web site in this competitive World that looks like a Mustang and runs like a Ford Model T. 

In 2013 and 2014, I wrote various articles and books including useful web pages to assist any web designer, developer and site owner in pursuit of creating fast and efficient web sites. Services that are technically authored correctly to meet complaint standards, the latter critical for Search and Browser rendering engines when gathering web site information from data mining, or the latter when presenting a web page on a web users browser software.

These sections of information mentioned above are currently being updated, to further help the creative web design community at large, so we have a faster and more resilient World Wide Web for all our web user visitors. These sections I have detailed below for gathering further insight and assistance relating to this subject.

1/. Html 5.0 An insight to How the Web is Changing.

2/. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools and Links.

3/. Things You Need To Know About Your Web Site.

4/. Creating The New Internet Super Highway (TISH).

As mentioned above also, please find below books I have written, or due for release this year (2015) where they provide valuable information surrounding these subject areas. All are relevant and important to serve the interests of the creative web design community internationally.

I have also included in the list below two further books, that do relate to how the Sciences are Advancing and Climate Change. These books are all relevant in the future of web design, the environment online and challenges a head, especially regarding small, medium and large businesses in relation to brand and image, surrounding how entities are perceived by the public at large and evidence of enterprises changing and becoming new era, to co-exist with nature and communities, in the future interests of all in the 21st Century. 

1/. Getting Inside Google's Head Book.

2/. The Five Minute Guide To HTML 5.0 Book.

3/. A Book For Celebrating Web Art. 

4/. Creating The New Internet Super Highway Book.

5/. Social Media the Sum of Everything Equals Zero.

Additional Related Books:

1/. The Theory of Particle Matter Frequencies and Multiple Universes.

2/. The Reality of Climate Change Book.

Cyber Junk Emerging With Warnings!

Finally, I want to feature future issues emerging for web developers and site owners called Cyber Junk! Today we are more familiar with Space Junk entering the Earth's atmosphere, as a result of the amount of technology we have launched into space. Well when it comes to the World Wide Web and Cyber Space, we also have to consider a new threat called Cyber Junk and ensuring any service or creation is free from such a tag and protected by adhering to long term protocols that do exist, for behind the scenes surrounding the major players who shape and create the web. It may come as some surprise to some developers and site owners in business, but behind the scenes there does exist standards measurements and algorithms in relation to integrity within the community.

Regarding Cyber Junk that is close on the horizon in the very near and foreseeable future, this contamination in relation to any developer or site owner, could determine future success or failure!

As the World Wide Web forever grows, the data and content will become forever more relevant and so will the search results that produce such results. If search engines keep producing search results that have no relevance, or bearing on a subject. Such search engine services will loose trust with their web user customers. So when you consider multi-billion pound enterprises such as "Alphabet" (Google), such a prospect is not going to even happen and this relates to Cyber junk, in relation to Social Media and Social Networks, where at this time there is a perpetual publishing on a daily basis of superficial nonsense.

Eventually such pointless offerings, will become measured as spam and will eventually become removed in the not too distant future and if you as an enterprise, or developer are tagged to such marketing or advertising. Such material produced by associated entities will be marked down or worse still, could even see a business web site completely removed!

The future may appear challenging, but reality tells us nothing is easy and especially on a global platform environment, where you are competing against the very best minds in the industry world-wide. Practice as they say makes perfect, but added to that sentiment, it makes you far better at your craft. Thank You!

Sincere Best Wishes to all Readers,

Alastair R Agutter Publishing Editor

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 9th February 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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