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Gardening For Beginners Going Audio by Alastair Agutter

Gardening For Beginners Going Audio

This year, I had planned to take things a little easier, and take a slight sabbatical, regarding publishing. But technology is gathering such momentum, its time to jump back into the technology story of the World Wide Web, and start developing and coding again at the highest level, so I can deliver more dynamic content for the multitude of devices now used in this age of technology, and a project beginning with Gardening For Beginners, being mindful of our need for change, encouraging folk to enjoy a more healthier lifestyle from free healthy exercise out in the great outdoors, and more environmentally friendly, regarding our wild life, and what we eat, with the elimination of pesticides, that kill insect and other wild life, namely small bird species.

Most folk know these days, that the books I mainly write, are specialist, for hobbies, interests, pastimes, children's education and development, through to the sciences, for information technology, after a 35 year career in Communications, the World Wide Web, and Artificial Intelligence, as a senior manager and project development engineer.

Now, as I have said above, I had hoped to have taken things a little easier this year, as I reach my 60th birthday, and still recovering from heart failure that I endured last year. But the pace of technology today, if I am honest, is running at such a rate now, I fear I could become left behind with all the new changes and advancements. And when I think just over 25 years ago, I was at the forefront of the World Wide Web in development, writing the story as they say, with friends and colleagues, many leading household names today. It is apparent I cannot ease up at all just yet, but jump right back in, to deliver the features and technology services my fellow web users and friends seek around the world today!

It is clear also touch and voice, in the form of artificial intelligence, is going to be a massive player, as we move forward. Just today, I have been referring to partners material in my console on Google, surrounding Google Assistant, artificial intelligence voice devices, and other new dynamic features to include into the Google Search experience, for web users and surfers.

I have always been a great believer in technology to make all our lives better, but I am always mindful of balance, and at this time without becoming a big yawn, we do have to be mindful of our only home, relating to Mother Earth and the Environment. In truth, we can have all the greatest and latest technology in the world, but if we destroy our planet, the reality is, we having nothing, and humanity is no longer a spec on the evolutionary time line of the Universe(s).

Margaret Mead the famous anthropologist, constantly reminds us all how a few people can change the world. So any idea or event always starts from humble beginnings. And so our input and consideration, however small at this time, regarding the care of our environment, I think is a good place to start in this new age of technology.

I hope Gardening for Beginners will be a popular programme production for many listeners, providing some great ideas for folk wanting to take up gardening. Personally speaking, since taking up gardening, and from such humble endeavours, now totalling over 50 years, taught by my Grand Father initially, William Agutter, I have not only found Gardening a rewarding joy, but a journey of learning and enlightenment. As Mother Nature teaches us the majesty of evolution, and the cycles of change that affect all our lives.

I hope to have Gardening For Beginners Audio Book edition out before the Spring, for new gardening enthusiasts, and hopefully gain sufficient encouragement and confidence, to convert many more publications I have written, that are filled with the great treasures of reference, and knowledge. Thank You!

Best Wishes and Regards, Alastair :)

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 11th February 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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