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Taking Up Tropical Fish Keeping by Alastair Agutter

Taking Up Tropical Fish Keeping

It was in fact back in 1967 when I first took up Tropical Fish Keeping, after visiting a very close friends home after School, and being greeted in the hallway entrance of his home, with a magnificent bow fronted gold angle ironed aquarium. The grand view was of an illuminated underwater world, full of life and vibrant colours. Such an impression and fond memories now lasting over 50 years.

Taking up Tropical Fish Keeping at a young age, teaches many life lessons, none more so than animal welfare, and the appreciation of Marine Life. The pastime also serves greatly in the educational process of great young minds, for when I took up this time honoured and noble traditional pastime, there were already recorded and documented, over 33,500 vertebrate fish species, and a further 550 cartilaginous species.

Tropical Fish Keeping also introduces the young aquarist to aquatic plant life, and all such acquisition of knowledge greatly serves any great young mind on their journey of life. The Hobby and Pastime, also introduces the young aquarist to chemistry, biology, and the sciences, by understanding the various chemical elements, and the photosynthesis process that is coupled to the existence of all life here on Earth.

The taking up of the pastime does not have to be a Kings ransom, in fact many products on the market today, are comparable to prices years of gone bye, as a result of more efficient ways and techniques in manufacturing, and as a global society.

Today there are some fabulous designs in aquaria, many with built-in features, such as biological power filtration systems, and LED lighting units, in the hood of the aquarium systems. When it comes to the size of aquarium, small is not always good when starting out, as a smaller aquarium can be harder to maintain, as you have far less allowance for errors. Heater Thermostat units today are also relatively cheap, and the electrical running costs today for these items and a tropical fish aquarium system set-up is not very much at all, due to more greater advances in energy efficient products.

When I set up my very first aquarium, the tropical fish mainly consisted of Guppies and Platies. I have always had an affinity for these little fish, and still today have a great many breeding. Guppies and Platies are members of the live bearer family of species, originating mainly from Central America and New Mexico. But today, these species are found to be breeding in many parts of the world. They are very colourful and a great family of species to get started with, very colourful as I say, and always active.

Another genus of tropical fish species that are relatively easy to keep, are members of the tetra family. These species originate from South America, and consist of a significant number of diverse species in size, colour, and shape. Two of the most popular species are; Neon and Cardinal Tetras, for their iridescent colours. To keep both families of these species successfully in the same aquarium, you need to set your fish tank temperature to an average of 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is a good compromise, as live bearers tend to thrive in a slightly lower temperature in the 74 to 76 degree range, where as tetras, prefer higher temperatures in the 78 to 82 degrees range.

There are many great commercial foods on the market today, flake food one of the most popular. Try to avoid feeding your tropical fish live foods, as they sadly come with many unwanted diseases.

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 12th February 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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