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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing by Alastair Agurtter

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

The Book will be a discovery of facts in plain speaking terms and all making absolute sense and as you progress through the book, you will see how every section unites and joins up with the other sections, like a jigsaw and where all will become clear. Eventually the book will help identify the true and real picture of your efforts and where from such endeavours will be rewarded, with a notable increase in web site user visitors and if your products and services are presented correctly, will see a significant growth in customers and sales revenue generation.

Success on the web comes from ease of accessibility, it is as simple as that! I once recall someone saying "you can have the best product in the world but if nobody knows of it you will never sell any" and so presence is also a sure dominating factor coupled to accessibility.

Accessibility starts with the user at home, in work or on the move using a device be it a tablet PC or Mobile Smart Phone. How do they know you exist in this vast world of data and web sites we call today "The World Wide Web" and how can they locate a product or service they are in pursuit of is the question you should always be asking yourself.

I remember two years ago writing a piece since the great loss of our friend to all Steve Jobs and where he once said, "you have to think like an engineer, seeking a simple route of getting from A to B." I was humbled after writing the article when a family member sent me a note via Facebook expressing thanks for profiling the great man in his finest form of sense and logic.

You have to think here I am with my enterprise on the World Wide Web and with my web site. So now, how are people going to know about my enterprise and the services I offer? The first natural starting point is to get your web site listed on the major search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Bing. The two latter go hand in hand for the Bing RDF framework and data base is in fact Yahoo's! These search engines carry out 94% of all the World's Global Searches and so it is imperative that your web site is listed with them. But then you have to ask yourself do you really know and understand about the data these search engines require and in most cases if folk are honest they have never really given it any thought and this is why there is a significant difference between the winners and losers in the war of industrial and commercialized competition especially on the World Wide Web.

We often witness in our daily lives especially from Sport where athletes train in a dedicated fashion and always cross referencing times and performance where they seek to find that extra 1% that makes all the difference between winning or loosing. So often in athletics especially it comes down to hundredths and thousandths of a second.

The same can be said of a web site visualizing the platform as a performance athlete or vehicle where it has to be highly tuned to function at the very highest possible standard but again in truth how often do we really scrutinize the structure and design or should I say the health of our prodigy for this is what it is we are hoping all great things to come from such an entity.

So even if we are listed on the search engines do we actually know the data required as mentioned to make sure we have covered all the finite details and so when a web user makes that enquiry for a brand, product or service you will be found. Again in truth the answer is no!

Even if by chance the web user did find you in search engine results there is no guarantee or certainty that your new potential customer will reach you as you are now dependent upon the web users browser software to deliver them to your domain. Every browser software bundle has what is known as a rendering engine and very smartly this browser software has to read and interpret the data on your web site so it can be displayed. If the web site is poorly authored or these 1% finite measurements have not been met or addressed such software will struggle and with further delay based on every fault and error found.

The harsh reality today and this is why you have only a few winners and many losers on the web as like in society regarding wealth and poverty. A small percentage ratio of the population have the wealth and the majority do not. More often today we hear of the 80/20 rule but regarding the web it is far harsher and amounts to the 94/6 rule where 94% of all web sites are not compliant and flawed with errors from poor design and architecture structure of a web site and every fault and error causes rendering delays and such delays relate to time in hundredths and thousandths of a second. As the seconds tick on as the browser software struggles to understand your web site your users mind is also ticking and ready to click the back button and go in search of another web site for that brand, product or service they require.


Reality is that the average bounce rate of web sites is over 46% and so what does that mean? Well it means that out of every 1000 users over 460 once clicking on your link from a search engine result or a social network never reach you due to time delays from bad authoring where the browser software cannot render up your web site causing it to time out!

Now if you look at those figures in advertising terms as a harsh reality. Every $1,000 dollars you spend on advertising $460 plus dollars is wasted and this is a fact! It is not some marketing yarn this is the real fact of life. So over a course of a year your advertising budget could run into the hundreds and thousands of dollars wasted from poor architecture and design. Now to me that is not a good return on your money!

So getting back to the book, I wrote it to help every web site owner and business entrepreneur in the community to learn about and address the 13 key essential elements for High Search Engine Rankings and Web Site Optimization and with those two areas covered will deliver more results in search engines, definitely higher placement positions in results and when users find you and click onto your web site they are there almost immediately.

The book has been written to inspire all and is easily and clearly laid out and written so everyone can easily follow. Each part and chapter in the book, is coupled up and can be found valuable resource links, where you will find web tools that are FREE to use as aids to help you in your quest for success online as an enterprise!

As I say the book is to help every web site owner, for at this time any form of advertising until these fundamental issues are addressed is a waste!

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 4th July 2014
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

Black Rule