Learning the Technical Game of Football Book by Alastair Agutter

Learning the Technical Game of Football

Learning the Technical Game of Football - Has been written to inspire young footballers to reach their long term aim and ambitions, in becoming accomplished players from non-league through to professional, by learning the technical game of Football.

I hope that the past World Cup held in Brazil and forth coming one to be held in Russia will serve as an inspiration to the countless millions of young Boys, Girls, and Adult Players, wanting to improve their Technical Game of Football.

It was back in 1970 I saw my first World Cup proper in Mexico, and where I was blessed with seeing a timeless piece of sporting history, as I watched the Great Pele mesmerize his opponents and saw the Greatest Goalkeeper of all time, Gordon Banks.

Having taught Football and played the game myself, and really understanding the technical aspects of football from years of study and watching. And also being fortunate and blessed, to be taught by the very best myself, my first Coach being Tony Bentley of Stoke City a Gordon Banks playing partner and team mate. Also Peter Taylor, former England Manager, who also endorsed my work and endeavours, especially setting up Junior Football for the Community.

I truly hope this book will greatly help every Footballer improve their technical skills from non-league junior football, through to professional and international level, and from just a few hours reading, makes an enormous contribution in making far better players, domestically and internationally.


Introduction, First Starting Out in the Art of Football, Fitness Techniques Warming Up and Warming Down, The Qualities Required For a Goalkeeper, The Art of Defensive Play in Football, The Midfield the Engine Room of a Football Team, The Instinctive Play of Attacking Football, Corner and Free Kick Set Plays in Attack and Defence, Penalty Taking from Set Plays in Football, A Team Playing Unit for Success Eleven a Side, Tournament and Five-a-side Matches, Succeeding and Contributing to Junior Football, The Health of Football at all Levels

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ISBN: 9781976101069

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