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Pineapple Blue Media Retail Store Opens

As mentioned earlier in the week, I am pleased to announce the formulation of a new relationship, and partnership with Shopify, on the eve of their IPO. Pineapple Blue Media Retail went live in the early hours of this morning, as more books and products continue to be added to the store, for akk our fabulous existing patrons, and the warm welcome of our new customers. Over the coming months, Pineapple Blue Retail will be offering a complete collection of our exclusive and unique original products. These being; Printed Books, Digital eBooks, Music Singles and Albums, Ring Tones and Exclusive Merchandise. The Printed books being sold will be unique, as they will be personally signed, making them very much sort after collectors items. Our entire full Catalogue of Books will be made available, plus all future new works being created and planned. An extensive Catalogie of Ring Tones will also be available from rock riffs, to more tranquil sounds of our natures series and collection. Pineapple Blue Media Retail is now open!

Last Modified and Updated: 23rd March 2018 

Social Media Networks Book Starts to Sell

There's an old saying regarding a week in politics, and now demonstrated in the world of social media. In 2015 when looking and studying the landscape of our industry, I realized most folk did not understand the power of social media networks, and the consequence of getting it wrong! Especially in the business community, and how in fact it can work to the detriment big time. In fact, I go as far as to say, could spell the kiss of death, and loss of a business reputation overnight, regarding a brand built up over many decades. So I wrote "Social Media the Sum of Everything Equals Zero" to explain and help. Well in truth, on completion with regards to sales of any significant number, I had more chance of being bitten by a daffodil. However, but this past week, the book that I had consigned to the annuals of history, and file thirteen my litter bin, all of a sudden there was light again! For people were starting to buy the printed book, or downloading a digital edition, providing a glimmer of hope for humanity, by those who in the past had failed to read it, but doing so now. Thinking prior to these events of opportunity, lost by those who failed to read the book. The sales this past week have exceeded more than all the previous three years, since the Facebook scandal broke, and has really started to take off. So there is some hope for humanity after all, for those who realize there is a lot more folk need to know. If you would like to be one of the informed? Full details of the book can be found here.

Last Modified and Updated: 23rd March 2018

The Author Journal Catalogue 2018

Great News for all Bookworms and Readers, we are pleased to announce "The Author Journal Books Catalogue 2018" will be available 'Free' as from Friday the 23rd of March 2018. Covering full details of all our fabulous books available in traditional print, and on digital, for any device types, along with details of the most popular partner retail stores and book sellers, for acquiring any of our books and eBooks. Plus details of new planned book releases for readers and followers, that they can look forward too, who share an interest or passion on these specific topics. For a preview of the new publications in planning and production, please visit our Pineapple Blue Media web page here on our official web site. Thank You!

Last Modified and Updated: 19th March 2018

The Weekend Magazine News

We are pleased to announce that "The Weekend Magazine" is to be published in Traditional Print, and on Digital. To deliver real stories about events affecting all our lives, for a more informed audience and world, in the 21st Century. In this day and age, the ground is beginning to constantly move below our feet, and we have to change to meet these new challenges a head. I founded Pineapple Blue Media back in 1995. We were one of the world's First Electronic Digital Media Design Houses working in partnership with Microsoft, Netscape, BT, Real Networks, IBM, Cisco Systems and many more. We now continue that journey today of pushing the creative boundaries of technology, for it is evident, we need to ensure the flame of hope, light, and truth, burns stronger than ever before! More News Streams and Updates will be published. Please visit our Pineapple Blue Media web pages for more insight. Or for further details of The Weekend Magazine, and our other current Design and Development Projects, please visit this section of the web site.

Last Modified and Updated: 16th March 2018

Pineapple Blue Media Ring Tones

In association with our sister organization Pineapple Blue Records, we will be developing and recording a series of new ring tones for all mobile device users. These will be available along with many other great technology products including our books and records, through Shopify our new online retail partners.  We will also be making available "Web Art" wallpaper, these are unique illustrations I have created over the years, themes including Moz and other characters for folk, who like strange things, and share the same warped comical sense of humour like myself.  Please visit our Pineapple Blue Media section ( of our official web site for further information and details of products and services.

Last Modified and Updated: 16th March 2018

Scientist Stephen Hawking Dies

On the 14th of March this year 2018, we all heard of the sad passing of Stephen Hawking, known for his Science and Theories of the Cosmos. It would of been remise of me not to mention his legacy out of respect, and lay a tribute to him for his life long struggles of health. In earlier years he was an atheists, and as like many young men in science, they tended to only examine the fact attained before their eyes more, rather than what was yet to be discovered or was not seen. Today, as human beings take further baby steps surrounding these subjects of science, and bio-diviersity. The understanding of particle matter, and energy forces at work, commonly known as Natural Law, encompassing Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching is backed as far as we know with over 13.8 billion years of evolution. And so in later life as he reached the third cycle of his life in human consciousness terms, attaining more wisdom to accompany his knowledge, his views began to change from an atheist, to understanding the great forces that are scientifically, and factually at work all around us, and throughout the Cosmos. This change of thought is not different to many great names of the past, some being; Benjamin Franklin, Nicola Tesla, and all our friend Albert Einstein. I have explained in my book "The Cherry Tree Garden" about the four cycles of the human condition, and also the forces of phenomena, that function in many dimensions, and all configured and formulated by Natural Branching, Quantum Mechanics, and particle atoms, the frequencies and subsets. The book is not about Cherry Tree's, or Gardening. The Cherry Tree symbolizes the connection to the earth by its roots, the air by its branches, and the cycles of life from blossom to fruit, and lastly the connection of water to sustain and create all life. And so if you are seeking answers, and continue to wounder in search of answers, you will also find in the book information about the big bang theory. For like Einstein, I regrettably disagree with the Stephen Hawking's theory. For all to be executed in any form requires another element, as explained in the book. The book is about finding the true path, leading to knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment, and in those words, can be found the clue. The Cherry Tree Garden Book can be Found in the Printed Books Catalogue section of our official web site. Also the Digital eBooks Catalogue of our official web site.

Last Modified and Updated: 16th March 2018

Weebies Books Giant Price Cuts

The Children's Weebies Family Books Series and Collection, both UK and USA have all been massively cut in price by ourselves and partners at Amazon. We can see today in our society, the there is a very urgent need for every Child to get that very important start in life, of learning to read and write. So we want to ensure we try and do our bit, by making the books available at the cheapest possible price, at virtual cost. We are proud to be a new era enterprise (green, transparent and accountable), and so we will tell you that our mark up now on these books through distribution is around 5 to 10p (7 to 13 cents), on the Expanded Distribution Network (wholesalers). Full details of the Children's Weebies Printed Books Collections are located here in our catalogue book section, linking to all your favourite book stores. And full details of the Children's Weebies Digital eBooks Collection for all devices, priced now at 99p and 99 cents, linking to all your favourite stores, can be found here in our Digital eBooks Catalogue section.

Last Modified and Updated: 16th March 2018

Smashwords Partnership News

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a working partnership with Smashwords, for the Retail and Wholesale Distribution of Books for Readers. Currently we have some 14 publications on sale with Smashwords, and with more planned to be listed in the very near future, for sale and distribution to book stores and libraries. This is very timely, as Smashwords have entered into an alliance with the American Retail giant Walmart in the USA for the sale and distribution of Digital Media Publications. Visit our Smashwords for our books.

Last Modified and Updated: 15th March 2018

Short Films News

Alastair Agutter to celebrate his 50 years (1967 to 2017) as a Marine Biologist and Ichthyologist. Breeding the Discus (symphysodon) King of the Aquarium in captivity as a world authority, and accomplished author on tropical fish species. We plan to make a short film titled "A Very Fishy Affair" to generate greater interest to keep tropical fish keeping alive and well. For this time honoured noble tradition and pastime, helps to teach animal welfare, and many other important life skills. Hobbies and interests have served as the bedrock in creativity and invention these past 150 years, and there has never been a greater time than now, to become inspired and to help prepare our future generation, helping to teach and give them the skills and tools that they will so desperately require as future Biologists, Scientists and Engineers. For it is frightening to know how many folk these days, do not even know how to wire an electric plug. Our short films section of the web site here for more details.

Last Modified and Updated: 15th March 2018

Amazon Partner and Publisher News

This year we hope to have more books published and distributed in partnership with The Amazon Group. These new books and titles being planned, designed, and authored by Alastair Agutter (Amazon Author Pages) are; Cover to Cover (The History of Popular Music), The Complete Angler and Master Rod Maker (Contemplation at the Water's Edge), The Complete Spiritualist a Mastery of Mystery and Wizardry (The Contemplative Guide and Discourse to Wisdom and Enlightenment) and lastly, The Discus Book Collectors Edition (The Dedicated Aquarists Manual of the Discus Species). We hope to have "Cover to Cover" published and out on release by the middle to end of April 2018. Other dates of release, publication, and distribution for the afore mentioned titles and books, has not yet been arranged, or agreed. Details of our Current Collection of Printed Books, can be found here in our Books Category section of the Web Site.   

Last Modified and Updated: 15th March 2018

Pineapple Blue Record Label News

This coming year is very exciting for us, and the work has already begun in the creation and development of our very own Independent label known as "Pineapple Blue Records" for the publishing and distribution of our own Artists and Original Music through friends at Apple iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others. Plans and work is already underway for a new single and new album this coming year, with a planned release date of early May 2019. More details can be found in here our Music Section of the Web Site.

Last Modified and Updated: 15th March 2018

Social Media News Scene

After the completion of our newly designed web site here @ our author's official web site, and our Organization's official web site. We plan to start re-designing our Social Media Networks @ Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Publisher, YouTube and Linked-in etc. To reflect our Brand, Products, and Services. Just recently in the News and Media, Social Networks has been getting a bad rap and this we knew would happen as written in "Social Media the Sum of Everything Equals Zero". So now the politicians are sharpening their knives, and keen to legislate. The truth is, we cannot be responsible for the content being published by others, that greatly disturbs us. As Creators, we are keen and focused on bringing light into our world through Creative Technology, regarding the Arts, Music, and Entertainment, as it is the very measurement of a civilized society. We shall endeavour to continue trying to bring light and remaining on the true path and embracing Social Media, for on a very positive note, such technology has now created over 2 billion plus users, who are now computer literate.

Last Modified and Updated: 15th March 2018

Apple iTunes Partner News

Things are looking up after formulating a partnership with Apple iTunes and iBooks late last year, as Apple iTunes and iBooks continues to jostle for the number one position for books sales between other rival partners Amazon and Google Play month on month. We are delighted to have available our books for all Apple Device Customers and Users. We hope in the coming months, to add more books to the Apple Catalogue. Thank You!

Last Modified and Updated: 15th March 2018

Alastair Agutter Author and Founder of Pineapple Blue Media

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