A Bad Feeling by Aggie

Pineapple Blue Independent Records are pleased to announce the release (official press release date 1st October 2018) of the new record single "A Bad Feeling" by Aggie, that will no doubt be one in the eye for the political establishment, and all neigh sayers of climate change! This is the first of many singles and albums to be released from the Artist's Catalogue of Original Music created in the 1970's, 1980's and Today, as a Songwriter, Lyricist, Musician, and Performer. Having a "Voice" again in these turbulent and uncertain times. Speaking out and challenging the establishment is not new to the Artist, or his generation!

The genre classification is Brit Pop, written and crafted to resonate with music, lovers, fans and citizens to easily enjoy and sing-a-long too, as a form of peaceful protest, and to hopefully make folk feel a little better through music. The new single is winging its way to all favourite and popular music stores, and subscription based membership services.

Title: A Bad Feeling
Record label: Pineapple Blue Independent Records
Runtime: 4:06 minutes
Format: Single 45
Product: Mp3, CD, DVD, Vinyl
Release date: 1st October 2018
Genre: Brit Pop

There are many more great songs and tracks planned for release by Aggie on Singles and Albums. So please keep popping back to the Artist's Musician and Writers profile page here: for the latest releases, news, and demo's, from one of his Music Workshop web pages. Plus you can now join the Artist on Facebook, for all fans of this popular social media platform here: or if you are an avid Twitterer, you can now visit the Artist's new Twitter Account for news, releases, and updates here:

The new Single "A Bad Feeling" will be on the "New" Album release in January 2019 titled "Sounds Vinyl" by Aggie, and on the Pineapple Blue Independent Record Label. There will be a minimum of 12 tracks on the New Record Album, available from all Good Music Stores on Mp3, CD, DVD and Vinyl. The Record Label hopes to get the great support of Radio Stations, Broadcasters, and Media Distribution Operators, giving the new album justifiable air play, and coverage, of this unique album containing 12 originally written and performed songs by the Artist. Thank You!

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