Christmas Hope by Aggie

Pineapple Blue Independent Records are pleased to announce the release (official press release date 3rd December 2018) of the new record single "Christmas Hope" by Aggie, that we hope will be a favourite with all Music Lovers and Fans around the World who celebrate annually Christmas. I wrote this special holiday song for a good number of reasons, and the title of the record is a pretty good indicator. Being born in 1958 I was a Child growing up with experiences of the Cold War, I also began to go to Sunday School out of Child like curiosity. It was certainly not my Father who suggested, or made me go, perhaps it was the inner me that wanted to know about stories regarding our Holy Father. Being older, and a lot wiser today, I never thought I would see a time that was more vulnerable than then. But the world today is far more dangerous for a number of reasons, starting with the corrupt lunatic in the White House, Climate Change, and the recent election of a President to Brazil who wants to cut down the Amazon Rain Forest, the lungs of the Earth. Something I wrote and warned about in my first book back in 1988, published a year later. And so my dear friends, I think we need a lot of "Christmas Hope" and Prayers to combat this madness and insanity all around us, and to also think of our old folk, afraid and all alone at this time of the year.

Title: Christmas Hope
Record label: Pineapple Blue Independent Records
Run time: 5:47 minutes
Format: Single 45
Product: Mp3, CD, DVD, Vinyl
Release date: 3rd December 2018
Genre: Brit Pop

The genre classification of this song is Brit Pop, written and crafted to resonate with all music lovers and fans of all ages, and of all generations around the World. The song is especially for folk who have reached their more senior and twilight years, where the kids have all grown up, who occasionally visit, as they lead such hectic lives, thus leading to very rarely seeing the Grand Children. I am however fortunate, unlike many, as I lead a very eventful life, and never have enough hours in the day to write my music and books. Plus through my great faith, knowing and blessed to be given powerful understanding, experiences and evidence of other great forces that exist and at work. But very sadly, many seniors are, and this time of the year in the holidays, is especially saddening for many elderly folk. So if you are a sibling and loved one, please make a space at your table this Christmas, for the wisdom keepers and makers of you!

There are many more great songs and tracks planned for release by Aggie on Singles and Albums. So please keep popping back to the Artist's Musician and Writers profile page here: for the latest releases, news, and demo's, from one of his Music Workshop web pages. Plus you can now join the Artist on Facebook, for all fans of this popular social media platform here: or if you are an avid Twitterer, you can now visit the Artist's new Twitter Account for news, releases, and updates here:

There will be a "New" Album, released on 1st of January 2019 titled "Sounds Vinyl" by Aggie, and on the Pineapple Blue Independent Record Label. There will be over 10 tracks tracks on the New Record Album, available from all Good Music Stores on Mp3, CD, DVD and Vinyl. The Record Label hopes to get the great support of Radio Stations, Broadcasters, and Media Distribution Operators, giving the new album justifiable air play, and coverage, of this unique album containing 12 originally written and performed songs by the Artist. Thank You!

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