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I Remember The Days Album

I Remember The Days Album

Musician's Diary About I Remember The Days

Hi Guys, A very warm welcome to my album "I Remember The Days" taking you back in time to the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's. With many great songs I wrote in the 1970's, and some from the early 1980's, plus a few new tracks written today for the album, to recapture the era, and one of these songs being "Let's Rock and Roll," a great song capturing the Rock and Roll period of the 1950's.

When learning to play the guitar, the first ever lead riff I learned when I was about 12, to 13 years of age, was from a fellow school friend and first band member Steve, and that was Hound Dog by Elvis Presley. In addition to my major influencers The Beatles, I did go through a phase of listening to Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran, buying all their albums. One of my very favourite songs was "Summertime Blues" performed by Eddie Cochran, and I learned this lead riff along with others, one especially being "Lucille" by the Everly Brothers. I know the big sound and harmonies not only inspired me, but I am sure Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

The days of playing Rock and Roll are long gone, but as I compiled and arranged this album "I Remember The Days," I knew it would not be complete without Beatnik, plus Rock and Roll, to capture the album's theme of the 50's, 60's and 70's, as a celebration of my music and the era. I am sure "Let's Rock and Roll" is a real true first 12 bars blue rock and roll song in this day and age, that could easily be placed back in time to the 1950's without any doubt, for it is a true blue print of rock and roll popular music of the time.

As many of you know, I am trying to catch up on things and trying to get all my current and back catalogue of music recorded and published, so I can share these great songs and tracks with you, as true music lovers. And so I truly hope this era of music I have written, some of it over 45 years ago, takes you back in time, to ignite some of those great golden moments and memories in your life and for you! :)

Peace and Lots of Love, Aggie:) x

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Specifications and How to Buy the Album

I Remember The Days Album is available on CD-ROM, Digital Download and Classic Vinyl. The record is recorded in a traditional format by the artist(s) at Pineapple Blue Independent Records, to retain high definition quality of the music, as performed by the artist(s), and not a cosmetic manufactured production. Our continued aim, is to deliver for our Music Lovers the real true sound, where the notes and music bounces out at you, to experience the spiritual depth and soul of the music, as if performed before you! CD-ROM Edition - Sold by Amazon World-Wide >


Title: I Remember The Days Album

Artist: Aggie

Release Date: 29th June 2019

Record Label: Pineapple Blue Independent Records

Number of Tracks: 10

Genre: British Invasion, Classic Rock, Brit Pop, Rock and Roll

Runtime: 54:00 minutes

UPC: 191092218265

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