My First Aquarium Classic Retro Collectors Edition Book by Alastair Agutter

My First Aquarium Classic Retro Collectors Edition

When ever I write a reference book, I am always mindful of costs, especially when books are printed in full colour. But I am also very keen to ensure the information reaches every reader, for a more successful journey in tropical fish keeping as a pastime. So I hope Folk enjoy this retro edition!

My First Aquarium Collectors Edition Book, was a publication that I was determined to finish on the eve of 2017, as I celebrate 50 years as an aquarist, from 1967 to 2017. Today, as age catches up on me, I hope this book becomes a great companion and friend to many tropical fish hobbyists and aquarists seeking some answers, or valuable advice, based on first hand experience.

My First Aquarium Collector’s Edition Book – “The Joy of Tropical Fish Keeping in Classic Retro Style”.

Taking up the noble and time honoured traditional pastime of tropical fish keeping should be an enjoyable experience for all. This book will become a valuable companion and friend to all new and existing aquarists, seeking the right advice and answers, to chart and navigate a successful path and journey for years to come!

This same journey began for the author back in 1967, five decades ago, and today he is just as passionate about the hobby and pastime as he was then. Sharing 50 years of knowledge, and as folk know, hands-on experience counts!


Introduction - To the Classic Collectors Retro Edition page 06, CHAPTER 1 - A Little History of the Pastime page 11, CHAPTER 2 - New Aquarist Getting Started page 16, CHAPTER 3 - Tropical Fish Aquarium Theme page 28, CHAPTER 4 - The Aquarium Size, Stand and Positioning page 46, CHAPTER 5 - Aquarium Substrates and Furnishings page 77, CHAPTER 6 - Growing and Keeping Aquarium Plants page 109, CHAPTER 7 - The Aquarium Filtration System page 154, CHAPTER 8 - Aquarium Water Conditions page 182, CHAPTER 9 - Heating and Thermostats page 222, CHAPTER 10 - The Aquarium Lighting Methods page 229, CHAPTER 11 - Fish Species Behaviour page 236, CHAPTER 12 - Aquarium Fish Species page 256, CHAPTER 13 - Feeding Fish Species page 293, CHAPTER 14 - Aquarium Early Days Care page 315, CHAPTER 15 - Aquarium Maintenance page 319, CHAPTER 16 - Fish Species Safety and Health Care page 321, CHAPTER 17 - Fish Diseases and Cures page 323, CHAPTER 18 - Aquarists Reference Tables page 331, CHAPTER 19 - Aquarists Products and Accessories page 343, CHAPTER 20 - Breeding Tropical Fish Tips page 371, and CHAPTER 21- Additional Notes page 379!


Alastair R Agutter is one of a select few world-wide to successfully breed Wild Discus (symphysodon) species King of the Aquarium in captivity and an authority on these tropical fish species and others, as an accomplished Best Selling Author of Specialist Books Internationally.

Alastair began keeping and breeding tropical fish as a hobbyist from the age of just 9 years back in 1967 (nearly 50 years ago) and has successfully bred many species. He was one of the very first Aquarists in the United Kingdom breeding cichlids from the Great Lakes (Malawi and Tanganyika) in the early and mid-nineteen-seventies.

His enthusiasm as a dedicated Aquarist continues today with a number of projects underway; including the development of new biological filtration systems (Polyatomic-ion Biological Reactors), to help improve the success survival rate for keeping thriving plants with tropical fish species. Other projects include breeding a number of endangered species including original strains of the symphysodon family and other smaller indigenous species native to South America mainly inhabiting the Great River Amazon.

Alastair also continues today designing and making his very own aquariums and equipment for his projects, and also endeavours to write more tropical fish hobbyist reference books as a freelance full-time author, in the interests of further serving the local and wider Community Internationally!

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