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The Psychedelia Album "New" Out Now for 60's and 70's Music Lovers!

For all Mods, Rockers and Music Lovers, we are really delighted to release on our

The Psychedelia Album by Aggie

Pineapple Blue Independent Records Label "The Psychedelia Album" by Aggie on CD-ROM, distributed by Amazon Music and Amazon Media world-wide. The new album will also be on Streaming and Download Digital Media Services, and currently being distributed to all major Record Music Stores including; Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Deezer, Napster and others.

Available to buy on CD-ROM - The Psychedelia Album. Or download and stream now from all major music stores. Aggie Artist's Bio!

2nd October 2019



The Sixties and Seventies a Purple Period in Music Never Forgotten

They say music can be in your DNA, well it was for me, born in the 50's and growing up

A Purple Period for Music the Sixties and Seventies

in the 60's and a young writer and musician in the early 70's. I may sound like a broken record, but the sixties and seventies was definitely a purple period in society and for music. Yes there was very sadly racism to many parts of Great Britain, but certainly not hate and segregation, as was the case in the United States of America.

In Great Britain we were a melting pot of people and different cultures. I always felt comfortable with our society, and especially towards my Brothers and Sisters arriving and living in Britain from far off shores, even as a boy to a young man, I took the time to speak and make all Brothers and Sisters welcome.

My greatest influences in music were the Boys (Fab Four), and of course Bob Dylan. By the late sixties from Bob's influence, The Beatles were writing their own music, and the final ensemble was "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" that really did change the world of music. That's me to the right of the picture above in the mobile, with Bob Dylan in the Tablet, and The Beatles Album set off to the top left of the picture. Flippin nora, that's a Northern saying, as I think how we have all changed over the years.

But the music still goes on, if we are able to retain that passion and physical health regarding the playing of instruments, and like David Crosby, I am busy writing music today that is relevant, a benchmark and marker set down by Bob! In addition to recording more new great music I have written today; I am still ploughing through my back catalogue by the way, of music that amounts to over 100 songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's and to the current day, all being compiled, recorded and planned for release.

As fellow music lovers, I knew the passion and love for great original classic rock and roll popular music was not dead, and I truly want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, as my third music royalty payment arrived in my bank this week!

There's an old saying I have decided to change that refers to all of you, as dear fans and music lovers, and that is; "You can take modern music out of the man and woman, but you can't take classic rock and pop out of them." Lots of love to You All, Aggie :) x

13th September 2019 


Rain Forest 16 Days Still Burning!

For more than 16 days now the Amazon Rain Forest has been burning and without 

Amazon Rain Forest

exaggeration, it could well spell the end for humanity and all life on earth. The Amazon Rain Forest is the lungs of the earth, producing oxygen for all life on earth to breath. Over 1 million diverse species for every square kilometre, and over 11,000 Marine Life Fish species under threat of pollution.

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his Government cronies are to blame, listening to that nut case Trump in the White House, self interest and corrupt money at the cost of the people, wildlife and planet.

If you want to know more about "The Reality of Climate Change" grab a copy of my book, it talks turkey as they say, and will tell you what's really happening and how it is affecting all our health and lives!

22nd August 2019

Live Online Radio Playing Now!

With all the new "Web5G" website changes, I am pleased to tell you "Live Online Radio" is now streaming on demand some of our latest great sounds for all music lovers to enjoy.

All this great music is available through all major records and music stores such as; Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, CD Baby, Spotify, Apple iTunes and Deezer etc.

23rd August 2019


Canvas for Life Album the Word from the Musicians Workshop and Studio

Hi Guys, I have been really busy working none stop this year, and currently recording

The Canvas for Life Album by Aggie

my very latest album "The Canvas of Life", with all the songs originally written by myself, and this has always been the case with all my singles and albums.

As I brushed off the cobwebs in the archives attic, and browsed through my back catalogue of music, dating back to the 70's, totalling over 110 songs so I discovered. And then when watching a couple of documentaries, these being; "Legends of the Canyon" and "The Troubadour", I found myself becoming inspired again, as the programmes included two very special lady Artists, who I have the utmost respect for as two of the greatest popular music writers and musicians of all time. Of course I am referring to; Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

I have always maintained, to be a great artist, you have to write your own material like Carole King and Joni Mitchell, and to be relevant, having your very own unique technique and sound. I think Paul McCartney and John Lennon took this on board when meeting Bob Dylan, who expressed similar sentiments at the time, and of course the rest is history, as they say, for The Beatles returned to Great Britain, went back into the recording studios, and produced some of the greatest rock and roll popular music in history and of all time!

In fact, our very own Pineapple Blue Records Label has a slogan and motto that says; "Be Original and Be Different!"

One thing both Carole King and Joni Mitchell had was great technique. Their compositions were also technically brilliant, and not just noise, in fact I hate noise. Music can be loud, I love loud music, hence going deaf these days, but there is a lot of difference between noise and loud. The same goes regarding great music and crap!

My new album "The Canvas of Life" has some of my most favourite tracks, with stories to take us on a journey through life, and also some newly written songs, to compliment the albums entire composition.

We all know the journey of life can be tough, and it is far from being a sprint, but a marathon! Mind you, that is until you reach your more senior and twilight years, and then you will find the days fly!

I am confident the music and lyrics will take you on an emotional journey and resonate with you.

I have stripped back the album to vocals, harmony, acoustics, bass, percussion instruments and drums.

I hope to have the album completed and ready for release this coming Autumn Fall. Love and Peace to You All :) x

26th August 2019


Our Twitter Real-Time Live Feed

Welcome to our Twitter Real-Time Live Feed for the very latest breaking news on issues that we care about, our great music, books and eBooks News - Alastair Agutter Twitter :)

Tropical Fish Books News and Updates for Aquarists

Great News for all Tropical Fish Hobbyists and Aquarists, in the age of technology and digital

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Books by Alastair Agutter

devices. Coming this Christmas, Spring, Summer and Autumn of next year, we plan to publish more Tropical Fish Books, for all our Fabulous Aquarists and Tropical Fish Hobbyist Readers. And here's why?

We know as we study the geographical landscape, that there is a huge decline in the sale of Tropical Fish Books; and so you may think the idea of publishing more of these books to be seen as a crazy proposition!

Well to many Good Folk it may seem, but we are looking at accommodating all our Fabulous Aquarists and Tropical Fish Hobbyist Readers.

So, we will be publishing with our Pineapple Blue Media Publishing and Partners Amazon Media and Distribution a plethora of book editions in Traditional Print, Kindle, eBook, Digital for Tablet, Reader, Smart Phone, Netbook, Notebook and Desktop PC. Plus of course, Books "On Demand" with Amazon Prime from any device, including your Smart Television!

The first books published in the series with our partners will be on "Live Bearers and Aquatic Plants."

Please remember, we already have a large number of great tropical fish books on Digital and Kindle from all your favourite stores by using the Books2Read buttons in our Digital eBooks section of our Web Services Platform. Thank You!

2nd October 2019


This is My Vietnam is a Very Dark Track on California Dreaming

California Dreaming is an Album I am of course very proud of and so pleased I have

This is My Vietnam from California Dreaming Album by Aggie

recorded this classic rock popular music collection of tracks in "True Sound" with our Pineapple Blue Record Label. So we get back to the true sound of music that does not sound cosmetic, or manufactured. The track "This is My Vietnam" is a dark track and very personal to me, as many friends who were touring in England at this tragic time stayed with me and the family. All of the boys use to tell me that they all had call up papers when they went back home to the USA, only to go and fight in Vietnam, and heartbreakingly many never came back home, only in body bags, or coffins. At the beginning of the track there is a long upbeat cavalier drum beat, the sound of going to War often heard on parades. But at the end of the track, the drum beat is supported with an acoustic technique I have used, to represent the death march of the coffins removed from the aircraft that brought these brave Sons home. California Dreaming represents an era, and a time. My original songs written, capture those times I experienced. Respect!

13th September 2019


California Dreaming Woodstock 50

This year I felt very nostalgic when producing and recording the "California Dreaming"

Aggie in Carnaby Street London

album. I even wanted to visit Carnaby Street and took my Daughter to Abbey Road, but it never occurred to me this year was the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock.

So often these strange things happen in our lives, and it is evident, the happenings are more than by chance.

Abbey Road London

I am really delighted with the "California Dreaming" album in true sound, as the music really captures the time, the album should, as I was part of that historic era as a very young teenage musician writing "The Mariner" and "Down On The Pier" just two of the great tracks found on the album with "This is My Vietnam", a very poignant song I wrote as a respectful tribute to the veterans and families of that very tragic war.

The "California Dreaming" Album is available to buy now on CD-ROM. Or download and stream now in true sound from all major music stores.

23rd August 2019


Keeping Discus Fish Quick Guide Book

For several years now, in this new age of instant information and gratification, a very good number of Folk were wanting a "Keeping Discus Quick Guide Book."

However, in our time honoured and noble traditional pastime of Tropical Fish keeping, we are more governed by Mother Nature's clock, and especially when it comes to keeping Discus (symphysodon), one of the world's most evolved and highly intelligent marine life fish species.

Most tropical fish hobbyists never really consider keeping Discus the King of the Aquarium, until they have a few years under their belt. As they are not an easy species to keep, and there truly is no silver bullet when it comes to Discus.

I did concede and write a quick guide, as I was being criticized, and could not win with some readers, claiming my books to be either too detailed, or not detailed enough. And so when "The Discus Book Second Edition was written, that I know to be one of the most comprehensively written in the world on the species, the volume of criticism rose again for folk wanting quick solutions and answers. But as I say, there is no silver bullet, they are a very difficult species to keep, even tank bred these days, and the quick guide is exactly that, a quick guide, and will not suffice in the long run. As Folk will come across events and challenges if they decide to keep the species.

23rd August 2019


Go Green, Lets Get Gardening and Create a Blaze of Colour - Blooming Marvellous!

There is nothing like getting down and dirty to reinvigorate your soul. A day gardening to

Gardening for Beginners Book by Alastair Agutter

create a blaze of colour around your home for your family and loved ones, is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.

Getting dirt under your finger nails with an aching back, obtaining that free and healthy exercise is not a pastime and interest just for the old folk, as Millennials may believe. We all need to be on a mission now going green, and every plant and tree free of pesticides, along with growing your own organic vegetables for healthy living, is becoming more of a necessity, to protect the engine room of wild life that secures our very own existence here on earth.

So why not join me and countless other millions and become an eco-warrior today and get gardening.

23rd August 2019


What's Kool See it and Hear it Radio Air Play, Billboard and the Official Charts

We are pleased to announce that our music is being played across numerous radio stations

Aggie on Radio Air Play' Jango Radio

around the world, including; Radio Air Plays Jango Radio Station. Also as an emerging  serious player, the Pineapple Blue Independent Records Label is now being seen promoting across numerous other music services including; The Official Charts, Billboard and MTV.

More promoting is planned on major broadcasting networks as Albums and Singles are released including; ITV, Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC etc.

Other Great Radio Stations and Play List Services include; Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer for our Fabulous Classic Rock and Roll British Invasion Brit Pop Music.

More news on Top Music and Charts shows on Apple iTunes that "I Remember the Days" Album is showing to be very popular with music lovers for it's great classic rock music

Aggie on Apple iTunes Top Songs News

Top Songs including 3/. Hey Lovely Lady, 4/. California Dreaming, 5/. I Remember the Days, 6/. Yeah Well I Say.

One of our most consistent releases remaining in the Top Songs on Apple iTunes is; 1/. "Living in the Shadows" as a single and from the "Sounds Vinyl" Album that relates to battling mental health issues in folks lives and how they feel. Aggie Artist's Bio! 

15th September 2019


Never in My Life Time Did I Think Western Democracy Would Be in Danger

Never did I ever think that Western Democracy would be under threat again or

Western Democracy Under Threat by Alastair Agutter

hate and racial divisions be rising in America and not finally diminishing, alas ending for all eternity! But here we are again, as a result of the electorate today wanting to give the establishment a good kicking, and now I am sure many are holding their heads, listening to the repeated saying of "be careful for what you wish for!"

Now, Trump like any child and mind of a 5 year old is stamping his feet and lashing out, with a political scorched earth policy of chaos, and at any price to distract, deceive and prevent the American People of knowing the true facts surrounding the Impeachment Inquiry to retain power!!!

4th October 2019

One of Amazon's Biggest Selling Aquarium Books Defying Logic

One of Amazon's Biggest Selling Tropical Fish Books is defying complete logic, and I don't

The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition by Alastair Agutter

know what the answer is to this mystery, as book sales continue to grow and out pace all other Tropical Fish Books why?

When "The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition" was first published in 2014, celebrating 25 years, I was truly humbled and grateful for the book sales. For it is a fact and reality, that specialist reference books only ever sell in small quantities due to their niche audience base.

This mystery surrounding "The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition" does not only include traditional full colour printed books, but also digital editions for Kindle and On Digital eBooks like Apple iBooks etc.

I hope the trend continues, but in truth, I would like to know the answer. For I have written many great tropical fish books over the years and they all deserve a good shout!

3rd October 2019


We All Need A Voice in These Crazy Mad Times of Insanity!

There's an old American saying of "Shit Happens in Life" and frequently heard in

We All Need a Voice

Blighty these days! Well, I never thought I would see in my life time the madness and insanity currently going on today, I thought this lunacy was all behind us after World War Two and the Cold War!

Some may say artists should not become political, but the reality is, all great writers and musicians (artists) who are worth their sort, are always political, for as Bob Dylan told Paul McCartney and John Lennon, "your music has to be original, current, and relevant!"

I think many Folk in their Senior years have short memories, for we have had 70 years of peace in Europe since World War Two, and I still clearly remember the years after, with my Nan and Mother in the Kitchen working to the early hours of the morning plucking Chickens that we farmed, so the local Butcher could sell Chickens to customers for Christmas Dinner! And that my dear friends, was back in the early 1960's still, some years later, even after rationing stopped in 1954!

So really think about it, what for, why Brexit, I think the world's gone completely mad and insane! Right up until the 70's, it was just Cheddar Cheese and any form of meats and foods were expensive! I am sorry, but I think Farage is another lunatic, another Hitler, and this time, the loony right have taken over the Mad House, that being; the Boris Johnson Conservative Government and Parliament. I truly think this, I think Farage is just a useless Fisherman, and has convinced himself the reason why he catches nothing, is down to French and Belgium Commercial Fishermen in the English Channel. And no doubt, Folk have goaded him when having a few pints down at the Cat and Custard Pot Pub in Kent. Yes, the Pub does, or did exist, not been down that neck of the woods for a few years :)

Then we have the United States of America, being ripped apart by another nut job in the White House, and by coincidence, a BF with Farage and Boris Johnson!

Brexit is a self inflicted wound, at a time when we need all our strength and creative vision, to face down Climate Change, working together removing borders. Now after 70 years of peace in Europe, we are fighting for our lives to stay in the EU, to protect Britain and our environment. For I promise you, if we come out of the EU, this bunch of chancers in Westminster, Johnson's mob, will tear up the rule book when it comes to protecting the environment. They will just be driven by money to keep their miserable heads above water, and that means; more oil, more Fracking, more destruction to the environment that will take over a 1,000 years to recover!

Then theirs Johnson's BF, Trump! Not only an ignorant thug who is reversing every Environment Policy President Obama put in place to protect the American People. But sending the world into chaos and claiming to be this successful businessman. The Guys a conman, he is clearly insolvent and hasn't got a penny to his name, a man of straw, all on credit, running up massive debts with the likes of Deutsche Bank, in fact he is up to his eyes in debt both personally and in business, and using the Presidency to drum up business for his second rate Hotels. This is clear to see, he's playing a BS poker game. The Guy is a total thug and delinquent as they say, and his kids are either just as thick as him, or going along with this massive con, hence the reason why he won't release his Tax returns, that will reveal all, starting with property Insurance over valuations to borrow against, and that my friends is fraud! I also know you will discover that Trump has never paid any Tax in his life!

I know our American cousins are fed-up to say the least with Washington, but to elect this lunatic is something else, and I think four more years of this mad man will just about finish us all off! Hence the reason why we all need a voice, especially regarding Climate Change, as the Amazon and Indonesian Rain Forest burns along with Fires in Alaska, Northern Russia and Australia!

Grab a copy of my book on Climate Change, everything I predicted in the book is coming true, especially about our seas and more extreme weather!

13th September 2019


Happy Summer Times are Here!

Out now, my new and latest single "Brighton Beach" a great upbeat happy song, taking you

Brighton Beach Single by Aggie

back in time to the 60's and 70's, a purple period in our music history!

A time down on the coast for Coach Rides and Mystery Tours, Ice Cream Kiosks, Candy Floss and Sticky Fingers, High Street Fashions, Fish and Chips, Finding Love, Kiss Me Quick Hats, the Dodgem Cars, Seafront Lights, the Golden Mile and Dance Halls.

If you listen carefully in the early morning air, as you walk along the Seafront, down on "Brighton Beach" in the vacant ghostly spaces of dance halls of a time long gone, you can still hear the Fab Four playing.

I can't tell you how pleased and proud I am of "Brighton Beach", it is a really great song and story capturing the time.

Brighton Beach is out now as a single, and also on the "I Remember the Days" Album that I wrote, taking you back in time to the 50's, 60's and 70's. Also available on CD-ROM.

Brighton Beach again is recorded and produced in "True Sound" by our Pineapple Blue Independent Records Label, so you really hear the authentic sound of the music, with the vocals coming at you, and the strings bouncing out at you, as if being played in your front room, or being at the pub or a gig.

23rd August 2019


Launch of Our Web5G Website Platform

Since I founded Pineapple Blue back in the 90's, as one of the World's very first digital

Web5G Design and Innovation by Alastair Agutter

electronic media design houses and publishing brands. As like any trade, by living and breathing the profession, I have always managed to be at the very forefront of design and innovation, in the world of artificial intelligence technology.

As 5G connectivity comes into all our lives, just like a rail network as an analogy. It's all very well having the tracks, but if the rolling stock is not fit for purpose, the entire project is academic and will not work!

And so I am making these design and programming changes now to our website service for a number of valid reasons, regarding the introduction and launch of our new "Web5G Website Platform Service". One of these being; that there is a downturn at this time in the real world, and closely followed with a recession. A recession that will be very extreme, and could well be a depression. For this is a moment in society, where we have reached a fork in the road. Now we can either embrace a new era strategy, that will affect all of our lives, in business and politics, regarding the way we live and thrive as a responsible and purposeful green environmentally friendly and accountable society. Or we take the other road leading to ruin, disaster and destruction.

Lastly, by the time 5G really starts to take root with network infrastructure and rolled out around the world, including the greater purchase of 5G user devices. We would have by that time, a completely refined service platform in place. So our beloved Readers and Music lovers, visiting our new Web5G Website service, will enjoy a super fast experience that is second to none!

Once the Beta Program core shell is operational in the coming days and weeks, so Readers and Music Lovers can obtain our news, brands and products, that link to all our leading International Partners such as; Apple, Amazon, Google etc. I will then start going into phase two of the coding program, this being; refinement and speed tests.

Thank You Again for all your Wonderful Patronage over the years, I am very grateful and humbled. Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair :)

23rd August 2019


Looking at the Bigger Picture, Sharing Our Philosophy and Bringing Creative Light!

Throughout my creative life, I have always endeavoured to bring creative light, our very brand Pineapple Blue represents refreshingly good ideas, just one of our many positive slogans.

Our philosophy and values is to reach out across borders to Brothers and Sisters around the world bringing informative specialist books to help folk in their pastimes, hobbies, and interests. Deliver early learning books, so every Child in the world gets that very  important early start in life of being able to read and write. Creating Music, to ignite and illuminate the mind through our music, so folk feel good, and able to reflect and bring back fond memories. Lastly, looking out for our Wild Life and Environment as Good Shepherds.

We have no enemies, we welcome and embrace all Brothers and Sisters in the World. Peace and Love to All, Alastair :) x

15th September 2019


Climate Change is Real and No Fleeting Matter We Need to Act Now!

Climate Change is our greatest foe today for all of mankind and all life on Earth. This is not

The Reality of Climate Change eBook by Alastair Agutter

an over exaggeration, time is really running out, and we will soon be at a point of no return. This is where the break down of the environment gathers speed and pace, with far more extreme weather, increased winds, torrential rain leading to flooding, more tornadoes and hurricanes. Such fury will continue until the sustainability of life on earth and the construction of any homes or communities is impossible.

Please grab a copy of our digital eBook "The Reality of Climate Change" it is easy reading and can be obtained from any of your favourite stores using the Books2Read Button. Thank You!

4th October 2019


Ginger Baker Remembered

Sadly on the 6th of October 2019 we got news of Ginger Baker another friend passing away. I smiled at one of the UK Newspapers headlines, referring Ginger as "The Human Combine Harvester" and I am sure he would of liked that satirical accolade as one of, if not the greatest Jazz Drummer of his time.

8th October 2019

How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down - Dylan Current and Relevant!

Last night as we all do, and also by strange chance after writing a short post on my personal Facebook

The Havana Coffee House Album by Aggie

Social Media Account, I looked around across the sites with partners for my music and books, to get an idea on how things are doing regarding my Great Original Music and Best Selling Books, as the Dow Jones took another big hit yesterday, dropping some 500 points (497 pts).

The post on my Social Media Private account was a little pissed if I am honest, as Trump and Brexit is now getting me down big time, as I know the impact it is having on all of our lives, and sometimes you loose sight of things and cannot see the wood for the trees. I sincerely said in the Social Media Post that I wrote to my family and friends; "that I know my music is not everyone's cup of tea, but my music is really good and original." You see sometimes Folk don't say anything, and that ugly word can appear, this being; "jealousy!" I understood later why they are silent, for the very reason being; "they are suffering too" and having a hard time, and so they get pissed like I, and my successes are not what they want to hear, and for that I am sorry!

This is not my objective in life to piss people off, but to inspire Folk with my books and music. My first book I wrote was in 1988, and I have a continued passion to write more books still these days. With regards to my music, well it's definitely in my DNA, it comes naturally to me to write, arrange, compose and play great music. And with many more singles and albums planned touch wood, as I work through my back catalogue of music also going back to the 70's and still writing great classic rock music today totalling over 100 tracks and songs.  

Very often at times of personal crisis like this for many folk, we tend to travel back in time to a better place in our minds, I know I do! Very often that place and time for me is back in the early 70's, as an able young teenage musician starting to write, and listening to The Beatles still, Bob Dylan and James Taylor mostly. All three artists have great relevance with me, as it was Bob Dylan who told The Beatles to be current and relevant with what they write, and this standard I continue today regarding the music I write, and proud to hold my own with the very best for great lyrics and original music, as an artist and front man.

From being on a downer yesterday as I mentioned, I was lifted when I saw the fan base building from around the world on Radio Airplay and Jango Radio. running into the thousands with new additional listeners every minute and hour. And so a really big thank you to all of my fabulous fans from around the world, along with the many photo posts, themed deliberately relating to my songs. Thank you once again, you are all truly the best! Don't forget to check out Live Online Radio for more of my great music free for you! Lots of Love and Peace Aggie :) x    

3rd October 2019


The Discus Book 2nd Edition Finally Takes Off as a Best Seller!

I have always stated when writing about the Discus Book 2nd Edition that it is without

The Discus Book Second Edition by Alastair Agutter

doubt one of the most informative books every written on the "King of the Aquarium" as it reveals critical facts on how to successfully keep, raise, and breed Discus in captivity. Three key factors for success is water conditions, food, and regular routine. Even Marine Life appreciate routine when you connect with them, and symphysodon are one of the most intelligent and evolved species in the Marine World. The book has been like Marmite, some love it, and others hate it! But for any Discus Keeper, there will come a time when this book will be purchased for the very frustrating and complex answers the Aquarist is seeking surrounding this species!

13th September 2019

Complete Tropical Fish Keeping

All you need to know about Tropical Fish Keeping successfully can be found in "My First

My First Aquarium Book by Alastair Agutter

Aquarium Book" for all new and experienced Aquarists. An ideal book as a great reference point, for seeking more answers, and a great companion from your Aquarist Library.

This comprehensive book has nearly 400 pages, over 90,000 words and over 200 images, diagrams and illustrations.

My First Aquarium Book is available in all good International Book Stores in full colour in Traditional Print, on Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks and Digital eBooks.

23rd August 2019

The Discus Book 1st Edition a Continued Best Selling Book for Over 30 Years

I never thought back in 1988, when I first started writing The Discus Book, recording my

The Discus Book 1st Edition by Alastair Agutter

notes and experiences on breeding Wild Discus in captivity. That a book I wrote then, published in 1989, would still be a Best Seller around the world today, some 30 years later!

At the time of writing the book, I was gravely worried for the Wild Species of Discus in the Amazon, adjoining Rivers and Regions in South America, as deforestation had started in earnest. In fact, I mentioned my concerns in the book's introduction, as far back as 1989, and yet here we are today, in a world even more polluted and vulnerable.

I think the book has remained a continued Best Seller because the book does not hold back, and provides accurate details of the foods and water conditions I applied, something that becomes very woolly in many Discus Books, because of the commercial interests of the authors.

23rd August 2019


Cover to Cover: The History of Popular Music Book - For All Music Lovers

Today, more and more Millennials are taking an interest in the music of the past, especially

Cover to Cover - The History of Popular Music Book by Alastair Agutter

the 60's and 70's. Cover to Cover: The History of Popular Music, does not only tell the story of the evolution of music for over five decades, but is also a great reference book for discovering Groups and Artists of those respective decades.

Being part of the 60's and 70's era as a young teenager musician and writer of music myself, and living the decades since. I can confidently say the 60's and 70's was a purple period in popular music history.

The Catalyst for many new genres of popular music stemmed from The Beatles and "The Sergeant Pepper Album" without a doubt. And then towards the end of the 60's, as a result of The Beatles and the Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Album, there was literally a spike in the writing, recording, and performing of popular music across numerous genres of music throughout the decade of the 1970's including; Dance, New Wave and Punk.

When I look back in reflection, I find it heartbreaking really. For I can honestly say, for every one known, or good band, or group in the 70's, there were 5 other bands, or groups never known to the wider public. And in most cases, these artists, bands, and groups were just as good, if not better than some of the bands, or groups known in the music press in Great Britain. I should imagine it was a similar ratio in the States. Sadly, the music industry was a racket, and still is today to some degree. But in the 70's, it really was a racket, and it wasn't the artists, bands, or groups that saw any of the money. But the agents, managers, record producers and labels. Most bands split up, it was always over money, even The Beatles and Cream split up over money!

24th August 2019


More Than Just Great Children's Books for Early Learning but with a Scientific Twist!

The Children's Weebies Family Collection of Early Learning and Reading Books are more

Children's Weebies Collection of Books by Alastair Agutter

than just books, they have a scientific twist, in the fact that all the amazingly full colour vibrant illustrations, are digitally created in Fractals! So what are fractals?

When you look at very young Children's drawings, their characters and images are always rectangular, oblong, triangular, and round. This is because all life forms in early stages process in fractals. In fact, fractals are the universal language of vision for further advanced specie life forms aware of consciousness.

By presenting images designed and created in fractals, the learning process is faster, as these are familiar configurations regarding the building blocks of knowledge, learning and comprehension.

Each book written and created in the Children's Weebies Collection of Books also have relevance and meaning for learning. For example themes include; learning to care, love, become aware of traditions, wild life, the environment, food and growing, plus much more.

The Children's Weebies Collection of books are available in full colour, in traditional print and also digital eBook editions, for computing and smart phone devices.

15th September 2019


Not Trains, Planes and Auto-mobiles, but PC's, Mobiles, Tablets, and Smart TV!

Even as early as the 90's, when the World Wide Web was first coming into being, we

The Weekend Magazine in Web5G Smart Technology Created by Alastair Agutter

were working on Smart TV technology as program partners with Microsoft and Phillips. It has only been in the last 5 years really that this sector has taken off with interactive services, including your on demand films and box-sets.

So watch this space, as we apply our 25 years experience, and our "Active Vision" (est 1998) brand in Phase Two :)

13th September 2019


Aggie Artist's Music Bio #GotToGetBack!

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10th October 2019


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