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A very big welcome to "Media News Stream" a new section for readers, music lovers and friends visiting the platform for news of our books, ebooks, music, ringtones, articles, radio, videos, films and more. These coming changes are with an aim to accommodate all my fabulous readers, visitors, music lovers and friends using any device, even Smart Television. Over the course of the next few months, the service will be in "Beta Mode" of programming, as I continue to iron out any technical hitches and glitches. This will also include further ways to improve the service.

In the mid to late 1990's I was involved along with my company as a Microsoft Development Partner in the pioneering of Interactive Digital Television, known as "Web TV" but regrettably in those days the speed of streaming and connectivity was very slow. But even in those very early days, I knew there would come a time, when the World Wide Web would join television, in view of such entertainment being a main stay in our every day society and lives. Over the past twenty or so years I have re-visited this technology, and tried several times on technically authoring a number of prototypes (trial runs) but to no avail. But this year, with the geographical landscape changing again, and a great deal of turmoil across the world affecting business and consumer. I decided it was the right time to seize the moment!

I know from my endeavours in the past regarding this technology, I may have been regarded as being crazy experimenting with this medium. But like I say, I have always been convinced joining the two formats together was an inevitable event. Today we are seeing more interactive services on the home television, namely Netflix and Amazon, to mention just two in our industry. With the development and advancements of HTML 5.01 the new RDFa framework for the World Wide Web, often referred as Web 2.0, we can now embrace this new technological revolution to meet the new environment to come, where diversification skills will be paramount. If you would like to know more about the future, taking this subject to a whole new dimension, please grab a copy of my book from Amazon. Sincere Best Wishes, Alastair R Agutter.

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