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The Rise of Child Abuse in Britain by Alastair Agurtter

The Rise of Child Abuse in Britain

Behind the doors of institutions and in homes there has been a dark history in relation to Child welfare in the United Kingdom. Thankfully, as a result of the World Wide Web, where society is becoming more informed and where folk are being allowed to vent their thoughts and views, institutions especially now, are being exposed to the greatest crime in a civilized World.

I have recently seen and read on the main News and Media networks, the events now under investigation by Police authorities in earnest over a number of men sentenced for child abduction, gang rape and trafficking in the United Kingdom. These teenage girls varied in age, but sadly as a result of their appearance. or dress it is claimed, they deserved it!

From a child's first steps, to walking and speaking, we as parents encourage them in relation to girls play with dollies, attend drama, dress up and role play life as they understand it. These Children recently abused in a way that cannot be humanely described, were just continuing that journey of role play on the way to growing up.

These Children were still just little or young girls, they were also someone's Daughter. I want every Father, to imagine if this was his child, Daughter who has been gang raped and brutalized. One such evidence given in Court, we heard from a victim now as a young Woman, that she was branded and told she was this criminals property.

Whilst many in society today, do not follow understandably a particular faith, or religion. Most in society have a faith and sense of knowing subconsciously that there is something far greater and bigger than them.

In all teachings across many spans of the World, where man made religion has endeavoured to preach an interpretation, or view as a way in which society should live. In all these diverse man made religions and teachings, you will find words referencing the Divine's Children.

Sadly today, as austerity bites in the United Kingdom and around the World, many institutions and families have lost the emotional side of such wonders of life that parents and society are gifted by having Children.

Social Service institutions today and other enforcement agency's, refer more to a manual than the heart wrenching reality being played out before them. Man made religious institutions that remind constantly followers, "They or We are all Gods Children" have defiled the Divine to preach and carry out such hypocrisy and barbaric acts of Child abuse for countless years and centuries.

I hear from some religious institutions today, especially the Catholic Church, that has been recently exposed for child abuse, the preaching today of "human frailty" in the form of we all make mistakes? No, when it comes to the very helpless and vulnerable, especially in the form of a Child, there is no excuse, or should one be accepted.

If as a Police Officer, or a Member of Social Services, endeavouring to walk a noble path each day to protect and serve, you know from your own deep instincts, that form part of your soul, that such acts and abuse against Children is unforgivable.

As a parent, when a child begins to say their first words. The eternal word of true love and bond of trust, is when your Daughter or Son asks "Why", a small word, but one so special and for a sibling to ask you. You should feel your heart fill with warmth and love. For that small word and request means, "I place my life in your hands for all that I need to know".

Sadly, in Britain and other Countries, as a result of being driven by material things, especially money. The very reason of your being has become fabricated in such material trivia, that when the most important entity in your life, that actually is the only real event that justifies your worth on this earth in most instances. When your sibling asks "Why" they are rebuked, or ignored, or where parents go further to shout, or scream abuse. As you claim you have something more important to address, but there is nothing more important than your Child.

As a parent, there is nothing more important in this World than to address the task in hand of parenthood. The question "why" on every occasion needs to be answered, it is the learning process to prepare your loved one for life. Failure to meet such duties leaves your sibling unprepared and volatile in the life time a head.

Today as austerity bites, more families in the middle class and the poorest in society will suffer economically. The result of a member of a family loosing ones job can spell arguments, alcoholism and family breakdown, as a result of debt. Where the most precious gifts any family have will also suffer your Children.

Sadly, many parents undermine Children, they are just as aware of the problems as the parents. They also have to live these events, but trust is lost if they hear from a friend at School that "your Dad's lost his job". At critical times in ones life it can be your Children, that can open your eyes to what is really important and real. As Children always tell you honestly how it is and in most cases, have not been tainted as yet by the status quo.

The sad reflection on UK society today is witnessed in the summer especially when you see a little child being dragged along by the side of a buggy, no more than 4 or 5 years of age and crying through heat and tiredness only for a Mother to be shouting and screaming at the child and still even today in some instances smacked and hurt.

I often wonder when I see such events, if the mindless person behaving in such a fashion, has brought into this World, this Child, more as a fashion accessory, as her friends all have them. For it appears today, this to be the case as a generation is driven more by a material World.

Children do not need to be shouted at and abused in this way. The sight of a large adult shouting and venting abuse is intimidating to an adult, let alone a child. As a result a child can be scared for life and even pass on such habitats to their Children.

A child can also be affected in many ways, such as wetting the bed and having nightmares. Loosing any confidence at School or at home. They can also start to inherit these characteristics and carry out similar behaviour towards friends at School. Eventually a child can feel unloved and unheard.

Schools at one time were a place where Children could be safe and secure. There was also a trust and genuine concern of the Children's well being and Teachers, use to reason amongst each other the problems with a Child. Sadly today, again and in Britain the school system has seemed to have introduced a regime of suspension, or referral and describing Children as special cases.

Teachers today sadly, and possibly through fear fail to report concerns and issues, where a child is taught to confide in a teacher when they need help. As the economic climate further deteriorates there will become more cases of Child abuse and teachers need to become more active to identify the signs and problems looming before a fateful event happens.

There are certain red lines in my life and when it comes to Children, for an adult to abuse a child they have stepped over that line. It is a cowardly and despicable act. Children can be smart and if things are explained to them the results can be surprising. The best way to approach an issue, or question asked is to have the time to explain and answer. If you cannot answer, seriously look at yourself and then find the answer with them. Such parental joint time sharing is invaluable in a child's development and it further demonstrates an act of caring and love by the parent. It will also help for Children to learn the art of negotiation, when one of your siblings desire something but you cannot afford it as a result of commercial peer pressure, or issues at School, where your Son, or Daughters friend has something and they want one.

Children can bring the greatest joy into ones life. There are timeless moments, where you will laugh, or cry. These such moments, can never be replaced and will stay with you forever. The duty love and care you endeavour to offer and give as your loved ones are growing up, will be repaid to you in latter years as you reflect and remember those times.

Such moments mentioned above are conditioning factors of nature and evolution, they normally begin when you are in your 50's and can grow stronger as more years pass to prepare you for death and to reflect on those timeless moments. To abuse children and where they grow up and away from you. Eventually in your life these events of reflection will happen and the moments you will relive in your memory will be the cruelty dished out to your very own. No one can ever escape these events, as it is the stirring of the soul.

The wisest of all once said, to find the Divine (God), you need to search and look deep within your soul, and when you find the Divine, you will also discover both the good and the darkest thoughts of your soul.

The abuse of Children is a crime not of the forgiving kind and the trust lost behind a guise of a religion in the Divine's name is so severe that no institution will ever recover from. To those institutions that have committed such acts, including priests and nuns. There can never be forgiveness. The souls of many broken, destroyed, or lost can never be repaired, for as there life as they know it only to be one, can never been replaced in this life by another.

Tonight as a Grand Parent, Mother or Father, if tempted by drink to alleviate sadness from circumstances, it is not the answer. Take a few moments to sit, hear and watch as your Child sleeps as it is from their faith and trust you are blessed to experience those moments.

For the cry in the night from Children being abused, ask yourself just one question as you sit and watch. How could they? For as you sit, some child somewhere in Britain is cowering away from a drunken parent, or hiding and closing their eyes as if they could be invisible and living in fear of when the pain will come again.

As a brave soul, not fearful of anything. I still today recall the events and tears shed, over Baby P, who was cruelly beaten and died, at the hands of his Mother and her partner.

If you have concerns, please report it to the NSPCC, the web site address is: www.nspcc.org.uk

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 8th March 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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