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Donald Trump Naked Politics The Race To The Bottom by Alastair Agurtter

Trump The Threat to Global Economics

As Donald Trump tours Asia and encourages the chant of USA, USA, USA amongst military personnel. In the real world beyond the "blow hard" behaviour of Trump as expressed by a former Republican USA President. The continued threats and bravado of "Make America Great Again" by Trump will soon come to haunt all those who voted for him, and will no doubt by now in "the real world" these voters will, and are, starting to see sales and work drop off in many communities across America, including the rust belts. 

The uncertainty in the World now created by Donald Trump has had a massive negative economic effect on consumer retail sales across the world. I began to see a heavy drop off in sales, as Trump started his verbal assault on everyone around the globe. Let's face it, who the hell wants to buy a book, record, take up an interest, or pursue a pastime with considerable investment for the equipment, if the world is to end tomorrow.

In the real world, beyond the twilight zone of Donald Trump, this global economic uncertainty is spreading across every part of the world. If you are an American, Brit, or European for example, take a walk down your local High Street and see all the sales and offers, including closing down sales. Such a fact and reality is not fake news, the continued so called economic growth across trading floors is as a result of easy credit again, from banks and credit agencies. Plus the trading of currencies and credit default swaps nothing else. Other investor growth is coming from Hedge and Insurance Companies involving pension saver funds, and we know what happened here before with 401K's, and targeting the technology industries sector, as investment opportunity. You do not have to be a rocket scientist once your attention is drawn to these facts, for all of a sudden it all makes sense and falls into place, as you realize how much advertising there is again on television, and even getting those unwanted and very irritating phone calls from your mobile providers, trying to sell you a better deal.

Donald Trump has succeeded like no other President before in history, to totally denigrate the office of President, create the greatest volatility in the World since the Cold War of the early 1960's, and lay the groundwork for another economic collapse. Come the New Year if we survive that long without a Nuclear War, we will see the real carnage caused from Trump Politics and Economics. He will of course deny this, but then hey, let's face it, he doesn't live in the real world. His Hotels will not take an immediate nose dive, as it's the affluent rich that use them. You know who I mean, those Folk like Donald Trump who do not pay tax, or contribute to society as a civic duty, by paying their taxes to the Nation that protects them.

Writing and speaking as a full-time author these days, America was once, one of the most lucrative markets in the World for book sales, yet in the past two to three years, especially since Trump's campaigns began, that market has tanked. And every week after, when there is another incident with Trump, sales flat line yet again. Such a trend is not only consigned to the book and publishing industry, but across all consumer sales goods and products.

In the world of politics, no one wants to talk about it, or would dream of speaking out. As the School bully continues his rants and threats, causing chaos and grave uncertainty around the world.

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 6th November 2017
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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