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The Education Lacks Vision by Alastair Agurtter

The Education Lacks Vision

In recent years especially, current and past Coalition Governments in the UK including past Labour, have tampered with the Education System and lacked total vision for a modern World. Today from the election of Donald Trump, further evidence exists regarding the need for education, even at a fundamental level. Only by replacing the ignorance of the gun, can we create a peaceful united world through knowledge, leading to wisdom and enlightenment, to meet the challenges of the day, none more so than Climate Change.

I hear constantly disputes over teaching working conditions, lack of achievement, shortage of funding, not enough resources and more. I also hear the words such as "a failing education system" by incumbents of both sides of the argument.

The action to tamper and tweak measurements and standards, is just a symbolic gesture to be seen to be tackling the crisis. It is a crisis if you want to secure a successful, well educated and vibrant society for the future and the 21st Century. But as always there is no vision, as we are reliant on the less endowed in knowledge taking important decisions for the State.

I also heard terms, especially from Labour in the past in the form of a condescending over opinionated attitude regarding disruptive and problem pupils in class rooms. Such reactions by teenagers in many respects is the discovery of free will, starting to think for themselves as they change from a child to an adult, and the education system at that stage is full of contradictions and not stimulating enough. You only have to take Diane Abbott as a patronizing individual and member of parliament, one suffering from an abundance of ignorance and self importance.

The fact is, the education system is only part of the problem. The whole of our society is dysfunctional and broken and where in education, we are trying to apply past traditions of a bye gone era. Conservatives want to re-introduce a class elite education system "the knowing of your betters", with a re-focus on the classics as well as the fundamental basic aspects of reading and writing at a slow pace. Labour in the past just wanted to produce a production line of average standards ability in education. Both of which are outdated and of no value to meet a modern World for human evolution advancement. Finally, the disruptive kid in the class is normally the most brightest and the behaviour is as a result of them being tortured with an un-inspired education system that is the equivalent to watching paint dry.

Today's Children from the advancement of technology are smarter and more informed. What has also derived from networking at all ages with School mates and buddies, has been a more Worldly cynicism in the class room. For no Teacher, Head, or Politician can say any longer, that "If you do well at School and Pass Exams You Will Have A Good Career and Future". Today's teenagers in Western Society are more street savvy and when these irresponsible claims are made to a watching class room of students. They will lay back more in their chairs further and think to themselves "Dream on, this Guy has lost the plot", for they know such claims are bogus.

We have at this time more than I million unemployed bright kids, who have done everything asked of them. Studied for most of their lives with a promise of a future and career with financial reward by a Victorian Outdated Industrial System, that we call business and finance today. I really feel for these great young minds and the Parents, as they see their loved ones straddled with student debt, with qualifications coming out of their ears and competing to get a part time job in a Fast Food chain, or as a checkout assistant in a supermarket.

I say to all Governments and Politicians, plus members of the teaching profession, you should all be ashamed of yourselves for placing your menacing interests first, before the welfare of a Nation and the States future custodians.

At this time. Children and teenagers have now started to hot wire and use natural law, known as natural branching. They know the system is broken, they see corruption and an unfair society all around them. They have witnessed the bankers behaviour, MP's expenses, dishonest Policing, failed local Councils and even in the education system, teachers and professionals, more concerned about their wages, working conditions and pensions.

Our smart Children of today, know they are being sold a lie, for they even know with the greatest idea in the World, it would never be supported, or funded by a British Bank. They know the system is rotten to the core and created by a total lack of vision and investment in the State.

They see utility companies profiting and in the next breath as private companies, asking the people of the State to buy the new power stations, only for these greedy capitalist degenerates to make more money for themselves.

For several years, we have been banging on about new era enterprise, where such institutions co-exist and serve communities and at the same time exercise environmental accountability. These new enterprises need to form and be an integral part of the education system. This is a view and vision I shared with colleagues at Microsoft, via our research panel some years back where I wanted to develop one of these new Schools in Britain. Where educational institutions are constructed in a way on a campus, where both academics and new era enterprise are on site together, both educating and working on real-time live projects. Here is the reason why!

If you take Computer Sciences today, most of what you learn in School and University will become outdated, due to the continued advancements and rapid pace of technology. In reality terms, if you can read, write and add up, the rest of your education, be it in Computing, or another key advancing technology sector, is a complete waste of time mostly. For even if you were lucky to secure a job, only then with the fundamental definitions will suffice, for the rest of what you have learnt is outdated and so your employer has to now begin to train you.

This to me seems total and utter madness, where a Student has been learning a Computer sciences Phd Degree for 5 years and when they start work, all, or most of such knowledge is now outdated. Where as, if academia and enterprise work in concert with each other, the education curriculum is continuously evolving in real time, due to the projects students are working on.

We have a number of very key and serious issues on this Earth and currently none are being seriously addressed. Climate Change, Over Population, Social Injustice, Industrial Pollution, Abject Poverty and Corruption.

For we as an International Society to Survive as a Human Race. These issues have to be addressed now. Education needs to focus on the Sciences and Biochemistry, for within those two critical areas we can learn so much, to begin to conquer environment, society and reaching beyond this earth.

I hear of free schools and parents doing this and that. But reality is, these efforts are just a fools pipe dream and both the Education System and Government are just as naive. We need Schools designed in a completely new way. Where the likes of Microsoft, Rolls Royce and other enterprise can adapt to become new era businesses for all of society at the very heart of our education system.

A kid wanting to be an engineer would never be late for a class if he, or she is being taught by leading engineers from Rolls Royce and the project involves developing a new turbine. Or going to class to learn about Computing and they are working on a completely new form of communication, or social networking service learning the programming skills.

The 21st Century business has to be part of the community, not some form of alien predator sucking every piece of community wealth for a handful of individuals who do not know you and do not give a dam, if you and your family perish. New era enterprise has to be at the very heart of education and even embedded in the education system. This way our future great minds will always be on and ahead of the game, in the human advancement journey.

I am also concerned that these faith Schools are emerging, teaching backward ideologies where woman are treated as second class citizens and only fit for having Children and making dinners. These such man made religions are not in the spirit of the Divine and defiles his name in an evolving World.

It is every human beings duty to be sincere with effort, to advance and make a better world for all humans and other miracles of life that we share this Earth with.

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 20th October 2013
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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