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Election 2016 By The People For The People by Alastair Agurtter

Election 2016 By The People For The People

Abraham Lincoln as you all know liked to tell a few stories now and then, also the odd analogy. I think this helps folk sometimes, where such examples can paint a picture surrounding a time and an event, so then a humble man's sincere utterances from the heart regarding matters of the greatest and gravest importance, become more than just words. Then hopefully alas, resonating and echoing in the minds of all humanity around the World.

In less than 30 days time, every Citizen of the United States of America, the Union, has a great task, and it befalls upon you as Citizens to shoulder the greatest burden of responsibility in all your lifetime and generations to come, this being alas, to vote!

This election is not just about the 300 million plus good Folk of the United States of America, the free World. But the well-being of all 7 billion citizens on Earth and all of humanity. Now such a Statement is a fact, plain and simple! For the United States of America still is the Greatest Union on Earth and a beacon of hope, to every humble soul in every corner of the World, for Folk seeking freedom and justice.

Some would have you believe the United States is no longer a great union of states. But the peddling of such lies, comes out of the mouths of cowardly men who do not want change and are not good shepherds, hiding behind institutions and banners. So these cowardly men are not exposed to who they truly are, regarding their hypocrisy and their weak ways of greed, self interest and personal ambition.

The peddling of such lies only adds fuel to the flames of fear and is heard by humble souls feeling they have been left behind from a bye gone era. Our current Son of America and the free world, President Barack Obama, was recently asked by Adventurer Bear Grylls, what is the greatest quality required in a man, or woman, to be able to hold the office of the most powerful political position on Earth? The President replied "endurance" as an admirable quality. You see endurance can mean many things, it can mean being smart, adaptable, flexible, determined and prepared to change.

"You see a smart fish will not get in a fight over food, it will wait and eat later!"

At this time good Folk are also being spun a web of lies and deceit surrounding Hillary's emails. Well, even in 1865 a telegram, or note, could often be changed, or altered as a request, or a reply. Today around the World on a daily basis, email messages in the billions are sent, and so often returned with a reply, or an amendment. The spurious claims at this time about Hillary's emails are not even being articulated into a convincing story, horrible, bad and really bad, are the words you would expect to hear from a minor, regarding a School yard brawl, not from a Republican Presidential Candidate running for the highest office in the land and World.

Some say there are external forces at work trying to influence the Presidential outcome in the United States of America, and yes this is true. The Russian Bear has come out of hibernation feeling very lean and mean, as a result of the Western World's false promises of the past, offering after Glasnost, to give help to Russia in her transition from Communism to Capitalism. Vladimir Putin as a former Chief of the KGB for Soviet Russia, whilst yes being a religious man, is also a student of Nature, hunts and studies the Wild. Vladimir Putin is also a student of history, he had to be, for he was in the business of intelligence gathering, and he knows all too well, the opportunities that exist when States and regions fall into chaos and become divided.

Edward Snowden, like many young men, can be passionate from what they see upon the surface in a superficial materialistic world and often influenced by the day. Sadly, after the event, it is only ever the older and wiser that descend to the depths to unearth the hidden truth and facts. Edward Snowden's defection to Russia and being an integral part to feed information to WikiLeaks, has provided the intelligence of the framework mechanisms to his new hosts in Russia. These external forces outside of the United States of America, can now ghost in, alter and amend documents (email) with an aim to divide, weaken and disable a Nation's potency when confronted with an adversary.

Politics is never straight forward, we are all always warned and made aware of this, by the sand scribes of time in the Holy Bible, where they wrote "the Lord works in mysterious ways," and so the political journey can very often be fraught with danger and requires some skilful navigation, when journeying into the unknown. In such times it is critical, that the Captain at the helm has knowledge and endurance, to meet the challenges and changes, to steer a safer course a head.

To steer through such challenging sea's, you need especially now as the World changes, a good shepherd, with proven leadership skills and appointed by Divine providence and yes, a firm but gentle touch of a Mother's natural instincts, for preserving life and not taking it!

Just as the World changes, as part of the covenant to all men, women and children is to learn, to evolve and refine. So must every Citizen and Country change, so they do not feel left behind, and this can only be achieved through education and collective will of an inclusive global society, as often seen in the eyes of our young folk. Something only the Democrats can offer for all in this critical election, an education, to lift folk out of the enslavement of ignorance.

Over 2,500 years ago, the great philosopher Socrates, once said "the greatest form of evil is ignorance, or the pretence of knowing." At this time in our history we have a "Tin Horn" in the form of Donald Trump, making speeches promising the world everything and nothing, blaming everyone for everything, from the Media, the Democrats, to even his own Republican Party. Such traits of ignorance and vanity is no defence in a Court of Law, or in the eyes of God. We have seen this all before and where it only ever leads to conflict and tragedy, for as always, it is the innocent who suffer. Three evil and ignorant creatures that come to mind immediately exhibiting the same characteristics are and were Bashar Al-Assad, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

There is an old saying "the cloths don't change the man" and this is true! For it doesn't matter what you look like, garments are just superficial and what matters is what's inside, within the heart. To be enlightened and to experience the presence of the Divine, you must come before thee naked and humble.

Humility was the very foundation when forming the American Constitution, and refined even further, as the shame of ignorance was replaced with the 13th Amendment, the abolition of slavery and something my Great Great Grandfather fought for William Agutter. The virtues of all men and women under God being equal and free, is the very bedrock of such a Great Nation. But a Nation that must change again for the greater good of all and continue to strive and rise up lifting more citizens out of ignorance who currently chant USA, USA, USA.

More than 30 years ago 55% of American's were still illiterate, could not read or write, and today these same people feeling left behind, are fed lies and conspiracy, to the point that they believe in such hate and are prepared to vote in another ignorant tyrant called Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, thinks only about Donald Trump period! Get real folks, how many homeless are guests at his Hotels, or the working class poor members of his Exclusive Golf Clubs. If Donald Trump gets into power, the poor will suffer even more, leaving folk destitute, further empty and poor.

The only interest Donald Trump has, is for Donald Trump. One of the greatest failings and demonstrations of ignorance, is when men fail to grow old and wise. But cling onto some mind numbing macho behaviour of youth, to keep the girl. Like a love struck teenager Donald Trump is obsessed with his appearance, just look at the fuss over the hair, an empty man and of no substance. Furthermore, with regards to Donald Trump, this election is not about helping the poor or creating jobs, he couldn't give a monkey's about the folk of America. In fact on play back, if you listen to some of the "Tin Horns" empty comments and words, he states the American people are "stupid" and he is "smart" for abusing the Tax Laws of the Nation and not paying a dime towards the Military, Veterans, Homeless, Elderly Care, Health Care, Police, Fire and countless other public services that are the mark of a civilized society.

Donald Trump is like the vile characters found in the last World War, who dodged the draft and thrived on the vulnerable and women, as a black market spive profiting from the misery and poverty of others. This is the real Donald Trump who stiffs folk today, leaving mass debt and broken lives in communities, collapsing small businesses that work hard just to make a pay check for staff and have carried out the work for Trump and not got paid.

No this desperate act to get into the White House by Donald Trump is to keep the girl. You see you learn a great deal by studying folk and on the second presidential debate surrounding the sexual abuse scandals, Donald Trump's wife's face told a story of disgust and living with a tyrant and bully, a vile individual who only wants his own way and at any price. As age catches up with this superficial empty vessel, he seeks and craves power at any price, to keep the girl and to fuel his own vanity, greed and ignorance. Without doubt Divorce is on the Horizon!

Every Book Shaped by God has a Simple Message

Every book shaped by God in addition to the Holy Bible, has a simple message and consisting of three parts. 1/. The beginning of all life 2/. Being Good Shepherds Maintaining the Earth (care) 3/. The Consequence of failing to care for Mother Earth.

From failing to be good shepherds, today the World is confronted with Climate Change which is the biggest threat to humanity and all life on Earth that we have come to love and know. The "Tin Horn" Presidential Candidate says "climate change is a myth" and many other members of the Republican Party I am ashamed to say, also send out messages of denial to appease their masters, the Corporations responsible for Climate Change and the Corporate Thugs bankrolling many of these Republican Senators and Governors.

Leading House Republican Paul Ryan, claims he and the Republican Party are fighting to keep the virtues and values of the American way. But I cannot see anything in the American Constitution that says "you are to be divisive, lie, cheat and serve only your own interests at all costs for superficial self gratification in the form of vanity and greed, two grave offences found in the Ten Commandments."

The sacred words spoken by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and others that "All men are created equal" and in the American Constitution is the passage "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

The virtues of Paul Ryan and others are without doubt hypercritical and hiding behind the banner of Christianity, as they portray an image of respectability, but fail to denounce their "Tin Horn" Presidential Candidate heard on audio admitting to criminal offences of sexual assault and as a result, exposing Republicans all for what they truly are, this being only self serving and self interest. There is nothing noble or dignified in their actions or lack of action.

"Never a true word spoken" remember that saying, well now this "Tin Horn" is saying that presidential candidates should be drug tested. Well the amount of sniffing and snorting on the second Presidential Debate by Donald Trump was embarrassing to hear, for it sounded as if Donald Trump was on Cocaine and his body language and looks gave him away, as he lurked around on stage intimidating and storking Hillary in a menacing way.

Another saying is "the truth always hurts", well I am truly sorry when I say this, but all those folk voting for this "Tyrant and Tin Horn" need to wake up and smell the coffee. It was in fact mad King George III another tyrant some 240 years ago (1776), where the folk of America rose up to rid themselves of such evil and ignorance. Now today, the World waits and watches in fear that the American People vote in their own tyrant in the form of Donald Trump. Who wants to lock up his opponent Hillary! Now, that is the mark of a tyrant, there's more... Donald Trump even wants to arrest and shutdown the press, which is part of the first amendment freedom of speech.

Donald Trump's claim to making America Great again is a nonsense. America is Great, as mentioned earlier and the World is changing. The folk who believe that manual work will come back to Towns and Communities in construction and oil (fossil fuels), to fuel gas guzzlers has gone! The America of today, knows she has to put right her wrongs, before the eyes of God. Climate Change is the greatest threat, all the material possessions and wealth in the World owned by Folk, can now be gone in the blink of an eye from Hurricanes, Storms and Flooding.

The technology of today and tomorrow relates to jobs in Clean Energy, Smart Meters, Computerized Automation, Self Service, Robotics, Biochemistry, Drones, Wild Life, Conservation, Marine Biology, The Medical Profession, the Sciences and Space Travel to mention a few. The reality is, as the World continues to die and populate. This means we have to conquer space travel and conserve resources world-wide.

The jobs of yester-year are now gone forever and not coming back. The key to folks lives changing, so America is great for them, is to get an education. Go to night school and be trained in these fields mentioned above, especially our young folk, who currently choose to play rap, take drugs and play games, thinking they are cool. Such foolishness if continued leaves individuals empty, ignorant, naive, dead or in prison.

Apathy by the millennial's is not an option regarding this critical election. Calling all Bernie Sanders supporters, by you voting for Hillary, this will help and provide education opportunity for these folk taken in by this "Tin Horn Donald Trump." Providing hope again for these folk, by having the chance to go to night school and to get an education, to become valuable and useful members of society again in a new and vibrant trade, or technology.

The Young Great Minds of America and around the World are the future, to help unite and save a world we all know as home. Your first dignified act for those of you who are American's, is to Vote for a future and for a tomorrow for all!

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King are not turning in their graves at this time, but looking down as spiritual elders despairing at a Republican Party that has lost all sense of decency and morality, by backing a morally bankrupt Tin Horn. Also, all Republicans should hold their heads in shame, for deliberately working against one of the greatest USA Presidents in history, Barack Obama. Whose sole aim was to serve the people, elected by the people. I call these Republicans closet racists and bigots, not fit to serve in any pubic office!

There Has Never Been a More Important Time

There has never been a more important time in history than now and this vote. If folk truly care as Patriots about the United States of America and the rest of the World. Do any of them honestly and seriously want a Buffoon in the White House, along with a White Russian, and that's not a drink folks. To then answer the prayers of adversaries, who have ambition to destabilize Europe as they destabilize the Middle East at this time, to retake land again lost in Europe behind an iron curtain and where more brave American young lives would be lost in conflict to help friends, family and brethren again for the third time!

The Human Race has reached a fork in the road regarding the Human Story and Journey. Do we Unite and Work together to save our World and to collectively come together to explore space. Or do we destroy ourselves, as a result of self indulgent vanity, greed, ignorance and evil. The child like things God warned of, in the worshipping of idols (material possessions) and also where Moses shamed those making idols from gold (possessions, money, greed), when he returned down the mountain with the Ten Commandments in his hands!

The greatest random act of Human Kindness by a Citizen now, is to Vote!

I now leave you with this quote:-

Quotation: "The first word of any constitutional oath of public office by an elected politician should be morality! For only then can the foundations of a strong State become into being and serve its people." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 15th October 2016
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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