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Donald Trump Naked Politics The Race To The Bottom by Alastair Agurtter

Donald Trump Naked Politics The Race To The Bottom

In less than 24 hours of the Presidential result, the USA has managed to go back over 100 years. Already, the good and great bright minds of America have taken to the Streets in protest across America. The marches and vigils have begun in Boston Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Oakland, Chicago, New York and more.

Many folk of the World are walking around in a daze and sharing genuine thoughts of fear with loved ones, work mates and family. The media are asking how did they get it so wrong, as Donald Trump is elected and whose fault is it!

At this time folk are blaming the blue collar white workers of America in the rust belt States of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, where vacant Industrial Plants and Business premises litter the landscape of these regions, as empty rusting monuments of a bygone era.

The World of News and Media are now descending on these Villages, Towns and Cities in these rust belt regions, asking folk why they voted for "Trump." As a result, the World of News and Media still continue to miss the point and the really big picture again as to how we reached this point where the World is truly on the brink!

Are the Blue Collar Workers to Blame......

The blue collar workers of the rust belts are not to blame for Trump's victory. The real truth is we are all guilty and responsible for Trump's victory, as we have all been guilty of participating in the biggest game ever invented by man!

You see real power is not having the largest Military and the most Money in the World. Real power is knowledge and here is how, "it started with an idea" and Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia especially knows this, as the former intelligence Chief of the KGB in Soviet Russia.

The late great Winston Churchill the Prime Minister of Great Britain was a very Spiritual man, NOT a religious man, as there is a distinct difference. He was able to look through the canvas and saw the emergence of the "Iron Curtain" and further looked into the future where he saw and said future Super Powers will use and win battles with intelligence (knowledge).

The World acknowledges America's greatest President Abraham Lincoln and he too was a spiritual man. He once said, "any good Government is guided by the presence of a Bible." You see the Donald Trump's story is the oldest story of man. You see the story of "The Garden of Eden" written by the sand scribes of time, where they told the story of the seeding of life, being good shepherds and the consequence of greed and ignorance, by taking the Apple that held the seeds for more life.

Wind forward to the Cotton Farmers of Oklahoma in history, they certainly knew on reflection the consequence of not being good Shepherds to the land. Now today the Millennial's especially, know the consequence from not being good Shepherds, as Climate Change begins to engulf and threaten all of the World from Corporate Industrial Pollution. But again here we cannot blame the Corporate Industrialists only ourselves, where all such events began when "it started with an idea" and in turn leading to greed, thus leading to consumer material wealth.

You see you cannot blame the white blue collar workers of the rust States for the outcome of this USA Presidential Election result. These simple souls have been "sold an idea" and that is all it is! For to fire up a Steel Furnace, or drain out a flooded Mine, to become operational again, be it for Steel or Coal industrial operations takes around 5 years and another 5 to 10 years to have market product availability. This is 10 to 20 years, most of the folk who voted will either be dead or retired, if any such madness started tomorrow. You see we get back to that one word that holds the key to all power and all that we know, that being; "Knowledge" and when knowledge is missing you are only left with ignorance. When you total ignorance with ignorance, however you dress it up, or run the numbers at the end of the day, the equations answer will always equal ignorance.

So if we acknowledge the culprit to this USA Election result is "sold an idea" the question must be how and who?

At this time the World of News and Media are analysing the events, the results and the causes of this historic election, "all doing important things" by these upright broadcasters and institutions. At this time we are all looking at that thing in the corner of the room we call a television, or using a PC, or accessing this information via a Smart phone, as we intently follow these views to find some answers and justification to the outcome of this election.

News and Media Have A Lot to Answer.....

So what is the purpose of all this activity by these News and Media Broadcasters?

Now the information being produced and served up by News and Media Broadcasters and viewed on any of the above devices, how ever you want to dress it up, it is just information in some form. Information in any form be it true or false, has been compiled into knowledge in some form and from such knowledge can come an idea.

These are the same News and Media organizations that carry commercial advertising of consumer products to sell "an idea" to encourage folk to purchase say a "Costa Coffee" and as a result of our participation in the biggest game, thus in turn creating the organization itself and many others, that we know and recognize today as "Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion" Corporations. The very existence of these vile entities is not the fault of blue collar workers of the rust belts of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The folk who created these vile organizations who do not pay their way for a better World, who only take (greed) to serve their own miserable lives is us, we the people!

We are all guilty for playing the biggest game created by man and when we look at the outcome of this USA Election, Brexit and others to come, perhaps it is "time to shoot the messenger" as they say!

You see for money and greed even broadcasters participate in the biggest game created by man and so as they drive for greater audience figures to command greater advertising revenue (money and greed), they have to create more material content and programs, so then society engages further and "It starts with an idea" and where now we can admirably demonstrate the "race to the bottom" and the creation of Donald Trump.

It may come as a surprise to many, but the journey of creating Donald Trump started over three decades ago, with the emergence of Soap series programs by broadcasters. You see when you produce irresponsible drama about lives and people behaving like the scum of the earth, then sadly many in society become conditioned to the point where they believe such behaviour is acceptable. From Dynasty, Dallas, Coronation Street to the BBC's Eastenders, they have all contributed towards the race to the bottom. The moral values and sense of decency that existed after World War Two, began to be eroded by the emergence of such media broadcasts and thus exposing cracks in society from such negligence.

Sadly, as like all that we know in Natural Law surrounding Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching, from such events concerning soaps and negligent programming, you get spin-offs in the form of diversification and populated migration. This is where we saw the birth of reality television, starting with Jerry Springer to Jeremy Kyle the other side of the Atlantic, where folk witnessed people behaving like the dregs of society, again eventually conditioning society to such vile armchair viewing. Today, again we see in Social Media further migration in the race to the bottom, with child abuse on an unprecedented scale, extreme violence and now the human indignity of reality television, in the form of traffic cops and border control programs on television. As a result of such programs, trusted public servant establishments that are there to uphold the law and protect us, are also racing to the bottom and the recent unforgiveable behaviour and shootings in American is testament to these facts where "Black Lives Matter".

There comes a time if you are in a war zone or a broken society, such ugly behaviour becomes a normal way of life. The recent elections on both sides of the Atlantic, has exposed the naked truth about Politics and the Media where lies, insults and abuse is also now included in the melting pot of social breakdown and moral decline.

I have always said to programmers in web development and AI (artificial intelligence) that a great burden befalls on us all, as we can unleash the darkest aspects of society onto the World by creating just a few lines of code.

Today as the World begins to breakdown from climate change, the focus is still on money and greed, to furnish a life with superficial material items that are held in greater importance than a human life of others, or a rare and endangered creature of the Wild.

I will not judge Donald Trump, for I have no right too, I will only present the facts before you. But the Presidential appointment of Donald Trump is for the opting of superficial material wealth. A pipe dream that will never be delivered by this mindless incumbent. It will not be Man, Society, or the system that prevents such nonsense from happening, but Mother Nature.

The great tragedy of where we are today as a human race, is that all through the human story like a bad record that keeps playing, these events have happened continually before leading to conflict, but alas on a more conventional and regional scale.

Donald Trump is a product of the society that the human race has allowed to be created and this character will destroy without thought all the good work and foundations laid by the President and his wife Michelle, for a more inclusive and smarter global society. Obama care has already saved the lives of over 20,000 folk in America. You tell a loved one, or friend, as a consequence of your action to vote and opt for a mean society, that they lose their treatment, or taken off life support.

Folk in America at this time and in the future, when confronted with a sick loved one begging for life and no longer thinking of their bank balance as a result of voting for a selfish mean society will only be thinking of Obamacare, when down on their knees before the Divine begging for life! All Bigots and Racists Hiding Behind Man-Made Religion Has Not Gone Unnoticed.

The bigots and racists of man made religion who voted for this empty vessel Donald Trump, who operate Churches and Ministry's throughout America, are truly what they are and serve no part in the Divine's Kingdom of love and care. Their actions are unforgiveable!

Even with all such selfish acts by man, I do not seek to see the Children of America incarcerated from protest and marches or the use of force by the National Guard. I ask them to use their real smart power that comes from the knowledge that you hold in your head to use the power of your purse or wallet. The Trump Empire along with all other Corporate thugs, that have no regard for society can be brought down by their own evil hands and this being the worshipping of money.

The Great late Mahatma Gandhi called on his people to peacefully strike and so I, as a humble soul from this wilderness, call on you all to use peacefully the power of your wallet and purse, to not purchase that coffee, or visit that hotel, or fly on that Aircraft, or buy that product, or use that service, or watch that program and then eventually from the power of knowledge and collective global free will, we can all begin to heal a broken society and world.

On a final thought the great tragedy of ignorance in its finest form is where I hear folk say that "Trump" is a businessman and will sort out Washington. The biggest problem Washington has had for decades, is that the Republican incumbents already in office are businessmen and women lining their own miserable pockets with payoffs from sponsors and lobbyist groups, to deliberately block beneficial policies for a Nation, or to ratify and deliver policies and services such as fossil fuels that pollute the World and for Insurance Companies and Bankers that rob the American people.

I leave you with these few quotations, peace be with you all :)

Quotation: "If you abandon the game and do not play, well then the rules no longer matter." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Quotation: "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ Francis of Assisi

Quotation: "If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." ~ Francis of Assisi

Quotation: "When you lay and seek breath for life, such cannot be bought for a price, only delivered through love, faith and hope." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Quotation: "While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart." ~ Francis of Assisi

Quotation: "The first word of any constitutional oath of public office by an elected politician should be morality! For only then can the foundations of a strong State become into being and serve its people." ~ Alastair R Agutter

Quotation: “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” ~ Francis of Assisi

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 16th February 2017
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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