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Over 55,000 Will Die in Britain This Year from Air Pollution by Alastair Agurtter

Over 55,000 Will Die in Britain This Year from Air Pollution

A Over 55,000 will die in Britain from Air Pollution this year, and yet the UK National Government, Local Councils and Medical Professionals, still target smokers as a deliberate diversionary tactic and smoke screen, instead of addressing the real problems.

One of the biggest polluters in Towns and Cities are public transport vehicles, such as buses. Other major polluters are diesel Taxis, Lorries and private commuter vehicles. How bad is it, well for Children and Commuters, it is worse than smoking, leading to stunted lung growth and massive asthmatic problems throughout their short lives regarding Children.

I have more bad news, the pollution extends well beyond Towns and Cities. In fact the pollution is widespread throughout Britain, but this information is not welcomed by short sighted, small minded little National Government and Local Council bureaucrats and politicians.

The Prime Minster Theresa May wants a global Britain, this is obtainable, but it starts at home in Britain, by removing the liars and cowards, that can only be described as "Jobs Worth's" that do nothing, and have been responsible for covering up untold acts of cruelty and neglect to our Children and Citizens for decades.

Instead of confronting reality, all public sector institutions are inherently flawed with corrupt officials, protected by unions and associations, or in political positions locally and in constituencies, career driven with personal (private rented sector landlords) or business interests (banking, finance, hedge funds, corporations). This corruption extends to the legal system, crown prosecution service, probation and police. In fact, it was the Prime Minister Theresa May, when as Home Secretary, a report she instructed identified that over 46% of all convictions were "questionable". In plain english, these being convictions of the poorest and most vulnerable in society, including the mentally ill who have been neglected and who were easy targets for corrupt career driven police officials.

Since Victorian times, the banking system coupled to the class elite, including politicians of all parties have taken and looked after their own interests, at the cost of a Nations growth and success. As a result, the infrastructure across Britain has not been replaced, repaired or upgraded, and the housing crisis is a very sad indictment when citizens young and old have no homes.

With the creative talent in Britain, inventors of 60% of the world's advances and technology, we should today still be a super power, if not thee super power of the World, and flying the flag of those values we all once knew, that would serve as a beacon of freedom and fair play around the world. A concept and idea, I know many nations would welcome and embrace with our support, as Government co-partners for developing new emerging nations.

We in Britain could be enjoying clean energy technologies the likes the World has never seen, from solar array energy systems, tidal energy, solar electric rail networks, solar and electric buses and tram systems, new solar and IT housing systems and more the list goes on! With all households in Britain getting FREE clean energy, this is a fact!

With today's technology, there is no excuse for having this pollution on a scale that is now unpresidented, that is now taking lives, and affecting the health of a whole nation. If you are not wheezing now, or struggling to breath in these cold damp nights where the air pollution is being held down by the cold air trapping the pollution and even the smell of aviation fumes present. By the summer, health problems could well be on an epic scale. Do we still continue to blame the smokers!

The NHS is at crisis point, from greed and incompetence, paying medical professionals on contract £4,000 a day, this is an abuse of public taxpayers money. Then you have to ask about the questionable moral standards of the individuals, demanding and taking such obscene amounts per day. So how will the NHS be able to address this next crisis looming on top of the current ones.

It really is a travesty that everyday I struggle to breath, and my joints ache constantly from the penetration of sulphur dioxide (acid erosion) to my limbs, along with countless other unsuspecting folk in the hundreds of thousands across Britain. This is no quality of life, only a bare existence and it should not be the case!

We should be a peoples Nation of Wealth and achievement, not a nation for a few and for others to duck, dive and abuse the likes of Philip Green and others, as the fifth wealthiest Nation on Earth, and yet still our people live on the streets!

For all it's worth now and for the record, these facts are not fake news, for now the European Union is to start prosecuting Britain for the pollution, that really is killing our people, and it relates to corporate industrial pollution by Corporate Empires in both the Private and Public sector.

I truly hope the Prime Minister realizes the gravity of the problems that lay a head, and is not worn down by the tyrants in politics she is surrounded by. For I truly believe at this point, the very survival and future of the Nation is at stake, and the likes of the Liberals, SNP and Labour, only compound the problem even more, and are all guilty of failing to address local government corruption over the decades, and continue to run off at the mouth with their constant negative spurious politics, for politics sake. None of these miserable wretches have the Country and its people at heart, only their own miserable little selves and the continued abuse of expense accounts.

The next time you are struggling to breath and in pain, but get a chance to vote, think of Theresa May, I trust her, she has grit and a background where the Divine has been present in her life, and the best of a bad lot!

Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 16th February 2017
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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