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Ai Voice Project by Alastair Agutter

The First Test Flight into Cyber Space of Ai Voice for Device Users

Hello and a very "BIG" welcome to "The First Test Flight into Cyber Space of Ai Voice for Device Users" a schema with friends at Google for the World Wide Web users of the Community who own and are using Artificial Intelligent Voice activated devices, in the World for the 21st Century. The test flight and launch of "Ai Voice" is planned for the 12th of February 2018.

With the great advancements in Artificial Intelligence today, this schema will hopefully be a "Big Wow" for users on Google Search, Google Assist and other services, enabling educational information and services to be delivered in Artificial Intelligence Voice, to numerous devices including PC's, Smart Phones, and other devices by configuring Mp3 audio formatting, migrating, and deploying into the schema design.

This technology will offer and provide greater accessibility for all users, including folk with impairments and as a result, are dependent more upon voice, as opposed to sight and reading. As a result, once again creating a more informed world for all our citizens, as we further push the boundaries of the Sciences in Information Technology.

Again, like all my projects and creations over the years to help advance the human story and journey, Ai Voice will be a Free Open Source Project, where I will provide the sample codes, so developers and enthusiasts can create and make their own Ai Voice features, that will then be found on Google for all users, further contributing to advancing this fantastic service and technology.

Ai Voice is designed, migrated, and deployed on Html 5.0 the fifth core element of the World Wide Web, information found on my "Html 5.0 Live Project". These are exciting times, for Ai Voice will enable businesses, authors, musicians, academia, and creative's, to deliver Ai Voice information and services, including commercial offerings which I hope are green user environmentally friendly, for the consumer user of today in the global community.

Today's modern shopper and new era business is changing, and if you would like to know more about commercial accountability and responsibility, please visit my "Weather Outlook Project" and visit the about page for an insight. At this time in the human story and journey we currently only have one home, the blue planet Mother Earth, it is all our responsibility to love and care for her.

This logo "The Cyber Space Ai Avatar" with microphone below is the launch icon for Ai Voice to launch the "Mp3 Audio Transmission Test", and embedded into the Html 5.0 framework (fifth core element) of this document, is the schema code that will also be published here on this page that you can copy and modify for your web sites and web pages. Thank You!

Stage One of Ai Voice Project Beta 1.01 Test:

Ai-Voice Play!

Ai Voice Mp3 Podcast Test

Ai Voice Tutorial

Here below I will start publishing the schema and codes of this tutorial for creating your very own Ai Voice web pages and rich media features for audio activated artificial intelligent devices, namely Google Assist and Amazon Echo. There are essentially 4 program elements and frameworks these being ; Html 5.1+ (fifth core element = RDFa), CSS 3.0+, RSS 2.0+ and lastly Mp3. 

In this tutorial I will also suggest the structure configuration for your web server, regarding hierarchical folder structure for storing the elements, to allow for the successful data mining and indexing of the features for Google Search visibility and user ability.

Ai Voice Audio Mp3 Tutorial

The first stage as examples above is known in our industry as "a break out," and this relates to the launch of an Mp3 audio file that I have compiled to form a Podcast, a series of broadcasts surrounding this project. This enables me to provide examples of coding in "Real Time Live," as we bring all elements together. Now with regards to "Ai Voice," when you are wanting to present as like this web page content into voice, there needs to be a feed hook up, and this can be achieved with the help and aid of creating an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed. This I will show and explain later. We can also embed audio Mp3 files into the body of the document regarding a presentation, so it streams immediately, or upon activation of a play button for example.

However, with artificial intelligence audio devices, such as an Amazon Echo, or a Google Voice Home system etc. We have to code in instructions into a schema, so the technology knows how it can interact, and on instruction from voice. Now sadly again, there maybe some issues surrounding compatibility functionality, in relation to different operating systems, examples being; Android verses Windows or Mac etc. Such an occurrence as many of us know is not rare, but can cause loyalty product conflicts. Also various Browser Software programs, where a rich media plug-in can sometimes be missing, or out of date. This is where the browser software bundle can be out of date by the user, or in fact the program build itself provided by the actual software program vendor.

So it maybe wise at times, to provide options for the World Wide Web user when developing, to ensure that we can try and accommodate every eventuality. The web site structure on the server regarding file management. I would suggest creating first level entry folders for any pages, projects and services. This will help Google when data mining collecting your content offerings that are planned to be published and broadcast on Google.

Diagram of File Management Structure for Ai VoiceFile management structure is very important on a web server, and I appreciate this far more in my later years. One of my biggest frustrations in earlier years with a friend and colleague John Wilkinson, former Managing Director of IBM Europe, was how slow and thorough he was, regarding files and the emphasis he placed on file management.

But as mentioned above, there is a hierarchical structure that we need to construct and adopt as this also relates to "levels" of importance. Second levels are therefore more important than third levels, and this is worth bearing in mind. For second and third entry levels are seen to be not as important as first entry level. And if you have a project or something really important to broadcast and publish, it needs to be at the first and second entry level.

In the diagram that I have created, you can see the root directory of the web server, and directly below, first level folders created, to house all the elements for the "Ai Voice" and these being; CSS 3.0+ Semantics folder, Html 5.01+ web page folder, Mp3 audio folder, and lastly the RSS 2.0+ Feed Folder.

Such structuring is extremely important for it will make life far easier, as you develop more services, features, and web pages, that you wish to create in Ai Voice, for artificial intelligent interactive voice devices. Especially with regards to hyper linking of more pages. If you have designed templates, this will be far easier for migration and deployment. For you will only then have to change the file end name of the hyper text mark-up language code string, and not the entire code string.

We will start to breakdown all the sections of the coding and the schema's as we go through the project. Stage one as published above, relates to the coding and programming of the Mp3 audio file.

So firstly, you will need to obtain a program to produce an Mp3 audio production for publishing. The program I use, that is very reliable, and was recommended to me by colleagues when a member of the BBC Back Stage Platform is; Audacity, a free Digital Audio Editor. This program can be located on the World Wide Web free to download from https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/ versions 2.03 and above, subject to the time when referencing this tutorial.

With the program Audacity, it is pretty straight forward and will take about a day of your time to familiarize yourself with the software. You will be able to record files, mix, and do many more things, including fading in, and fading out, to mention just one or two of the features. I would suggest you set up an audio file folder on your computer for storing the initial audacity audio files. Please ensure the hard drive that you intend to use has sufficient storage space, so the files can be safely stored, and saved in the programs preferred format. Once you have created and edited your file. You can then export the file as an Mp3. For intellectual property reasons, you will be asked to complete some form fields that will be embedded into the Mp3 file bundle, recognizing you as the creator, the title of the production and more etc.

Ai Voice Mp3 Audio Code

The Mp3 Audio coding in html 5.0 for a breakout used by a button to activate is as follows, and on the next page of this tutorial, I have embedded the Mp3 Audio code into the actual web page document, with start stop button feature activation. But with the stream starting automatically upon the loading of the web page document.

Example One:

<a target="_blank"
alt="Ai-Voice Play!" title="Ai-Voice Play!"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 82px;"></a>

As you can see from above included in the coding, is the "Ai Voice" avatar button, that you can use as a code also for the button. Or simply right click over the button and apply the "save as" instruction. Giving full permission for use under open source project and creative commons protocol licensing standards.

Example Two:

<a target="_blank"
Voice Mp3 Podcast Test</a>

The second example and code above shows a traditional link in html hyper text mark-up language code without the "Ai Voice" button, but still with a break out instruction to open a new target blank page for the audio Mp3 to play. This instruction should be straight forward for the web users browser bundle software, recognizing the file end this being "Mp3" to launch the file so it plays successfully and without any issues.

Continued onto page two here......

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Created and Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 13th February 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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