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The Secret to Healthy Happy Search Engine Optimization Under the Hood by Alastair Agutter

Search Engine Optimization Under the Hood

Today in society we need to take a more deeper view of what is all around us, in fact our very purpose and existence is to create life and evolve, this is the Divine Covenant surrounding all that exists.

It can be very easy to place a tag on an individual, or subject, without examining the facts. Sadly the United States of America today is under attack and threat from within, by an elected leader who is not only a mindless idiot, but a habitual liar. Sadly as a result of ignorance, and a lack of education, such events have come to pass. What this does show and clearly demonstrates is a need for greater education to the masses, starting with the 46% who voted for Donald Trump. This clearly demonstrates that a solely driven capitalist system simply does not work or functions in the interests for all of humanity, and every other life form that the human race species effects and impacts.

Some 20 years ago, in fact back in 1998, Search Engine optimization was a very key and important topic, surrounding Web Sites, and the World Wide Web. Meta Data in the form of titles, descriptions, and keywords, were recognized by the knowing to be very much a Technology Science, and could come with great consequences, when getting it wrong!

In those days, I along with others, were writing the story, as we evolved this area of technology we know as the World Wide Web, to ensure merit and content was rewarded, above and beyond commercial exploitation and ignorance, to which 60% of capitalism amounts too! Such advice is worth heeding now, as algorithms measurements and metrics again change, based on the merits and value of content quality, over and beyond commercial material and superficial dross.

The World Wide Web when first conceived and invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, was related to projects he and others in the community were working on, and from such research, and cross referencing, existed mountains of research papers and data. So rather than spending days, weeks, and months, digging around in file systems. The logical step was to link up these particular topics, with regards to related subject matter. As a result the "http" hyper text transfer protocol was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, allowing for the communication and linking of data, between computers and servers. The process was substantial, and not an overnight venture, and again this is worth remembering, for any project worth its sort, will be a marathon of a journey, rather than a sprint!

There has always been behind the scenes, various protocols and measurements in the industry of information technology and artificial intelligence, surrounding the World Wide Web. It may come as a surprise to many, but there does exist trust credential based measurements in existence surrounding web sites, the companies, owners, and even individuals, in fact anyone who uses the world wide web for business and engagement.  And so if you misbehave, or try to gain an advantage that would serve to the detriment of the community and society, it does not take long before one is measured of low trust (high risk), and any web sites associated, or active in unethical activity, would soon find their way onto black server lists, and this data is shared between the main players.

The World Wide Web and main players are not all associated to a commercial environment, or are all members associated to large corporate entities on the stock exchanges around the world. I like to think the key players, individuals, and certain organizations, are the custodians of human evolution through artificial intelligence. One other important factor to note, is that this environment is not impressed by any financial resources, it doesn't matter who the hell you are, or how much money you have, or are worth. For the commodity required, is of far greater value than any money, that being knowledge and wisdom. For the people involved are not motivated by the superficial and mundane, but driven by the shaping human advancement and evolution through information technology and artificial intelligence.

In such an environment, there has always existed a structure, regardless of media and political claims today by the unknowing and ill informed. Search Engine Data Deep Mining began many years ago, and even from those early times, we could program in standards and requirements for successfully indexing web pages. Spam is not a recent phenomena, regarding the commercial environment today of the World Wide Web. Such opportunist negatives were in existence as far back as the late 1990's. However today, data mining has advanced considerably, and no longer open to exploitation. 

Such a new environment that has advanced over the course of the past 20 plus years, and today are algorithms as more data is gathered and more values can be applied to the merits of a web site and web pages, regarding its content. Today in the commercial world, the power of the buck regarding advertisers and the survival of businesses is based on value for money and quality. Top leading brands, especially in the luxury goods market, or establishments of the academic and educational world, are more mindful and selective with regards to where they advertise. Such confidence is only ever gained by the service provided by the supplier, such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Double Click etc.

To develop a web site is only the beginning of a journey when making a success online with a brand, or entity. Today there are also other elements coming into the equation, this being businesses, or brands, being user and eco-friendly. The power of the purse and wallet today, is now dictating and introducing new values of accountability and morality. Now this is a good thing, and in fact we need more environmentally friendly new era enterprises, that learn to co-exist with all other wild life and a companion and friend to our only home at this time Mother Earth.

There is nothing more appealing and attractive to a male species than a highly intelligent beautiful woman, and such wonder and beauty is never just skin deep, and this can be said regarding the success of any business, or business's web site. Such a relationship is far deeper, more like a marriage, and one of mutual trust, and endurance. Trusting in your efforts, and at the same time, being informed sufficiently, to not enter into a realm blind, that will only ever lead to disaster and disappointment. 

A successful web site today comes with many considerations, not only on the surface, but under the hood. Technical authoring and architecture of a web site is rarely discussed. But if research is sufficiently carried out with the aid and assistance from colleagues and friends at Google, Microsoft, and the World Wide Web Consortium, it soon becomes apparent knowledge is power and key!

Without blowing someone's mind completely, for this is a highly evolved scientific area, make no mistake, you always need a starting point. Now thanks to my efforts, and I will not apologize for the fact, I wrote a book a few years back titled "Getting Inside Google's Head" where we begin to understand the technical authoring aspects, structure, and under the hood, to then begin to gain remarkable search engine results and high rankings.

My reluctance to write further editions thus far to date, is as a result of the lack of interest expressed, as a result of the environment created through commercialism, where the general outlook appears to be web sites and design services today are the perfect solutions and everybody knows everything. But the reality is, such an impression is a myth, and this is why only 6% of web sites are successful and 94% are not!

Great web design today is a complex business if you want a successful web site, and one that lists at the top of the search engines. Versatility is the first requirement, so a web site design must meet the demands of any user and their device. The days of just accommodating a desktop pc are long gone. Today we have to meet the needs of not only the humble desktop pc, but smart tv, mobile smart phones, tablet devices and more. Speed of delivery is also a major consideration as many smart phone device users are still charged for the data they use and download. So a labouring web site with massive oversized images is not going to win any friends, or long term web users and visitors.

Most great platform designers story board before they start to create the project into real time, so they can constantly view and study the structure. It is not easy, it may appear to be the case on the surface, but the more you build on the project you will discover many more facets. Natural Law teaches us one primary element function with the aid of Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching and that is to "Evolve and Refine" to achieve "Simplistic Perfection" and so any blank sheet we start from, the imperfection of such perfection begins. Great designs and inventions are always being refined, a prime example being vehicles in the form of sports cars, becoming forever more slicker in design.

In engineering we very often hear the terms "least means more" or kiss, for "keep it simple stupid" and lastly a great technology engineer once said "the primary objective is to get from A to B by the fastest and most efficient means" and that was Steve Jobs!

Search Engine Optimization tells us immediately the objective and the function. This being of "optimization" the most efficient methods and means. This is why the design of Google is always so simple. For it is a process that includes risk aversion. The more complicated you make something, you are not only defying Natural Law, but also exposing yourself to more things going wrong with your project and design. Great design encompasses optimization, that is the secret. Most projects of web design consider style first, and then optimization as a last resort. From the very beginning and outset optimization must be key and considered first.

On message is also critical, the continuing theme of brand throughout the design, so it is familiar and recognizable to the user and potential customer. This serves as a subliminal thought process of security for the user and their peace of mind.

There are essentially 13 key elements surrounding web design and search engine optimization. Many are simple things, but critical regarding design and success to achieve the highest of search engine rankings and the best search results for customers finding your business or establishment. And under the hood are some pretty impressive little pieces of data, all of which needs to be accurate, and for every web page. For when search engines, namely Google Data Mine and  index your web site and web pages, they are seeking out these pieces of data and do not like blank fields for data storage, namely search result listings.

In the book I cover in greater detail these following areas with links to resources, where you can also locate free tools offered by friends and partners for achieving optimization. One of the first is understanding the quality of content and grammar for all is measured and ranked. Next is the amount of content, and in fact the type of content. Speed of delivery is also essential, so design has to consider rich media content files, howver these can be scaled to the exact size, and even manipulated to a format and size that increases speed of delivery. The actual web site and web page files need to be structured, so a search engines when data mining, can quickly and seamlessly scoot around grabbing all the web data for each web page.

It may seem a daft statement, but even the title of page along with descriptions are critical and compiled into meta data under the hood. You would be amazed by the amount of web sites without titles! There is an optimal length regarding titles and descriptions and key rules surrounding keywords, with regards to the amount for each page. Hierarchy structures and subset folders need to be considered seriously also, regarding name and identity, ensuring the file names are accurate to avoid "queries" when data mining, where a search engine indexing will pass on a folder, or web page, if the content does not tie in with these names and identities.

Even a meta data code regarding the language is also important, for failing to state the corect language code, and say you have an english language web site, as opposed to american english, you may be scored down in the rankings, based on the search engine when data mining, believing some spelling and grammar to be wrong!

Under the hood there are a series of key important pieces of meta data to enter, and for every web page. Here below, is an example of this web page, and every web page comes with different data relevant to the page for high search engine results and rankings.

Example Under the Hood of this Web Page

<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Search Engine Optimization Under the Hood - The Weekend Magazine © By Alastair Agutter</title>
<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON"
<meta content="Alastair Agutter Copyright 2018" name="author">
content="Search Engine Optimization Under the Hood, Science and Technology, The Weekend Magazine by Alastair Agutter Best Selling Author, Computer Scientist and Philosopher."
content="Search Engine Optimization,SEO Solutions,Web Design,Faster Web, Learning SEO,Alastair Agutter,Best Selling Author,The Weekend Magazine,Free Stories,News Features"
<link title="HTML 5 CSS"
rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<meta name="generator"
content="Gecko/20030208 Netscape/7.02 (CK-RN702-PRO) Professional Edition UK">
<meta content="HungryGecko" name="designer">
<meta content="Alastair Agutter" name="author">
<meta content="Alastair Agutter" name="dcterms.provenance">
<meta name="msapplication-tooltip" content="Alastair Agutter">
<meta name="application-name" content="Alastair Agutter">
<meta name="dcterms.rightsHolder" content="Alastair Agutter">
<meta name="dcterms.publisher" content="Alastair Agutter">
<meta name="dc.date.issued" content="2018-02-04">
<meta content="en" name="lang">
<link rel="shortcut icon"
href="https://www.alastairagutter.com/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
<meta content="index,follow" name="Robots">
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS 2.0"
<meta name="norton-safeweb-site-verification"
<!-- Search Engine Optimization Under the Hood - The Weekend Magazine © By Alastair Agutter-->
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary">
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@AlastairAgutter">
<meta name="twitter:creator" content="@AlastairAgutter">
<meta property="og:url"
<meta property="og:title"
content="Search Engine Optimization Under the Hood - The Weekend Magazine © By Alastair Agutter">
<meta property="og:description"
content="Search Engine Optimization Under the Hood, The Weekend Magazine by Alastair Agutter Best Selling Author, Computer Scientist and Philosopher.">
<meta property="og:image"
<link rel="icon"
<link rel="icon"
<link rel="icon"
<link rel="icon"
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed"
<meta name="msapplication-TileImage"


As you can see and appreciate from the above example, there is a lot more than what initally meets the eye. Now as I have said earlier, I have created the book to start you on this journey of success and where free tools and resources can be found to economically adapt and make your web site 4 to 5 times faster and more efficient. Now I leave it to you to make the changes for a change in fortune and an enduring success on the net!

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Written by Alastair R Agutter
Last Modified and Updated: 4th February 2018
Alastair Agutter Author and Writer

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